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On being more friendly to the environment

Last week the price of gas forced us to switch cars, and now instead of driving around in our mammoth SUV we’re folding our bodies to fit inside the two-door 2000 Honda Civic that has been parked for months inside our garage. It is a car I could fit in my front pocket. We tried [...]

Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Jon’s brother Tom recommended this Scotch to him, and last night we broke it open for the first time to celebrate the end of my manuscript revisions (and to better days ahead in our marriage). This is definitely something you should savor and sip, not the type of drink you want to be slurping out [...]


Loni is a spirited blue-headed beauty from Menominee, Wisconsin looking for a friend with the possibility of a relationship. She loves to be outside, work out, travel, watch movies, read, go on walks, and just hang out. Also, loves yellow roses!!! Looking for someone fun, down to earth, but also goofy. Thinks the most attractive [...]

Waiting for the frogs

This is the pond part of a not-so-small water feature in our backyard built by the previous owners of our house, and according to them these lily pads were put there by the original owners over forty years ago. We’ve got some designs in our head that involve taking a stick of dynamite and blowing [...]