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Sending myself an expense report

I am going to be traveling all this week for business, so posting for the next several days will be fairly light. I’ll try to post a few pictures and Twitters from the three cities I’m visiting while I’m gone, although now that it is summer they will all probably read: IT IS NOT SNOWING [...]

Dangly pink earrings

These earrings are about three years old, but I broke them out last night to wear to a business dinner. I bought them at a local boutique called Koo De Ker, and for the rest of the week I’ll be featuring some wardrobe items that I found there to wear to several business engagements this [...]

Early evening rumble

Jon took this photo while hiking last week with the dogs, and then two days later I had to take Coco to the vet to have a foxtail removed from her right ear. That is a story that will appear on the front page of this website very soon. Once I regain the hearing I [...]

Heart breaking violently

Alice and her husband Scott and son Henry were visiting Salt Lake City last week and spent a leisurely Saturday night helping us drink our wine. Leta developed a huge crush on Henry, and he was chivalrous enough to oblige her and spent several hours entertaining her. For about an hour they both chased each [...]