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A conversation with my daughter that finally explains my relationship with my older sister

Jon and I returned home late last night, too late to see Leta before she had gone to bed, so we had to wait until this morning to give her hugs and kisses and listen to her many adventures. Jon heard her stirring first this morning, so he went into her room and then brought [...]

There’s no place like home

These are perhaps the most outrageous pair of shoes I have ever owned, even more so than the mid-calf blue combat boots I bought on Portobello Road in London during the Fall of 1996. But they are also now my favorite shoes and not just because of the magical color or please-come-screw-me heel. I wore [...]

Bright light

There is nothing quite like the late afternoon light that reflects off the streets and buildings of Southern California.

The Decapitator

Conversation this morning with a doctor who is not normally my primary care physician but was available on such short notice: Dr.: Wait, you have two dogs? Me: Yes, a mutt and a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Dr.: Really? Because I’ve been begging my husband for an Australian Shepherd for years. Me: He doesn’t want one? [...]