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Next thing you know he’ll be voting for Obama

Leta (pretending to apply blush to her own face while I apply mascara to my eyelashes): “You wear make-up because you’re a girl. I wear make-up because I’m a girl. Only girls wear make-up.” Me: “Not necessarily. Some boys wear make-up, too.” Leta: “WHAT?! Boys do NOT wear make-up!” Me: “Some boys do. And it’s [...]

Hand-painted umbrella

We picked this up in Chinatown when we were in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago because we wanted to bring Leta a present that was not princess-themed. When she saw it for the first time she was like, and? If I open it do the princesses come falling out? But she slowly warmed [...]


Often when Chuck and Coco are tussling about Chuck will pull back and his upper lip will be caught on his gums because his mouth is so dry. I wish he could pull this face on command because it makes him look like he just showed up to fix my plumbing. And he’s got this [...]

Portrait of two cute pairs of shoes, plus one pair that will make you break out in sores

We don’t have an official policy about removing your shoes when you come in our house, it’s just we all like to walk around barefoot as much as possible. So there’s always a pile of shoes crowding the front door. I try to keep Leta’s shoes as far away as possible from Jon’s rubber gnome [...]