• Jennifer

    I will eat it with a rake
    I will eat it with a snake
    I will eat it in a lake
    I will eat a pancake!

  • http://www.babyhomepages.net/pettus Jen

    I also own a hater of all foods poison, so I get a kick out of all of your food related posts. My guy is a 23 pound 2.5 year old, resident of The land of Zion, and also a frequent visitor to The Blue Plate. All he’ll eat is the sausage – which is a little cringy to a vegetarian mom. Maybe you have seen him there? He’s the one making the dramatic gag noises at every plate that goes by. I am going to have to try the candy/pancake trick. Maybe you are on to something, so thanks for the tip!

  • thleen

    This is the sweetest mom, dad and kid pancake story in the history of the world.
    you continue to rock.

  • Liz

    blueberry pancakes are going to blow her mind. They still blow mine. Every Saturday morning. My 3 yr old eats 12. My husband … hates blueberries.

  • http://www.svoortmeyer.blogspot.com Sara

    1. I love the Blue Plate
    2. I love Pancakes
    3. I love that your kid is not perfect (like everyone else in Utah’s)
    4. I love you (don’t worry-not in a wierd way)
    5. I am making pancakes for dinner tonight…because you made me hungry.

  • http://fabulously40.com Fabulously40

    I remember those days, when nothing made me more happier than seeing my children eat, as they grew and packed on pounds, I became more and more obsessed with their weight.

    Pancakes every morning is NOT a good thing.

  • Tay

    I love the Blue Plate, I end up there every weekend as well. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you guys there yet.

    You should try Vertical Diner, it’s around 23rd south and 3rd west. It’s a 100% vegan restaurant, but completely greasy amazing diner food. They have better pancakes than Blue Plate, too.

  • Ruby

    Anonymous #375 – do you even have children?? Parenting is all about compassion and compromise, not some sort of Nazi regime.

  • http://www.thejoyof.blogspot.com Joy

    This is so funny to me because I have given up trying to introduce new foods to my kids – especially fish. They will eat calmari – YES, CALAMARI – but not perch or tilapia. Until one day my brilliant husband just told them to try it. And whaddaya know? One of ‘em actually liked it. I am still amazed. And now hubby thinks he’s all that and a bag of fish.

  • http://hande.wordpress.com/ Hande

    I am just wondering why it is something to aspire getting your kid to eat pancakes with syrup as opposed to home fries with ketchup. I would understand the battle over, say, “fresh fruit with natural yogurt”, but what difference does it make if the kid is getting too much calories, fat and sugar and zilch vitamins and minerals from a sweet dish rather than a savory dish…

  • http://www.merlotmom.com merlotmom

    That’s two for Jon.
    Are you forgetting the tumblebus?

  • http://www.veritysworld.blogspot.com Verity

    This made me smile so much.

    When I was a kid I wouldn’t eat bread so my mum used to have to make me a packed lunch with just the sandwich fillings! I didn’t like chips either so would ask for two hamburgers when we went to MacDonalds! Unfortunately I stopped being a fussy eater and now eat everything in sight – oh well, can’t have everything.

  • Lauren

    Our now 6 year old son was the same way. He ate like 5 foods and declared several kid staples disgusting. Seriously, what kid doesn’t love Mac & Cheese. I resigned myself to cooking us dinner and him kid food, but hubby persisted. Eventually I forced myself to play along too and now the kid will try just about anything. He still won’t eat Mac & Cheese, but he LOVES lentil soup. Kids are fun…

  • Terri

    Congratualtions on expanding Leta’s food range- I know how much of a big step that can be!

    I hate to be the type of person who gives advice, as I don’t know anything about all the issues, but I do work as a therapist dealing with kids with very limited diets. I’d suggest looking into the Wilbarger oral tactile technique- it’s worked WONDERS for many kids I’ve worked with.

  • http://sarahcool.blogspot.com Sarah Cool

    Hahahahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This was hysterical. I’m still laughing!

  • http://fearlessandfabulous.blogspot.com Lilly

    Hail the almighty pancake – love them. My Dad introduced them to me too, some 30 years ago. His major speciality!! And, if it wasn’t for my expanding waistline, I would still be ordering them every day too! Congratulations on another milestone..

  • http://kalisah.blogspot.com kalisa

    don’t give Jon ALL the credit…you’re the one who realized that syrup tastes like candy.

    Good job, you guys. Parents should take any win that they can get.

  • http://thecoliechronicles.blogspot.com/ Colie

    Yay for food dipped in sugar! I have the exact same issues with my 4 year old son who basically eats it only if it is made of cheese. If it weren’t for Kraft Dinner, he’d starve.

    Last night I tried to get him to eat the pasta we were having for supper because I’m exhausted from making two meals every night like a freaking short order cook so I covered it in cheese to which he replied:

    What kind of cheese is that?

    Mozarella, I replied. It’s deeeeeeelicious! You love it, I say, praying he will allow it to touch his lips even though it isn’t orange and wasn’t shaken out of a little pouch.

    He took one sniff and told me to “get the stink off of it” and then maybe, just maybe, he would take one taste.

    He didn’t.

    I also tried the whole hiding the pureed vegetables in the mac and cheese a la miss pefect mother Jessica Seinfeld and you know what – pureeing all that food was from hell and it tasted like ass. The 4 year old was not fooled.

    NOTE: Now that syrup has worked its magic – try whipped cream! My son will actually eat more than 2 kinds of fruit if he has a mountain of whipped cream on the side for dipping!

  • http://the-secret-bitch.blogspot.com Keri

    Pancakes are always better in those restuarants that smell like old people. And now after reading about them, I must have some!

    This post made me laugh out loud. Leta is such a character, every story about her cracks me up. She is going to make some lucky guy work very hard at life someday!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Lori – KISS MY ASS. I know more about AS than anyone on this board (I’m sure of it) so don’t go making fun of me. I don’t need kids or need to spend time with someone to have an opinion about them. Heather is very descriptive and has written LOADS about Leta and her behavior. If anything, an observer who isn’t close to the situation is better off forming an opinion. I didn’t DIAGNOSE anyone because I’m not a doctor. I have an OPINION. Again, kiss my ass. That’s my opinion of you by the way. :)

  • http://blog-fe.blogspot.com Fe

    Thanks for this wonderful snippet. As a parent of an 11 year old son who LOVES vegetables and my cooking and a 10 year old son who will not eat anything other than Nutella sandwiches and white rice with soy sauce, I can relate to your joy at this “diet expanding” moment.

  • http://gavmenagerie.blogspot.com/ Kimberly

    I LOVE IT!

    That’s awesome. Maybe you should try putting maple syrup on everything? Peanut butter and maple syrup sandwich anyone?

  • amandaw

    I have been “blessed” with two picky eaters. Oh the joy! They both are picky about different things-dinner is an adventure. I alternately think about sending them to Ethiopia to experience real hunger pains and shoving handfuls of lima beans down their throat out of spite.

    I’m sure this curse is a result of my exclaiming during my pre-children era after judgmentally observing a friend’s child: “I’ll never have a picky eater.”

    Thanks for the post.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter wouldn’t eat peanut butter either, couldn’t stand the smell and turns out she’s allergic to peanuts – the allergist said, “yup, her body knew it”. Also very picky eater as a child with lovely healthy requests such as Kraft macaroni and cheese (but not the healthy homemade kind, mind you) for a few years and varieties of junk of the catsup and baloney genre but now is very meticulous about what she eats, extremely healthy and can’t overeat and is gorgeous!

  • Kirsten

    My 4 year old LOVES pancakes and requests them for breakfast almost every day. I used to make them with bisquick and then I slowly started making them with whole grain organic pancake mix and she still gobbles them up. Now I even add pureed sweet potatoe and she still loves them. It’s because of the syrup, it really is like liquid candy.

  • Anonymous

    your kid is funny – she’s going to be a genius when she’s older.

  • April

    I just realized that your posts about how “challenging” Leta can be are usually my favorite. Does that make me a horrible, sadistic person?

  • Susan

    Who else can blog about her child eating a pancake, and get over 400 people to comment on it? Heather, you rock!

  • http://justjuneyor.blogspot.com/ juneyor

    There is nothing wrong with surviving on potatoes. I’ve made it this far with no adverse effects. but if you don’t believe me.
    Nutritional Value /100 grams raw potato
    Vitamin C 11.0 milligrams
    Vitamin B6 0.44 milligrams
    Carbohydrate 17.2 grams
    Thiamin 0.21 milligrams
    Folate 35.0 micrograms
    Energy K Cals 75.0 k/cal
    Fibre 1.3 grams

    just saying…

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily

    I wish I could eat pancakes every morning. Especially if they’re homemade like my mama’s.

  • http://notenoughmonkeys.blogspot.com Amanda

    You guys are adorable!!!!

  • http://delfin9187.livejournal.com/ Craig K

    I just learned that one of my 7 month old twin girls doesnt like pears. Spoonful one got a funny look. Spoonful two attempt wound up with the spoon in her eye and pears everywhere.

    Pears dont clean up like sweet potatoes they have chunklets that get everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

    and I just created my next journal entry. =)

  • Brea

    Our preschool teacher used to say that kids will pick one of three issues to fight you on: food, sleeping or toileting. She also went on to say that if a child was strong enough to push themselves away from the table, they were getting enough to eat (variety and/or amount).

    I agree with Cee, #148. My 7-year old son has a strong gag reflex and most foods are unpalatable to him. Dry-heaving at the table just doesn’t make for a happy family dining experience.

    I also like the suggestion of moving from pancakes to heroin. It’s the obvious next step.

  • http://candcfamily.blogspot.com/ Carly

    That is very funny. She learned, not only does ketchup make things taste better, so does syrup! Cute!

  • http://womanwandering.blogspot.com Di

    Thank you!

    I have a stepson like this and could relate, so relate.

  • J. Bo

    Between you and Shreve over at Daily Coyote, the Furminator should be climbing the blue-chip-stock charts in no time.

    Re: picky eaters– I was once “aunt” to a VERY fussy child, who would not be convinced to eat some basil pasta I’d foolishly bought at Trader Joe’s. I said, “Oh, well, that’s a shame, hon’, ’cause this is special pasta for kids. Says so right here on the label” (he wasn’t quite reading yet). “I’ll make you something else.” “NO! I want the special kids’ pasta!” “Oh, okay. I’ll make that, then…”

    His mother was thrilled when I told her, but I warned her that she could con him ONLY until his reading skills kicked in, and then he’d start punishing her for the lies…

  • Beth H

    I had to laugh. Who knew that once I became a parent I would find myself saying (loudly) things like, “Just try the freaking jelly bean. It won’t hurt you. It’s yummy. It’s candy. Candy is GOOOOOD.” It’s just crazy frustrating to offer your child a treat and have them recoil in a mixture of fear, distrust and revulsion. And then I realize I am fighting a battle to make them eat SUGAR. Which I was sure I was never going to ALLOW them to eat. Wait. What just happened?

  • JoyZ

    Congratulations to the three of you!

    It should get better – I used to be one of those kids who wouldn’t eat new things. It would freak me out and I would yell my head off because for some reason it was scary to think of putting some potentially nasty foreign thing in my mouth and then ingest. The taste would linger and then the thing would be in me and there would be no undoing it. No undo!!

    However, as the years went by, I kind of learned on my own to eat different things – even vegetables. And some candies. Granted it took until I was about 14 …

    The best thing my parents did for me was to keep sticking things in front of me (my mom), and letting it go if I wasn’t ready (my dad). Also, to let peer pressure take over.

    You’re doing great!

  • M

    I have a recent favorite first world predicament:

    My mother called me the other day and said, “The storms last night knocked out power and there is a tree down across my cleaning lady’s driveway. She can’t come today. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?”

  • Stacey

    I just love your stories about Leta. It makes me feel like I can’t wait to be a mom, quirks and all. Thanks for the story.

  • http://amyjess.blogspot.com Amy S

    I adore Leta and I love reading about your life. Love it. A little slice of “normalcy” in a world gone mad. Thank you for the laugh and for sharing part of your life with all of us. Most of us appreciate it more than you will ever know.

  • http://iwrotethat.wordpress.com mariah

    as a mother of an extremely picky eater, i share your triumph as if it was my own. great work. first pancakes, then pb&j, then the world!

  • christa

    Man, do I ever know this feeling. Our son is 3, but he and Leta are *likethis* on the eating and in just… being unique. Every time you write about something Leta tries that she’s never done before — like running on the sand in her bare feet — I think of my kid. We’ve held our breaths before and tried not to make eye contact at the wrong time and garner just the right level of nonchalance combined with just a titch of interest. It’s kind of stressful, but incredibly exciting when it happens.

    PANCAKES. That? Is huge.

  • http://www.davauer.com Nat

    Did you know there is a National Pancake Day/Week?
    check it out…

    A food that everyone in the world eats and that has it’s own holiday? Leta better love pancakes!

  • Kathy

    Agh..my boys would not eat squat and then I started begging them not to eat. “Please DO NOT Eat that! It will make you grow and I will not have that…here have a piece of candy…that won’t make you grow at all…DO NOT put that piece of chicken in your mouth…it has protein which will make your muscles big —NOOOO!!” They are now 9 and 5 and still beg me to do it! And they put the broccoli and carrots down, man! I have also converted my best friend’s twins by acting like a complete moron when visiting her and watching her want to remove them from the high chair and beat the holy hell out of them. They ate all of that meal and now are great eaters, too! What will it hurt to try it?

  • Jody

    I have been through this situation so many times! Ok, my 5 year old refuses to try bubble gum. What kid doesn’t want bubble gum?

  • http://www.younork.blogspot.com Audrey

    We used to tell my little sister (who ate nothing but Cheerios and milk until she turned 16) that things had sugar in them. Sometimes they did, and sometimes it was a flat out lie. “But this chicken has sugar in it, sure you don’t want some?” “Eat this banana. Those dark spots? Made purely of brown sugar.”

  • http://gettingeasier.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    My daughter is a picky eater too, so I slip a teaspoon of soy granules into everything I can… it just makes me feel better.

  • http://www.girlfromtexas.wordpress.com Suzette

    I’m reminded of my own kid when she was little. It could be worse. Try a two-item diet. She went for something like six months refusing to eat anything other than carrots and weiners. She would demand them! “Cawwot! Weenie!” And the weiners had to be cut into little disks, to match the carrots. Oh, and they had to be stone cold. UGH! Her pediatrician just laughed and told me to roll with it. I did. She lived. But, she is kinda weird now, 24 years later.

  • http://kimmersforlife.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Kimmers

    Oh man – I don’t think I have the strength for a picky eater. I’m the most patient person on earth with a lot of things, but my boyfriend is a picky eater already, and if I hear him try to tell me ONE MORE TIME that mashed potatoes count as a vegetable… I’m gonna totally lose my shit.

    Points to Leta for suddenly being interested at the word “candy” though! A girl after my own heart. :)