• http://trishsdiary.wordpress.com trish

    I saw someone say you should pay someone to tally all these votes. I’d do it for you. But I won’t do it without you saying you want it. But it would totally satisfy my need for organization.

  • Louise

    1. Russel Brand
    2. Dylan Moran
    3. Adam Hills (Aussie Comedian)
    …Sorry i love funny buggers
    4. David Tennant
    5. Nathan Fillion (FireFly)
    … and SciFi heroes- sad i Know

  • http://gigs.vox.com Shannon

    Has Jon punched you in the face for traveling to San Francisco during the summertime?

  • http://www.brainybitch.com Alicia

    I have to say, I’m not crazy about the ears or the underbite, either, but his ridiculously fit body and MY GOD THE SHOULDERS make both of those things negligible in the overall hotness factor.

    Mine would be:

    1. Clive Owen
    2. James McAvoy
    3. Christian Bale
    4. Lee Pace
    5. Paul Rudd

  • http://brooklynseahag.blogspot.com/ BrooklynSeaHag

    1. Christian Bale (oooh, assault me)
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Neil Young (but he has to brush his teeth first)
    4. Snoop Dogg
    5. Clive Owen

  • Nicole

    1. Billy Joel…don’t judge me.
    2. Scarlett Johanson….HOMg curves
    3. Tina Fey…Sexy in the brains and body :D
    4. Damien Rice..oh the voice!
    5. Keith Urban…Cowboy pants. oh man.

    I debated putting you on the list. Then I sincerely apologized for being such a creeper. But you are a beautiful woman!

  • Tracylea

    I’m in total agreement with Freddygirl and comments on Brad Pitt.

    List (but in no particular order):
    Angelina Jolie
    Gillian Anderson
    David Duchovny
    Colin Firth
    Zach Braff

  • Lindsey

    Oh no. Poor Michael. Dooce, could you win his love by offering fashion advice?

  • Keely

    1. John Cusack
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. David Boreanaz
    4. Glenn Quinn (well, y’know…before he died)
    5. Charlize Theron

  • Sarah

    What’s with all the Krasinski? I just don’t get it.

    1. Lawrence Fishburne
    2. Benicio Del Toro
    3. Harvey Keitel
    4. Tom Selleck/Burt Reynolds, minus moustache (it’s the chest rug…meow..)
    5. Daniel Craig

    I like badasses. Sometimes old badasses.

  • Robin

    1. Jon Bon Jovi
    2. Patrick Dempsey
    3. Josh Holloway
    4. Eric Dane
    5. Anderson Cooper

  • http://www.datingdogsandkids.blogspot.com Anonymous

    1. George Clooney
    2. Tony Romo
    3. Denzel Washington
    4. Will Smith
    5. Terrell Owens

  • http://www.waynekidsblog.typepad.com/travisnj Kathy

    My list:

    1) George Clooney
    2) Robin Ventura (former baseball player – HOT butt)
    3) Sting (even with the ego. Tantric yoga, anyone?)
    4) Colin Firth (Pride & Prejudice era)
    5) George Clooney

    I am SO bummed Olympic swimming is over. How great was that – watching those guys with those bodies? Ahhhhh.

  • http://www.meanmama.org lizzie

    1. Ira Glass
    2. Caesar Millan (the dog whisperer)
    3. YoYo Ma

    yes, i am the biggest nerd in the universe.

    but number 4 is…

    4. George Clooney

  • Carrie

    In no particular order:

    Ben Affleck
    James Purefoy
    Taylor Kitsch
    Matt Keeslar
    Christian Bale

  • goukas

    I’m so excited about the Outside Lands Festival. Unfortunately, we can only go 1 night. We’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, but at the expense of no family to watch the kid. I’m a southern girl too, from Austin, and miss miss miss those days of live music every night.

    Hope to see you front and center during Radiohead Friday!

  • http://goatygoat.squarespace.com Lana

    1. Sam Elliot circa 1980
    2. George Harrison circa the White Album
    3. Scarlett Johansson
    4. Will Smith
    5. Daniel Dae Kim

  • http://www.kylewkerr.com Kyle

    1) Elijah Wood (it’s the eyes!)
    2) Brad Pitt
    3) Andrew Gross, the writer (I refer to him as my boyfriend)
    4) Robert Downey Jr.
    5) Daniel Craig

  • aklafnravn

    Since I am on the Olympics bandwagon, mine are all from the team:

    Aaron Piersol (his receding hairline really does something for me???)
    Dara Torres (at 47 I am jealous of her!)
    Joe Hagerty

  • Dana

    My list, in no particular order:

    1. Larry Mullen, Jr. (the drummer for U2)
    2. Michael Phelps
    3. Ian Thorpe (even though he said some not-so-nice things about Michael Phelps, I have to hand it to him that his comments helped fuel Michael Phelps’ desire to go for eight gold medals… and he fills a racing suit well.)
    4. Vince Vaughn
    5. David Duchovny

  • http://www.briannesbeautifulblog.blogspot.com Brianne

    1. Ralph Fiennes
    2. Chris Martin
    3. Gael Garcia Bernal
    4. Vincent Perez
    5. Rob Morrow

  • Courtenay

    oh, i forgot:

    1. blair underwood
    2. george clooney before he was manorexic
    3. mark ruffalo
    4. sawyer, from lost
    5. blair underwood, again

  • Riking Girl

    Sean Penn (since Into the Wild)
    Jim Sturgess (since Across the Universe)
    Joqquin Phoenix
    Ed Norton
    James McAvoy (since Atonement)

    Honorable Mention (everyone should have 10 just in case):
    Matthew Fox
    Anderson Cooper
    Val Kilmer
    John Cusack
    Steve Carell

  • Sophie

    1. Eamon Sullivan – Australian swimmer, seriously attractive
    2. Clive Owen
    3. David Tenant
    4. Matthew MacFayden
    5. Liam Neeson – more for his voice than anything else

  • CC

    -Furio from the Sopranos
    -Tom Waits
    -John Lurie

    In the hereafter…
    -Joe Strummer
    -John Cassavetes

  • jill

    love this. husband and i have a “no other naked people allowed” hot tub rule that we will ONLY break for brad and angelina. and maybe halle and gabriel.

  • http://justamomentwithyou.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    1. John Corbett
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Matt Damon
    4. John Krasinski
    5. You??? Okay, that was awkward…

  • N

    in no particular order:

    Hugh Laurie
    Caetano Veloso
    Javier Bardem
    Craig Ferguson
    Gael Garcia Bernal

    Ha – I guess I like foreign accents, although it would be even more orgasmic if Caetano would speak to me in Portuguese. Mmmmmmmmm.

  • jenjen

    Only 5…really?? That’s so hard to choose…

    1. David Duchovny
    2. Dan Abrams (I love news guys)
    3. Will Smith
    4. John Cusack
    5. Steven Colbert/Jon Stewart (or both together??)

    btw, this is the BEST site ever…!!

  • Jennifer


    1. josh lucas (in sweet home alabama….saw it 7 times in the theater)
    2. ryan gosling
    3. aaron piersol (saaaad, swimming is over)
    4. viggo mortensen (aragorn – sigh!)
    5. patrick dempsey

    well that was fun.

  • Cassie

    1. Christopher Meloni
    2. David Boreanaz
    3. Matt Lauer
    4. Sam Waterson
    5. Anthony Bourdain

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for being late to the party – but I just read your blog on dopplegangers. I dont get the other comparisons – but I DO think Jon looks like the British Comedian Steve Coogan……is Jon funny too??

  • Catherine

    1. Nathan Fillion
    2. Clive Owen
    3. Gerard Butler
    4. Jason Bateman
    5. Joshua Bell


  • http://the-secret-bitch.blogspot.com Keri

    1. Michael Phelps
    2. Zac Hanson
    3. John Krasinski
    4. Michael Phelps
    5. Mika

    Notice the slight nerd factor in each pick – that only makes them more appealing! The Brad Pitts of the world are cute but a little boring!

  • Jenny

    Adrien Brody
    John Krasinski
    Michael Phelps
    Ryan Lochte (Michael’s swimming friend who got little airtime? HOT!)
    umm….Michael Phelps (he’s a dreamboat.

  • sjcb

    in no particular order:

    john krasinski
    jake gyllenhaal/however you spell it
    ryan gosling
    christian bale
    jon stewart

  • Tawnya

    I love this game!

    Top Five would be:

    1. John Cusack
    2. Jonathan Rhys Myers
    3.Angelina Jolie
    4. Matthew MacFadyen
    5. I don’t get it myself, but either Barack Obama or Anthony Bourdain.

  • Danielle
  • Rosemary

    In no particular order:

    Bruce Willis (I had a not dream about him and now he’s definite)
    Ryan Reynolds
    Slade Smiley from The Real Housewives of Orange County & Date My Ex

    Don’t even need 5, these three will do :)
    And I must add that all this “Are they driven? Do they care about people? What is their take on certain issues? Are they bigger than I am? Do they know their multiplication tables?” Doesn’t matter in sex! Ok, well the driving and care about people is important. But I don’t plan on talking politics or holding a math quiz anytime in my bedroom :)

    Also, Have you heard of etsy?

  • teresa

    Okay… apparently humor trumps a lot for me. Here are my five:

    5. David Hyde Pierce (an Niles, please)
    4. Ryan Stiles
    3. Johnny Depp
    2. Orlando Bloom (I’ll take elf or pirate version)
    1. John Hannah (listen to him reading the W.H. Auden poem in Four Weddings and a Funeral with that Scottish accent and tell me you wouldn’t jump all over it.)

  • mss

    1. Richard Armitage
    2. Richard Armitage
    3. Orlando Bloom
    4. Clive Owen
    5. Jeremy Irons

    Hubbie’s List
    1. Tilda Swinton
    2. Tilda Swinton
    3. Tilda Swinton
    4. Kirstin Scott Thomas
    5. Emma Thompson

  • http://www.kellincatty.blogspot.com kellincatty

    1) Willem Dafoe
    2) Bruce Cockburn
    3) Russell Crowe
    4) The Starn Twins (photographers – just in the hopes that some of their creative energy will “rub off”)
    5) Jason Lewis

  • http://vintagethirty.blogspot.com/ Tootsie Farklepants

    ~Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
    ~George Clooney
    ~Jon Stewart
    ~George Clooney
    ~John Krasinski

  • http://www.gitzengirl.blogspot.com sara

    Just wrote a post today about Michael Phelps and the fact that, according to his segment on NBC about a day in his life, we are soulmates. Perfect for each other. And he looks good in a wetsuit.

    So back off. He’s totally mine. We’re destiny, baby.


  • VinnyGirl

    Not necessarily in this order….

    1. George Clooney
    2. Jude Law
    3. Pierce Brosnan
    4. Bon Jovi
    5. Steve Tyler

    Sigh. Now I will never get any work done.

  • http://www.bucktoothmama.com/blog Melissa

    Hey! Number one on my list ties in with both parts of your post.

    1. Jeff Tweedy’s voice.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with the rest of Mr. Tweedy, but that voice! If it had it’s own physical manifestation, I think I would stalk it and do things that would land me in the clink fer sure.

  • http://splendidbohemian.wordpress.com/ Korey

    1. Josh Duhamel
    2. Joshua Jackson
    3. John Krasinkski
    4. George Clooney
    5. Neil Patrick Harris (yes, I know he’s gay – but I’ve always had a crush on him)

  • Jeff

    Wow, so I’m the first guy to post his five? I fully expect scathing ridicule…

    1) Salma Hayek
    2) Angeline Jolie
    3) Evangeline Lilly
    4) Jennifer Carpenter
    5) Melina Perez

  • monica

    Patrick Dempsey
    Josh Holloway
    John Krasinski
    Trent Reznor
    And did I mention Patrick Dempsey already?

  • http://lynn.2girlsplastic.com Lynn

    1. Adrian Brody (it’s the nose)
    2. Anderson Cooper (humanitarian reporter ftw!)
    3. Daniel Craig (as James Bond)
    4. Johnny Depp (loved him since middle school)
    5. Hugh Jackman

    honorable mention goes to Matthew Macfadyen who was only super hot as Darcy in Pride & Prejudice