• http://bestofcourt.blogspot.com Court

    Since it’s an election year, I vote for ya’ll to make more instructional videos!

  • Lucy

    I’ve tried cooking my edamame before, to make it salty, and it’s just not the same as how it is at the sushi place we go to. It was warm (blech! Gotta be cold!) and the beans were mushy (even though I didn’t cook them that long) and the pods tasted salty, but not the beans. No, I didn’t eat the pods, just from tasting them when I popped the beans out.

    Maybe I should soak them in salted water in the fridge overnight or something? Maybe I’ll add some dog hair and that will make the difference.

    I did think Jon was awfully brave to hold Coco’s hiney over the pot, considering what havoc that’s caused.

    Anyway, loved the video. We totally laughed out loud over here and you two (and Leta and the dogs) are freaking adorable!!!

  • http://www.elissamerola.com Elissa

    Boiling water IS bad for the environment! It adds to global warming. HELLOOOO! You should really just turn on the A/C and open all the windows to cool it off. It being the globe.

    Also, yes Jon, it will stop boiling because the water evaporates. I know, I’ve done it many a times before.

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com Julie


  • Michelle

    This is why I read you every single damn day.

  • http://aimmemotion.blogspot.com Melly

    Seriously. I dare you to make a 30-minute video of paint drying, ’cause I know a lot of people who would eagerly watch every last second of it.

    Count me in, of course.

  • http://thepgbee.blogspot.com/ Julia B.

    Dios Mio. Your husband’s adorable. Can I move to Utah and hang out with you all?

  • http://vintagethirty.blogspot.com/ Tootsie Farklepants

    Kick-ass soundtrack!

  • http://www.samiamcreations.blogspot.com sandy

    LOL!! Great instructional video :)

  • Juls

    Edamame = the nonsoutherner’s boiled peanut. Oh so good.

  • Anne


    I love you all madly, so this is not a comment from a stinker/flamer, but from a true “Dooce Bague” (I made that up!)

    Use cold water!!! You don’t want the stuff from the welds in the hot water pipe/tap (for some reason, but this is really important!).

    PUT A TOP on the pot! It will boil oh so much quicker, and THAT will save the environment! There’s a physics reason for this–not losing heat in the rising steam, the ambient temperature in the whole pot environment, etc. PUT A TOP ON IT!!

    Two dogs is fine. Kosher salt–also fine. You didn’t mention that it tastes better than iodized salt, but no biggie.

    I think that human mouths are actually more germ-ridden than dog or cat mouths, so, don’t lick the wound.

    But I loved the stainless colander part; I’m jealous.

  • Krista

    Hey there, Armstrong Fam. I had never taken the time to watch any previous videos you had posted, what will all that work it takes to click a mouse and then sit still for a few minutes… until today. And you know what? Heather’s voice on the video sounds like how I hear my own voice. Creepy. BUT whenever I hear a recording of me it is actually much more nasal and whinny and totally disappointing. Does everyone feel that way about hearing their own voice?

  • http://hildebrandroad.blogspot.com McSwain

    Call me crazy, but at the moment Jon was dangling CoCo over the pot, I had this flashback to Michael Jackson dangling his baby over that balcony in Germany.

  • belletoes

    First, it IS a roiling boil. Only yankees say rolling. Second, could be a crackhead. Got a hold of some BAAD stuff. ( Lepprechauns in Alabama) Yal’ll are nuts, typical day in my house too.

  • Alayna

    Would love a subtitled version!

  • Szilvia


    THANK YOU for making me laugh my breakfast through my nose!

    I must say, the way you’ve described Coco so far, I was surprised she was so calm while Jon was “licking” her wound.. I was expecting nothing less than godzilla from her.

    Back when you wrote about the Edamame the first time, I actually had to go look it up (being Swedish and all, jaa). I’m so happy I finally know what they look like and what to do with them!

    You definitely should keep doing more videos, it’s always fun for us to be able to see all that wonderful, humoristic “crazyness” in action, and it should be fun for you and Leta as well to look back at years from now.. Am I sucking up enough now for you to throw us an extra video bone now and then? ;-)

    And thank you for the honesty without taking yourselves too seriously, it’s just what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, and makes you so much more human.

    Oh, and don’t think we didn’t notice your shenanigans in the credits, fuh-knee!

  • http://www.vanoodle.blogspot.com noodle

    Oh my holy crap that’s funny.

  • Debra

    First time in history I’ve ever heard a man say “no head.”

    Since I looked away a few times, this *could* be a whole different kind of video.

    “Put it in already!”

    Good stuff.

  • Ingstje

    Oh this is Edamame. It is a vegetable and you eat it without anything else. Crazy people ;) , in Europe we would never do that, too healthy :)
    Love the video though and looking forward to a sequel !

  • claire

    fuck me, that was the most riveting 5.51mins ever.
    now if we could just get edamame in any place other than capital cities in australia. that shit is tasty!!

    p.s. michel phelps?! pfft, hackett all the way baby. or steph rice .. she’s pretty cute.

  • http://brianandcindy.blogspot.com/ tripletmama

    This was great! I love the dynamic between you two.

  • http://www.thesupergoddess.com/ Britt

    Please, Please start your own cooking show. I’ll give you a cookie.

  • Mackenzie

    What is up with husband’s and their selective hearing?

  • http://www.crazymomcat.blogspot.com Steph.

    You’ve just proven why I still read you after several years of blogging. I’m going to have to try edamame now…without a dog wound-licking appetizer, of course…

  • http://mightymarce.blogspot.com Marcy

    Edamame = awesomeness

    I discovered this wonderfood when we moved to California, I’d buy a whole container of ready-to-eat edamame from Trader Joe’s and eat the whole thing myself. What? It’s healthy, right?

    I would pay to have a camera in your house and just watch your family shenanigans over the course of the day. You know, because the public doesn’t intrude enough in your daily life already.

  • http://www.princesseemma.com/ Emma

    I love both of your accents (I’m Australian).

    I found it so funny when you asked Jon to put more water in and he put the smallest splash in too appease you.

    And how cute was Leta when she said “Daddy, will you give that to me please?”. She’s adorable!

    Great movie – 5 stars. The credits were hilarious too.

    Now I just need to find some edamame in Australia!

  • Catie

    When Leta spoke I just had the most ovary wrenching “Awwwwwwwwwwwww” ever.

    Also your voice is fine. In fact I am seriously worried about Jon’s accent and obvious inability to this of fun adjectives to describe boiling water.

  • http://ferngoddess.blogspot.com/ Fran

    I am taking it personally that the rest of bloggy land can watch that video but for me it says “This video is no longer avilable.” What’s with that?

  • z

    Since you mention the environment in the clip: microwaving uses a lot less energy, water and salt. Plus, it’s faster and requires only one (preferably glass/Pyrex) bowl.

  • http://www.agilehosting.com KJ

    I adore you guys because you are so regular. And cute, and funny. Thank you :) what a perfect way to start my day!!

  • http://www.minivanlife.wordpress.com/ brandy

    Great video! I’ve never eaten edamame before…perhaps I’ll give it a try soon. Love your blog!

  • Jennifer

    Wonderful, now you tell me. After you raving about this stuff, I only just found edamame in my local grocery store (small town, what can I say) and tried it for the first time this past weekend. LOVE IT. But, I’ve been microwaving it. Maybe I’ll have to try this more difficult method to see if it enhances the end product.

  • http://notesfromthesleepdeprived.blogspot.com Wendy

    3 things about the video:

    1) The pan/pot is called a saucier (saw-see-ay). It’s used to make… sauces.

    2) I thought Jon’s hair looked hot.

    3) Thanks for the tip about the Kosher salt. I’ve been throwing tons of money away on sea salt.

    Crap. I should have made it five things.

    4) Licking Coco’s wound, then holding the dogs over the pot… Um, that was kinda gross.

    5) We tell the kids that edamame are Asian boiled peanuts. You should see them tear them up!

  • Kate

    John’s hair reminded me of Lyle Lovett.

    Hilarious video!

  • Lauren

    Sheinhardt wig company! Hahahahaha

  • Libby

    You didn’t show Jon washing his hands after handling the dogs and before prepping the food.

    Just sayin.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • http://www.lifeisfunformost.blogspot.com/ Cindy

    I guess I still don’t know what edamame is…wikipedia here I come…

    Love the video – it’s awesome to see you guys move and talk! :-) I know that sounds wierd…but oh well.

    I can see why you think John Larroquette could be Jon’s doppleganger now. I see more of the body language and voice similarities now between the two Jo(h)n’s.

    Thank you for sharing – watching the video made a good start to my day. :-)

  • tmharada

    so good! i was a saucier back in san antone…..

    actually, you guys should film like restaurant kitchens. that would be great. you could like a series. or i don’t know. anyway, it was very funny.

  • Charley

    I notice that I lot of people are mentioning the use of the microwave. It is a very unhealthy way to cook food. I never use it anymore. It kills. Try microwaving some water and when it cools off feeding it to a plant. The plant will die.

  • Justine

    holy crap! we have the same white rusty colander!!

  • Carrie

    Jon is SO John Larroquette. I totally see it now.

    I will never look at Night Court the same way again.

  • Shiri

    Add one (more) dog… I kind of think he looks super hot with his hair like that, but that could just be me. Also, as a New York Jew, I love the “are you calling Jews cheap?”. We also say that in my house.

  • Anonymous

    R O L L I N G

  • Susan

    Do you cook it because it’s in the shell? I’m lazy and buy it already shelled, let it thaw, salt and eat by the handful. Especially love it mixed in lowfat cottage cheese.

  • Rikki

    SOMEBODY call Food Network NOW and procure y’all a contract!

  • P.J.

    Love you guys!! 2 hotties :)

    Favorite quote… “put it in there…my god…all of it”

    OK, so my minds not on the edamane

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com leesavee

    Saw this on Jon’s site yesterday. SO FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!!! Love the addition of the dogs to the boiling water…thinking I should try that the next time I make my edamame. Bet it adds a certain something to the flavor. And Jon is totally John Laroquette’s younger brother.

  • Miss Baltimore

    This is hysterical. Jon’s hair is all over the shop. Heather – you should make it into a weekly feature. Love it. Dog licking is gross though.

  • Jinx

    Awesome, I loved it!
    Loved to hear you laugh and the credits rocked!

  • Hey

    Michael Phelps….YUM.