• Dyanna

    The whole thing was hilarious but the best part to me was Jon placing Coco in the pot. LOVE IT.

  • http://strayraisins.com Katie

    I love all the people who are “helpfully” critiquing the actual cooking method. I would love to have them all over for Thanksgiving dinner this year.
    Hilarious! This is the only website that actually makes me laugh out loud, thank you. :)

  • sarah

    well worth the six months (or six years, according to blurb) that it took to produce that. i was all: wow, six years? wait, where did coco come from?!

    also, coco is so amazingly cute for coming from those two parents- i’m glad she got some white in her face from papa puffs.

  • http://brooklynseahag.blogspot.com/ BrooklynSeaHag

    This video was SO GOOD that it inspired me to eat my edamame, mid-afternoon snack at 10:00am while watching.

  • dooce fan

    Wonderfully informative. Also quite funny.

    Although, I couldn’t help but notice that those edamame were packaged in a convenient-steam-in-the-bag bag, which as the name would suggest is a marvelously convenient invention that allows one to place package in microwave for 5 minutes resulting in perfectly steamed veggies. Not sure which is better for the environment, though.

  • Jen

    Are you sure Jon is licking the wound? Looks more like a doggie BJ to me :-)

  • Amanda

    Loved it! You’re hilarious!!!

  • http://bkimrey1.wordpress.com berit

    ROFL– folks are staring at me at work! where can i get the soundtrack?

  • http://lulusaysit.com/ Julie

    Holy crappers I am the first to comment. Dreams come true.

  • http://ohophelia.diaryland.com alina

    According to this website ( http://www.recipetips.com/glossary-term/t–34064/rolling-or-roiling-boil.asp ) and others, the terms “roiling” and “rolling” when referred to a boil mean the same thing, with “roiling” being the oldest. Dooce is right.

    As far as the lid on, lid off controversy, it really only makes a difference if you’re boiling a large quantity of water. What “large quantity” means, I couldn’t say, but I can say that edamame tastes better cooked on a stovetop instead of in a microwave.

  • http://lulusaysit.com/ Julie

    Aw Amanda you chap my ass.

  • http://wisdomofthemoon.blogspot.com/ Wendy

    Before I watched this, I thought, “Seriously, who doesn’t know how to cook edamame? I don’t think we really need a video.” Then I saw it and it was hilarious!

  • http://lulusaysit.com/ Julie

    Stupid amanda.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kaffaleen Kathleen

    Two weeks ago I came across your site. I am in the process of reading your past blogs. I am currently up to march 7 of 2004 and just absolutely love your writing. You convey so much through your writing. So much more than a simple story. I am always laughing along with you or have my heart in my throat because of what you are going through. love love love your site and can’t wait to read what else you have to say.

    video was great too. you are some crazy kids. :)

  • Nancy

    Why’d you keep cuttin’ off Jon’s head??

  • http://womantribune.com Holly

    I love that pancakes are listed under ‘Thanks.’ Never even heard of this food before but now if I ever see it in a store I can say that I know how to cook and eat it. The boyfriend of mine will be so impressed.

  • jen

    LOL Or it could be a rolling boil.

  • jill

    is it wrong that i wanna make out a little with your husband? even after licking the wound.

  • Sarah

    The video is gone? Sadness.

  • Anonymous

    It’s remarkable that you make money off this stuff.

  • http://abigailmschilling.com/blog Abigail M Schilling

    You are so right about how to boil water. More videos!

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily

    I can’t see it! Wahhhhh….

    However, just imagining you guys cooking edamame is hilarious enough in its own right.

    Will keep trying.

  • Amanada

    hahahaha. I loved that I was the first.

    Take that Julie!!

  • http://www.onegoodie.com shane_onegoodie

    Why on earth would anyone need the food network with videos like these?

  • Amy

    I want to marry Jon. Or Heather. Or I’ll just take the dogs. Any of the above will do.

  • lydia

    I agree with EVERYONE. (caps, very important here.) More videos! Y’all are hilarious and you made my morning just a tad brighter.

  • http://unmitigated.typepad.com middle-aged-woman

    Cannes is SO unprepared for this piece of…artistry.

  • http://www.babymaking501.blogspot.com Dy-Anne

    it is because of you I tried Edamame (though I just call it soybeans cause i can’t say the other thing) ok well you and the fact that I’m preggo and those little beans have like billions of nutrients all rolled up in a half cup low cal serving.

    I put lemon pepper seasoning and salt on mine– YUM.

    Now as for your video maybe the pregnancy fog has already set in even in the first trimester but I couldn’t hear it at all- so as much as I wanted to watch it I couldn’t finish it with no sound.

    Yes my sound was up and I’m pretty sure the players sound was up. I had to stop because it was vdery frustrating not knowing why Jon felt he had to put like half a box of salt in the water.

  • http://blog.myspace.com/lenicnic Nic

    You need to make more videos like this! Love the “new” (not so new now) house (the parts that were seen). Very pretty decor ;)

  • http://therandomramblingsofaworkingmom.blogspot.com/ Kim

    Ok you already have a kazillion comments so prob won’t read this one – but….

    Do not cook with hot water from the tap – the hot water pulls metal from the pipes – always start cooking with cold water.

    It is called a Rolling boil.

    You shouldn’t salt before cooking them, since you salt after – too much salt.

    And you pronounce it different from the way we do. You say Ed a Mom May……I say Ed a mommy.

    But then I say crayon the correct way (as 2 syllables) too :D

  • Gabbitron

    A Royal Rolling Bubbly Boiling good time. I give it four edamame pods.

    Leta’s whimpering was timed so that it almost sounded like the edamame was upset about being drained into the non-rusted stainless colander.

    A Question for Jon. Did you get/taste any dog hairs with the edamame?

  • Anonymous

    What kind of stupid, middle-American jackass doesn’t know how to cook or eat edamame and can’t figure out for themselves and ergo have to watch a video on a mommyblog. Wait, I know, the type of people who rack up the pageviews on said blog so the insepid mommyblogger doesn’t have to do anything. Can’t you idiots go to a grocery store and figure it out?

  • Angela Poole

    Rolling boil, people. Seriously though, you made my day today. Nice substitution with the kosher salt. We’re eating oceans of sea salt!

  • Nancy

    Ok, you cut off his head to avoid the nap hair (I should have watched the whole thing before I commented).

    One more thing . . . how long do you boil the edamame?? I’d scrap any plans you have for a recipe section for your blog.

  • http://www.babymaking501.blogspot.com Dy-Anne

    hmmmm…. The anonymous hater could at least have the balls to not be anonymous.

    Now back to my comment — I totally figured out the sound thing — my computer was thwarted by small children (5 of them ranging from the ages 4-10) who had plugged the headphones in to the side of the Mac. Which small child left them there I am not sure but a stern talking to will result just as soon as they come back from their respective other parents later this week.

    I think that maybe something was missing by not seeing/hearing the whole leta meltdown — but then I have no attention span so 5 minutes was already pushing it for me.

    funny funny as usual. I do think you need more videos– maybe the blurbodoocery series of how to videos.

  • http://charlottepictures.blogspot.com Orang1na

    OMFG. Made my day.

  • Manda

    Please adopt me. I don’t care if I’m 22.

  • http://mamainterrupted.blogspot.com/ mamainterrupted

    Loving it! New to the site and if this is what I can look forward to . . . I’m in!

  • Adaire

    I’m still not clear on how to cook the edamame BUT I did learn that it is pronounced eda-mamee and not edamame(rhymes with lame). I loved the “Don’t Do Drugs” tagline at the end. Hugs, not drugs! :)

  • Chrissy

    Love you guys! You are totally nuts!

    How about some video of your cute dogs, please? I’d like to see Coco keeping those sheep in line.

  • http://andotherrecipes.blogspot.com Carine

    I have that exact same colander and mine’s rusting at the bottom too

  • dooce

    Nancy, bring it back to a royal roiling boil and you’re done. About four-five minutes.

  • http://www.manicmommy.blogspot.com Manic Mommy

    OK, here’s my question–do you ever eat them cold, or is that just nasty? I’ve had them before, and they’re OK. Actually, I but you just raised the sales of edamame beacuse of this video!

    BTW, there’s a little web rumor that you’ll be on http://www.bettyconfidential.com soon. Looking forward to that!

    All the best! Manic

  • http://alexawesome.com/blog alex

    i enjoyed this greatly. i could go on, but all of it was wildly amusing.

  • http://www.realityfish.com Robin G.

    I kept expecting the Blair Witch to leap out from behind the colander…

  • Lisa

    Oh god I was laughing. Roaring boil?? You meant rolling boil.

    You guys did know that you can throw that bag in the microwave and steam it right?

  • http://www.distant-voices.com/mariam Mariam

    Lmao @ royal boil.

    Also, your guys’ kitchen is awesome. Can I have it, please? I promise to cook delicious meals in return. :D

  • http://www.leslieplesser.com Leslie

    The video was great, but wow do I love your kitchen. Fab decor.

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    Rolling Boil, baby.

  • Anonymous

    Loved it — but if the environment is your thing you can put a top on the pot and make water boil faster. Maybe not so interesting in a video — until it boils over, of course.