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Humanities major vs. English major

While watching one of the many Olympics recap montages and snacking on heavily buttered popcorn, both Jon and I can’t believe that some of the swimmers’ bodies are actually real. I’ve already mentioned to Jon more than once that if Michael Phelps can eat 12,000 calories a day and still look like that, then maybe [...]

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

This is one of my favorite new acts in recent years (I wrote about him here), and I was lucky enough that I got to stand just a few feet away and take photos. Totally unpretentious and down to earth, and he sounded even better live. At the end of his set he told the [...]


This is the bin where we store all the dog food, and the day before it was time to refill it we were going to dump out the hand full that was left and wash it out. But the dogs were going nuts because we were NEAR THE FOOD BIN, TOUCHING THE FOOD BIN, LOOKING [...]

Antique candlesticks

Picked these up on my recent antique shop run because of their mid-century shape and the fact that they match the red bursts of color throughout our living room. When Jon first saw them he said, you know, some kid in high school shop made those. And my response was what it usually is when [...]