• http://www.mrswillford.blogspot.com rachel

    the upstaging hygenist? send her to the celestial kingdom and give her own planet? for days that will cause me to break out into obnoxious laughter. thanks.

  • http://nycmomandmore.blogspot.com Marinka

    You know, in a few years, Leta will have a Disney Princess toothbrush and it will have a fight with her Hannah Montana toothbrush, or her Suri Cruise toothbrush (what? you thought that your daughter would have only one toothbrush at a time? Why would you deprive her like that, why?)

    I don’t know what the solution is, but I thought I’d warn you.

    Or maybe dentures are a solution.

  • Alison

    “Just go ahead and send her to the Celestial Kingdom and give her her own planet, why don’t you?”

    LOL! Love Mormon humor… =)

  • http://wonderfulworldofweiners.blogspot.com/ Hallie

    Great blog entry, as usual. Guess we’re lucky we never had any dentist issues with our kiddos.

    COme on over and join the Wiener World CAMPAGIN ACROSS AMERICA!!


  • http://strayraisins.com Katie

    When I go to the dentist next week I am hoping for shots of vodka as my reward. Hopefully I will wake up in my bed after being teleported home, preferably with my pants on though – cause, you know…dentists…

  • dragonhart

    My friend, the dentist (I know, right, and yet, she is still my friend!) gave my 3 year old son a toothbrush that plays Queen’s “We are the Champions”…..don’t be jealous….

    The best part is how LOUD it is inside your mouth, and how my son is sooooooooo impressed that I know the words and sing along as he brushes away!

    We will, we will rock you!

  • Bobbie

    Having only seen your blog a few days ago, I’ve now become somewhat addicted to it, which is why I’m sat here reading/ commenting on it in my sleep deprived state when I should be tucked under my duvet snoring my head off.

    Way to go to your dentist for thinking on his feet and being swifter than a swift thing!

  • http://www.lulusaysit.com/ Julie

    What the freaking heck!! I AM IN LOVE WITH Dooce.

  • http://withbothfeet.wordpress.com/ Jennifer

    I’m not usually afraid of the dentist, but when I got my teeth cleaned yesterday there was a new hygienist. She told me if I didn’t hold the sucker thing right, I was gonna get it and there was no one there to hear me scream. Yikes.

  • Chris

    I must admit a tear came to my eye out from the joy I felt for Leta! I have been there with my daughter too. So exciting! Congrats!

  • Sara


    You know, now that Leta is older and is able to communicate so well her fears and refusals, she reminds me so much of myself at that age. Okay, still. To this day. Feel sorry for my husband. Anyway, it makes me smile (and feel yours and Jon’s pain). Everything has to be her idea, when she’s damn good and ready, and don’t you dare think about making it otherwise. Because it just won’t happen. And ohhh do I ever get the fear of doctors and dentists. My father is a doctor, and every time I would visit him at the hospital as a little girl, I would hear the screams of children getting stitches. I’ve been rather stand-offish with docs ever since. Back to my point…I am here to tell you that the “it has to be Leta’s idea and Leta’s idea only” might not ever go away, but damn if doesn’t make life interesting.
    Just think of it as honing your parenting and negotiating skills. The battles you win will be that much more rewarding. And when she has children of her own, you can sit back and laugh when they are just as stubborn as she is.

    The Chuck of the day…oy…you must’ve spent the rest of the day just watching that, right? How sweet can he get?!

  • http://www.dreamdust.co.uk Sarah

    I just want to get you drunk.

  • J. Bo

    For me, to this day, the dentist’s office is all about “Highlights” magazine.

  • http://partonponderings.blogspot.com Rachel

    I loathe going to the dentist. That little scrapey thing is by far the worst experience. I may have to start demanding cuter toothbrushes from my dentist.

  • http://justjuneyor.blogspot.com/ juneyor

    when I was a kid I had an “old school” dentist. so much that I didn’t know anesthesia existed until I was 16 and went to a new dentist. He would drill out cavities with nothing other than telling you to listen to the radio. which by the way sucked because it was talk radio. If I find that bastard again I’m kicking him in the shins.

  • http://oakbriarfarm.blogspot.com/ SarahHub

    I’ve got to see if anyone makes a Backyardigans toothbrush. You may have saved my daughter’s teeth…

  • gladcow

    my daughter got a princess toothbrush on her first dentist visit (along with a toy and some stickers!) and now every time she goes to the dentist she wheedles with the hygienists until they come up with another princess toothbrush. she always gets them to break out the back stock, heh.

  • http://huntingforporkchops.blogspot.com Lisa

    So… a little something about Stars?

    They played a show in L.A. a few years ago and ended their set with, “We’re Stars. And so are you.”

    I haven’t been able to give them a fair shake ever since.

    Glad you got to see them though!

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill Shalvis

    Power to the princess, lol!

  • ritabby

    You and Tina Fey. Please write a book together. You are both hysterically funny!

  • T

    Oh my heck… I AM ROLLING!

  • Anonymous

    When I was little, my Mom told us if we weren’t good, we couldn’t brush our teeth before we went to bed. And it WORKED.

  • http://pineappleluv.blogspot.com Jamie Watson

    I will just say that from the hotel room to the dentist’s office, this post made me very happy.

  • http://browerfamilyof5.wordpress.com Sam

    You should have spared yourself the trip and moved to KY… it’s where I live, and nobody has all of their teeth. In fact, I think losing a tooth is a rite of passage, like puberty or getting pulled over for public intoxication. Just sayin’.

  • http://www.hope4peyton.org Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    But I don’t have to go have my root canal. Right? Say RIGHT! I wonder if that’ll work any better for me than it did for Leta.

  • http://preteenstoddlersandnewbornsohmy.blogspot.com/ jennielynn

    The “right? Say right!” still has me howling. God, that kid of yours is so hilarious.

  • http://www.lilja.no Stellare

    I hate going to the denists. And so should Leta. :-)

  • http://notinsaneperse.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    You taking your pants off as soon as you hit home is hilarious. And makes me feel a little less weird about this practice, so I really hope you’re not making that up or anything. Right? Say RIGHT!

  • http://www.mamamanifesto.blogspot.com Mama Manifesto

    If only they made Xanax Chewables. ‘Cause that’s the only way mommy is sitting in that chair of torture.

    And now I have Steve Martin singing in my head.
    “I thrill when I drill a bicuspid”

  • http://www.almostvegetarian.com almost vegetarian

    I loathe the dentist, simply loathe the dentist (and she is the nicest person in the world). But going, oh, what a horror.

    But if she gave me a princess toothbrush, well, I can see how that would certainly change things.

    Think I could get away with asking her for one? I probably should mention I’m, oh, a million years older than Leta. Think that makes a difference?


  • http://www.deborahrey.wordpress.com Deborah Rey

    STOP! I’m old! Gimme a break, please, I almost died laughing.
    AND I made it this time commenting.*
    AND I wanted to wish you many more ‘let-them-be-nice’ six years with your man and Leta. He must be a nice bloke, licking the dogs scar.
    AND, please, tell Leta that the French Minister of Health and the Rest also wears those pink plastic shoes. No kidding!

    *bloody time-diference always does me in.

  • http://ameliasprout.blogspot.com Amelia Sprout

    Wow, right now all I have to do to bribe the kiddo is give her canned pears. You mean I’m going to have to give into the princess bullshit?

    I hate the dentist, but that’s only because the one I went to when I was a kid showed me the drill by drilling a hole in my finger. Cause you know, that’s productive.

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    Bossy in intrigued with the Life of Sleeping part, if not entirely The Toothbrush Breaks.

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess

    We just went through an experience with the dentist with my three year old. She had a cavitiy-that I was blamed for because she was a nursing baby? I made my husband take her and I get to take her to fix another one next week. I dont look forward to it but maybe they’ll have a princess toothbrush!

  • Helen Tarnation

    My son, who just turned 29 and is fairly well-adjusted, had a supernumerary baby tooth at age 4. The regular-sized tooth was there, with a skinny little extra tooth to the side of it. Or so I thought…turned out the skinny tooth was supposed to be there and the normal looking one…not so much. It had to come out.

    Fearing future orthodontic problems (which there were anyway), the dentist suggested removal. A pediatric dentist was contacted…so wonderful. No parents allowed behind the curtain (keeps the clutching and screaming down!) When they told me I could come back, I asked Junior if he was done and he said he didn’t think so…the dentist said he’d be right back. He came back…with a little blue treasure chest holding the tooth. No shot or gas or anything….he didn’t even know the dentist had pulled it! He did that really forced laughing…like kids do when they’re so glad it’s over and didn’t hurt that they could almost cry.

    I so wanted that little treasure chest….I can definitely see the allure of the princess toothbrush!

  • http://thehusbandblog.wordpress.com The Husband

    Our daughter refuses to let me brush her teeth until after she brushes them. That’s right. Two brushings. Seriously, I’m a grown man taking orders from a three-year-old on matters of dental hygiene.

  • ma 2 one

    Raising children is exhausting!

  • Ava’s nanny

    Ugh. I take a 4 year old to the dentist next week. Hopefully there will be princess toothbrushes…

  • http://www.thehuckablog.com Hey You

    Right now this very instant sitting on my dryer is a pile of birthday presents to The Son. In one of those packages? A Thomas the Tank Engine singing toothbrush with matching tooth paste (BERRY FLAVORED!!). I hope he considers it a gift and not something to cross off of the grocery list.

  • Anonymous

    I loved going to the dentist as a kid. I must have been supremely retarded. I always got a beautiful ring with an exquisite colored glass solitaire. I’m not so fond of it now because it fucking hurts.

  • Jennifer

    I love the Leta discovery stories… the tumble bus, pancakes, now dentist and tooth-brushing. They’re so incredibly sweet, as she takes her own interesting path to discovering new things about her world.

    p.s. as an adult – I LOVE the dentist. I think it’s because as a child I got to pick a prize from the treasures drawer after each cleaning. Leta’s off to a good start.

  • http://www.durvy.com Devon

    My grandfather, and and uncle are all dentists, and my grandpa did all of my dental work as a kid. I still have trouble going to a dentist not related to be.

    I’m 20. It’s a little sad.

    But I also would like to add that my grandparents are the horrible, awful people who give out toothbrushes instead of candy on Halloween.

  • Kristine


  • http://www.abdpbt.com anna

    Yeah, funny story, but what’s funnier? Regular readers of yours–MORE THAN ONE–say, “Oh My Heck” without irony.

  • MrsScrim

    Love your site! Love Leta! I have a 4 year old son who is her male equivalent. We could hook them up later… they’ll either kill each other or make more. And don’t worry… I think I am the same kind of “nontraditional” parent.

  • MrsScrim

    Oh yeah… by the way, Devon …. my MOM is the awful lady who gives out pennies at Halloween instead of candy. Come ON!

  • http://sarahmichelef.wordpress.com Sarah

    Hey, at least your pants were in the same room as you.

    We did a dentist visit recently too and made the mistake of reading a book in which a girl goes to the dentist, gets frightened, bites the dentist’s finger, and then runs away. (It is, in case you are wondering, Vera Goes to the Dentist.) And the kid told the hygienist ALL ABOUT IT before her exam started, which I think was giving the poor dental professional visions of it being her own blood that would be spurting around the room.

    But let me tell you, she didn’t bite a single person and she loves her plain purple toothbrush and her travel-sized kid toothpaste soooooo much!

  • Cassie

    Haha, that is awesome.

  • http://lifespatula.blogspot.com Spatula

    I think you and Jon should have gotten a treat at the end too. What would be the adult equivalent of the Disney Princess Toothbrush? Something tells me it would have a USB port on it somewhere.

    Also, isn’t it cool that the dentist still has all his fingers?

  • talora

    I tell my 4 year old daughter that if she doesn’t let me brush and floss her teeth the sugar bugs will make them rotten and black like a witch’s teeth. That kid now has the pearliest whites you’ve ever seen. The accolades I receive from her dentist do make me feel just the *tiniest* bit guilty though; fortunately, it’s fleeting.