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Handmade girls twirl skirt

Leta has been showing much more interest in wearing skirts lately, not just dresses, although they still comprise ninety percent of her wardrobe. So I did a quick search on Etsy to see if I could find anything, and DID I EVER. I found this adorable skirt from a shop called Lillifee Boutique. I love [...]

Herding lessons

There’s a much bigger story to tell here, and I will very soon get to that, but look at my dog doing what she was born to do. It was seriously the most spectacular thing to behold in person.

Willie, aka Papa Puffs

This is Coco’s father. Maybe it’s because we have no idea what or how many kinds of breeds are in Chuck’s DNA, or where exactly he was born and in what sort of conditions, but getting to hang out with Coco’s parents is almost surreal. Willie hadn’t seen Coco since we adopted her in January, [...]

Pull a chair up with the hyrup

The Olympics is slowly killing both Jon and me by pushing us three and four hours past our normal bedtime. We’ve been trying to keep up with all the excitement, and two nights ago I finally had to call it quits at one in the morning and hit the sheets. I remember thinking as I [...]

Organic color-block shower curtain

I’ve been looking for a good-looking, simple shower curtain for weeks when I finally realized that the one we’ve got hanging over the bathtub is about three years old. And embarrassingly gross. Opened up a recent West Elm catalog and found exactly what I was looking for in this organic cotton number, and bought this [...]


Seen here guarding what is left of his rawhide bone. Coco has begged for it all morning, and by begged I mean cried and yelped her fuzzy head off. It’s mornings like this one where the soundtrack in our house is this crazed dog screaming nonsense, and in the background you hear Chuck providing the [...]


This little guy showed up in our backyard this morning, and at first I thought it was one of those maniacal squirrels who likes to screw with Chuck and Coco and sometimes me when I’m feeling vulnerable, so I went to grab my gun except I don’t own one. My dad does, keeps it in [...]

John Larroquette eating sushi

There is a certain spicy roll we like to order at our favorite sushi restaurant (seen here), and usually it’s so spicy I can’t eat it. Or it knocks me out. Dead. On the floor. Jon can just pop the slices into his mouth like potato chips (seen here with one in his mouth that [...]

Imperial Potentate

Thought I’d cross the streams a little bit today and let Chuck pose with the necklace featured in my daily style section. It looks good on me, but this dog was obviously born to wear jewelry. I’ll let him wear it to his next Shriners gathering.

A big ole necklace

I’m not even sure how to describe what this necklace is made out of, something resembling wood if wood were semi-transparent, but Carol gave it to me for my birthday. I believe she picked it up at Macy’s when we were in San Francisco a few weeks ago, although I cannot find it on their [...]