• http://psycheknot.livejournal.com Jocey

    Thank you for being brave enough to come out and say that.

  • Roxie

    I’ve been thinking for months, “Heather has to have an opinion on this.” Thank you for putting it so well.

  • Becca

    What your conservatives friends, family, and commenters might be trying to say, and what liberals don’t seem to understand is that if you want to “HELP people” you are perfectly free to take YOUR money and help however YOU want.

    Non-liberals aren’t anti-help. We aren’t anti-charity. We just think that in general we make better decisions with our money than the government does.

    We’re not all terrible people. McCain and Palin aren’t extreme right-wingers. Maybe it’s a function of living in Utah and only knowing extremely conservative people? There are perfectly rational, kind, caring, NONLIBERALS in this country too. Please don’t think you have a monopoly on caring, because you do not.

  • Let’s Come Together

    POLITICS (by Sean Hayes)
    No more politics, I know what’s next – call me hypocrite and burn down bridges.

    I got a river running through my neck, I got a river running through my heart.

    And all the blood that spills runs to the ocean
    and all the oceans rise up and mingle with the air-
    growing finger tips and semen-stained covers,
    singing mercy me oh god, in ecstasy, oh yeah, right there.

    Fantastic chicks, strawberry hills, light me a candle,
    blow out my wish.
    Unconscious it turns towards the sun, knows where the warmth is, knows what it wants-
    wants to be filled in, wants to be filled up,
    -want to be reborn, want to be reloved.

    All the babies born swim from the ocean,
    while the rain that falls runs into the sea.
    Growing crazy mixed-up frogs that preach the coming of disaster, singing mercy me oh god, hell in ecstasy.

    Eldorado blues, nowhere left to run,
    grandma got plutonium under the rug.
    Fanatical bliss, fanatical fight,
    fanatics don’t let their babies go dancing.

    You repress the beat, you repress the wine,
    your mama mistook you for a lion.
    She cut off your head, she don’t know your dead
    and the streets will run red.

    All the grass grows green where the homeless man sleeps
    and the mystic sneezes rainshowers…
    I like your polka dotted panties.
    And a hero’s desire as her white back arches,
    under a hot blue sky, sunny afternoon in the park.

    No more politics, I know what’s next –
    call me hypocrite, come on burn it down.
    No more politics, I know what’s next –
    we’re all hypocrites, come on burn it down.
    Come on burn it down.

    I ASKED WHEN (by Brett Dennen)

    Well I dreamed I went out a wanderin’
    I heard promises become fables forgotten
    I saw bridges stretchin’ out across the water
    And towers pushing tallerI knew my reality was clearly defined
    By the fences put up around my mind
    I watched them thickening the walls over time
    Taller then any borderline I saw civilizations deemed insignificant
    I saw people’s history tattooed on their skin
    I saw families taken from their land
    Dynasty shattered and stolen
    And I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution

    And all the burdens centuries accrue
    They get passed to every generation’s youth
    And all the allegories told in lewd truth
    I watched them grow wild and spread like the flu
    I saw the rise of an untamed industry
    I watched machines print a paper economy
    I saw my own self stand right in front of me
    And I didn’t do a thing

    I saw poisons pushed in the street
    Prescription pills mingling in the mezzanine
    With the whole wealth of doctors and pharmaceutical companies
    Still poor people were dying from disease
    And I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution

    And I broke down at the break of dawn
    And saw looming in the clouds above the Pentagon
    As real as the Holocaust, as strong as the Parthenon
    Visions of Sudan, Iraq, and Vietnam

    And I stood silent upon a flooded levee
    And stared at the ruins of a merchant city
    And the president who came to dine with the noble elite
    He didn’t do a thing
    I saw three ships come sailing in
    Through the passage of the Caribbean
    I saw children coming home in coffins
    Millions marching on Washington
    And I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution
    I asked when is the revolution

  • Anonymous

    good GOD, I am so SICK of people that LIVE/SPEND like those evil republicans they ABHOR, but call themselves Democrats b/c they don’t drink out of plastic water bottles and they carry a canvas bag to the grocery store. Dooce, you don’t have a CLUE what the welfare system is really doing to 90% of the people that are on it. Have you EVER been to a shelter, a low income school, a welfare office, a jail waiting area…ANYWHERE where you might actually TALK to someone on welfare? Doubtful. Keep spending that HARD EARNED money of yours and buying all your useless crap for your HUGE house, but vote for Obama so you can SAY you are helping the less fortunate. And then be sure to complain about how much you pay in taxes and how your health care costs $300/month. Do you seriously think that health care cost is going to go DOWN with Obama in office. It might for those on welfare, but only b/c YOURS will go up.

  • http://www.mydogumentary.wordpress.com gingela5

    I have a feeling this is opening up a whole can of worms. I’m staying neutral and out of it!

  • Matty


    Speaking as a conservative I can tell you that most of us do care about the less fortunate. We just believe that not only is it *not* the job of the government to eliminate hardships, but that it is impossible for the government to eliminate hardships. I believe that Mr. Obama has faith in his plans to help the poor, I believe that he and most liberals really do want to help. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has as little or less experience as Sarah Palin. He doesn’t understand that he can’t follow through on the things that he is promising. Universal healthcare, overtaxing the higher earners, these things look good on their face but end up creating other problems and shortfalls in the long run – many times hurting more people than they help.

    It isn’t a case of not wanting to help, it is a difference in opinion of how to help. Frankly I find it insulting, your characterization of conservatives being greedy money hoarders. There are numerous articles based on polls and findings which show that conservatives give overwhelmingly more of their money and time to charities than do liberals.



    I completely understand your frustration with our government. I agree that there are many things that we do not do well, and many mistakes have been made – but there is still no greater nation in which to live. It’s a little bit funny, you apologizing to people outside the United States as if they are all trying to fix the world and we just keep fouling it up. I know you are a very intelligent person and don’t need a lecture from me about all the good things that America does for the world – yes even over the last 8 years (and especially for the poor of the world – take a look at Africa). I just hope you can keep those things in mind next time the anger really gets to you.

  • Debbie Kurtz

    I’m a libertarian, and so am not jazzed about either McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden. What worries me about both traditional partisan sides is the tremendous hate each has for the other. Their respective adherents seem to focus all their energy into feeding that hate and blaming the opposite side for all the problems of the world instead of, you know, just solving them.

    It seems unbridgeable. But y’all, we’re gonna have to find a way to bridge it if things are really ever going to change.

    I suppose I’m “rooting” for an Obama/Biden win just to disprove the idea that simply having a Democrat everything is going make this country miraculously better. When we ALL, both sides, get our fingers out of our ears and screaming LA LA LA LA LA at each other … then, maybe.

  • http://sawyertown.blogspot.com Gwen

    Amen! I linked to you from my blog today. Great job! Love this post!

  • Cindy

    Amen, sister. I am a Canadian, and continue to be horrified how the American government continues to ignore the health of its nation. I can’t imagine being in the corner of deciding to ensure health care or nutrition or housing for my family. A-fucking-men, Heather.

  • Mary

    Heather, you’ll probably never read this because it’s buried under hundreds of other messages, but I wanted to write anyway … just in case.

    My issue with the McCain/Palin ticket has nothing to do with whether they have children or how many years they’ve spent doing what. My issues is The Issues. And I completely disagree with them when it comes down to the issues.

    I want every woman in this country to maintain the right to chose what to do with her own body.

    I do not want religious beliefs to be taught in government funded schools. Rather, I want science to be taught in science classrooms and religious beliefs to be taught in houses of worship.

    If an American – any American – has a heart attack or a stroke or develops cancer, I don’t want them to have to file for bankruptcy and lose everything they own in order to pay medical bills.

    These are the kinds of things that matter most to me. The Democratic party supports these views so they have my vote. I do not think all Republicans are evil. Like you, Heather, there are a number of Republicans in my family and I love them very much. But when I hear speeches like the kind given by Guliani and Palin – speeches in which they ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at the noble work of community service – then I know more than ever that I’m voting on the right ticket.

    No candidate is perfect, but considering the options we’ve been given, it’s obvious to me that Obama should win this election.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you all move to Canada?

  • http://jenellesjourney.blogspot.com Kelly

    To be fair, if you are going to cite the fact checking on Palin’s speech, check out the one for Obama as well.


  • Samantha

    I guess not wanting the Alaskan citizens to pay for a luxury jet was just so AWFUL, right? And the way she gave the overpaid taxes BACK the community was the worst thing Palin could have done, wasn’t it?

    No, don’t answer that. You’ll just act like you never heard that before and claim I’m lying too.

  • Steve

    2306. Anonymous:

    You might want to check up on some facts. Plenty of socialist countries offered aid:


    And just to make things perfectly clear:

    “Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29th 2005. Two days later, the ‘Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team’ rushed from British Columbia, Canada to Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana. In this Parish of 68,000 souls, the first responders were Canadians. Overall, within the devastated Gulf Coast area, it appears Canada was the first responder outside of local efforts. They worked 18-hour days, going door-to-door alongside Louisiana State Troopers, rescuing 119-Americans.”


    So the first people on the scene helping out that weren’t locals were not from your own government but a bunch of socialist foreigners.

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Dear god, I just wrote about going through this with family members over the weekend. The degree to which my blue-collar, struggling, middle-class relatives have been duped into believing that the political party standing on their throats and pissing down their backs is the one they should support is *mind boggling* to me.

  • Amy

    Bottom line, this is all about big government–has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting to help the needy. Everyone with a kind heart wants to help the needy, and democrats do not have a monopoly on kind hearts, regardless of what narrow minded libs think.

    Conservatives, who hide behind their cigars and bon-bons apparently, simply don’t want their government to help the needy for them. In a Capitalist society, which we still are (at least until November), it’s the “Big Evil Corporations” which help the American people. And, with a few unfortunate exceptions, THEY DO!

    Also, why are liberals so afraid of drilling in the US? Just because we drill here doesn’t mean we’ll be consuming MORE oil…we’ll just be consuming OUR oil! Wake up, environmentalists! It all comes from SOMEWHERE in in this world! Is American oil more sacred that it has to remain put?

    Oh wait, I’ve got it. They want us to remain dependent on foreign oil so we’ll outsource all those jobs to other countries just so OUR coastline, which rarely anyone sees, can remain pristine. Brilliant.

    Sorry, rant over. I love reading your blog, Heather, but you should leave politics out of it. IMO.

  • http://www.joegirl.com Joe Girl

    I am Canadian, and I’m with you, Heather. If I could vote in the US, my vote would be for Obama 08.

  • Lorrian


  • Anonymous

    Heather, I think the timing of this blog is really hilarious. Your timing made it so obvious that you wrote this for one reason–you’re scared.

    Palin gave a great speech last night, and now every dem in this country is all worked-up because you all know that a McCain/Palin ticket is going to be near impossible to beat.


  • robyn

    As a Canadian, I was stunned when Bush was voted in for his second term. Should the Republicans win again, I’m not sure I hold out much hope for your country. If the people aren’t fed up yet, what will it take? I have much sympathy for your frustration!

  • Lorrie

    I have to agree with Jim. Both liberals and conservatives have good people who want to help improve the lives of people in this country.

    The difference is that conservatives believe in the freedom of individuals to best determine how to give their money to the causes they support. If I don’t want my taxes to help fund abortions, is that any less rational than you saying “I don’t want you to take my money and give it to the Mormon church”? Of course not.

    Heather, I felt like you when I was 22. I really did. Hey, if the government wants to use my taxes to help the less needy, I’m all for it. I voted Democrat for Clinton in 1992. Since then I have voted Green, Green and Libertarian, b/c I haven’t believed that the people running in either major party represented my values and interests. I’ve also seen that the government MISHANDLES my money (Social Security is the biggest example.)

    I am a college-educated women, 41, from a blue collar family. I did NOT attend an Ivy League college, and according to many liberals who are complaining about Palin, a state university is not “good enough” to govern our country. “University of Idaho? Journalism and Poly Sci? Our country will be ruined.” This is rubbish. Bill Gates became quite the executive without a college degree.

    THIS is the sort of thing that helps brand liberals as elites. Because these comments insult the intelligence of good men and women everywhere.

    McCain is NOT Bush 3, just like Obama isn’t a Muslim. Please folks, get all the facts, realize that not one person on either ticket can claim a background free of “corruption” innuendo, and vote for what represents your best interests.

    I’m voting Repulican. This year alone, I’ve donated to LA police and fireman charities, and the Run for Justice (which raises funds to help Public Counsel to continue serving nonprofit organizations and individuals who cannot otherwise afford legal representation). We’ve donated in the past to AIDS charity efforts, as well as to the Red Cross to help victims of natural disasters here and around the world. I also give money at church. Studies show private organizations handle money for the needy better than the wasteful beauracracy of the government.

    I am not a knuckle-dragging creationist. No matter who wins this election, the U.S. will begin to heal after the Bush-Cheney years. (and if you couldn’t tell from the party affiliations I cited for earlier elections, no, I never voted for Bush. However, I didn’t vote for Gore or Kerry either.) Thanks for offering a place for me to share my thoughts.

  • JAC

    I am somewhat in the opposite boat than you — conservative political values in a liberal family — and in reading up on the candidates have come to the conclusion that my family and I have the same values and motivations, we just believe that it should be / can be accomplished in different ways. I think government is always the last resort because it has been proven ineffective time and again. My family sees it as the only option. We both want to help others and protect our future, I would just prefer to have more control over how that money is spent. I tithe to the charities that I think are well run and support people, whereas my sister gives to environmental causes. Do I begrudge her choices? No, they’re both important, I just feel more personal connection to the poor and downtrodden — and applaud groups like Habitat who offer “a hand up, not a hand out”.

    So while I feel for your situation, I have to say that your family may not be horrible people just because they are voting differently than you. They may (and I’m sure do) have some very similar core values. They may just believe in a different route to accomplishing them as a society.

  • Karen

    Samantha (#2052)

    That settles it, if my next child is a girl she’ll be named Samantha. You rock.

  • Anonymous

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  • Erin



  • http://waltzinexile.wordpress.com WaltzInExile

    Thanks, Heather, for being brave enough to risk some wrath to speak your beliefs. Is it okay if I live vicariously through this post, since no way in hell can I even mention politics with the inlaws if I want my kids to grow up with a grandmother?

  • Becca

    10 years ago I moved to the U.S. from a country that can only be called a welfare state. I’m continually baffled by how many Americans seem to break out into hives at the words “socialized medicine.” These people have no idea what they’re talking about, having never lived in a country with socialized medicine. So, having experienced both types of health care, let me dispel some myths.


    It has to be paid for somehow. But do a Google search and find a chart that compares U.S. military spending to the rest of the world’s. Reducing military spending would go a long way towards paying for health care for everyone. If the U.S. government would stop wasting trillions of dollars on war, that money could be spent on programs that actually benefit the American people, like health care. The burden of socialized health care doesn’t have to mean an extreme hike in taxes.


    Oh, please. I’ve had my share of health problems while living here, and let me tell you, only 1 out of about 10 of the doctors I’ve seen were actually able to help. There have been so many stories this year of people dying in emergency rooms because they were ignored by the staff. That’s quality health care? The truth is that the quality of care in the U.S. is no better or worse than any other industrialized country. The difference is that it costs more and is not available to everyone.


    Not true. My family (who still live in the aforementioned welfare state) can choose to go to whichever doctor they want. Whereas me, with my insurance, can only go to in-network providers, otherwise they’ll only cover about 50% of the expenses. Americans with insurance generally don’t have as much of a choice in providers as they think they do. And I’m not even going to get into what choices the uninsured have.


    This part is true, because there just aren’t enough doctors and nurses, and when everyone can afford to get the health care they need, there’s bound to be a bottleneck. My sister had to wait a year for a non-emergency surgical procedure. On the other hand, a woman here once told me that she had to bully her insurance for *three years* before they agreed to pay for her gallbladder surgery, because they didn’t consider her extremely painful condition as life threatening.

    For the first five years I lived here, I had no insurance. I didn’t get seriously ill during that time (that happened later–dodged a bullet on that one), but I did have some minor complaints, and because we couldn’t afford to pay for repeated doctor’s visits, I left it untreated, which has caused a chronic condition that I’ll be battling for the rest of my life. My family ask me what’s the best thing about living in the U.S., and I give them a long list of the things I love about this country. When they ask what the worst thing is, I tell them it’s health care.

    It’s the 21st century. It’s time for the U.S. to catch up to the rest of the Western world and make sure that every American can afford to get the health care they need. This should be in the Constitution as a basic human right. The current situation is downright shameful.

  • Justcurious

    Isn’t it ironic that Palin’s unmarried, teenage daughter is “off-limits” as she makes her beautiful, “pro-family” choice, yet in 1992 Dan Quayle condemned Murphy Brown, a grown, single TV CHARACTER for crying out loud, for having a baby. And wouldn’t it be nice if all single mothers had a hunky hockey guy ready (read forced) to step up to the plate and be a parent.

    By the way, my husband ran the actuarial numbers and McCain has a 14.4% chance of dying during his first term. That’s how much of a heartbeat away this scary nut is from the oval office (the same one who just cut funding for the teenage, unwed mothers’ home in Alaska). Guess that abstinence only program didn’t work, did it?

    As a columnist in my paper wondered today, what would the Repugnants be saying if Obama’s daughter had been the one who turned up pregnant? Hmmmmm. Not quite the same, is it?

  • Buster – Conservative

    The only thing I see Palin is someone pretty look at for the next four years, just as I see the first lady. I do not know anything about her really, and I figure I am still voting for Ron Paul.

    I am a conservative, not a liberal and I have found that the Republicans in office are just as liberal with the Constitution as the Democrats.

    Republicans give the tax money to big businesses, the Democrats give the tax money to lazy people and both make decisions for the people instead of letting the people make decisions for themselves, responsibility. Just like Christian Stewardship works.

    With giving money and power to Big Businesses makes it harder for the working class because of businesses being in position to take advantage of workers, which is not free-trade like they say.

    The Democrats do the same thing except they make it easier for people to sue for no good damn reason. Making it more expensive to go to the doctor.

    I have my own business, with this business I can hire five people to make an honest (close to over high class living wages) living working for me, enough to pay for insurance and comfortable home, two cars, and a dog. That last part is a joke, but their is no shortage of money, that I know of. While their wife stays at home and takes care of the kids. I also take the pleasure of quietly paying every month for part of two under privileged families rent/insurance/groceries. I have asked these families indirectly to not accept government help, as I will help until they can stand on their own two feet.

    I do this because I was taught Christian Stewardship, even as I make a bucket load of money for myself. I take no tax money (because I do not hire people that would be unqualified or hire someone I do not trust could do the job) and if I get a tax break it goes to the people that work for me or to help other people

    I do not need the government to tell me what to do with my money, I have divine help to do that. And sometimes I wonder how much more I could help if I did not have a chunk of my money being taken out of my pocket.

  • Jennifer

    I agree completely and will soon be hoping our Liberal Party can take over our “Let’s lower taxes” Conservative party when our election comes, likely in October. I am so happy to be Canadian, to have my mom’s many hospital stays and surgeries covered, to get a year of paid maternity leave when my daughter was born, and even for our welfare. It seems like the Republicans could use a little something called empathy.

  • Jill

    Democrat/liberal, good. Republican/conservative, evil. You cannot seriously be that naive. You epitomize what is, for me, so frustrating about the political situation in this country – the total inability to understand that reasonable people can disagree. Why can we not allow people to have views that differ from ours without demonizing them or thinking they’re stupid or being duped?

  • Andrea


  • http://grommitblog.blogspot.com/ Robin

    I wish that McCain/Palin supporters would just ask themselves one question. Has eight years of a Republican administration improved my life? How much better off am I now than I was eight years ago. Eight years ago my husband and I had two decent incomes. We could expect regular raises from both of our jobs as well as generous performance bonuses. Gas cost somewhere around a dollar per gallon. Now we have his income which has barely increased in the last eight years and mine which amounts to little more than $1000/month. Many months we question if we will be able to pay all of our bills. Forget any upkeep on our house like a new roof, paint, sprinkler system, etc. Eight years ago we were solidly upper middle class. Thanks to the dot com bust, the sagging housing market, and the recession, we have become solidly lower middle class while the rich have gotten richer. Thanks but no thanks McCain and Palin. I’m voting democratic.

  • Pegeen

    I am so, so relieved that there is Heather and there are so many others out there who feel as I do, mainly that I’m likely to start spurting blood out my eyes if I hear John McCain or Sarah Palin speak again. I get so angry that I just have to avoid all political outlets. God bless people of reason and Jon Stewart, not to mention Barack Obama.

  • Adrienne

    Thank you for being awesome. I keep looking at Palin like, really? that’s…the best they could come up with? And I’m not a little bit offended that the Republican party seems to think I’ll look at her and say “OMG, *you* have ovaries? *I* have ovaries! I should TOTALLY vote for you and that guy who was lobotomized by the Republican party two years ago in return for the CHANCE of being president!” As though, perhaps, the presence of my ovaries renders me retarded…

  • http://theseatedview.blogspot.com/ Lene

    I grew up in one “welfare state” (Denmark) and 26 years ago, I emigrated to what some consider another “welfare state” (Canada), so I guess it could be argued that I’ve been indoctrinated by Commies. Still, I believe that you can tell a lot about a society by how it treats its most vulnerable members.

    And here’s the thing: I am one of those people who benefit from other people’s taxes. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was a child, use a wheelchair and taxpayers are paying for the attendant care staff who comes to help me several times a day. Because of this, I can live independently in my own apartment, integrated in the community instead of festering in a nursing home, surrounded by people twice my age. And four years ago, my RA flared so badly that I’m pretty sure I was going to die. But I didn’t, because I got approved for a program funded by taxpayers money and it pays for a miracle medication that meant I didn’t die. Meant I got my life back, got better, could continue to volunteer in my community to make it a better place to live, could be here when my sister had children and be part of their lives and could start a writing career that gives me an income so I can pay taxes.

    I am still on a miracle medication and every time I take it, I send a silent thank you to the taxpayers of Ontario, Canada. For giving me back my life.

  • http://www.horrordiet.com The Horror Diet

    McCain’s choice of Palin for VP makes Obama a shoe-in for the presidency. I don’t know why more Dems aren’t rejoicing about this…

  • Tanis

    I live in Canada and if I were an American I would vote for Obama.

    Thank you for sharing your views which are the same ones as many of us.

    McCain and Palin are not even a choice, let alone a bad one.

    GO OBAMA!!!!!!

  • mama 4 obama

    Amen, sistah! Well put.

  • Anonymous


  • Katheryn

    One name. Ron Paul

  • LP

    So many comments! Not surprised though. :o ) What I would love to see happen in my lifetime is that people stop being so attached to one party or another and honestly realize that there are great people with great ideas on both sides of the line.
    Do I want to “drill, drill, drill…”? Absolutely not. But I also don’t think it’s wrong to be pro-life. I understand that campaigns will always be divisive, simply with the nature of competition. But, as I always feel this time in an election year, things are starting to get out of hand. The important issues of Darfur, of HIV epidemics, of homeless populations in our own country go overlooked and instead we are focused on Obama’s tax return and the fact that Palin’s daughter is pregnant.
    Come on, America. We can do better!

  • http://dudgeoh.multiply.com/ Dudge Oh

    So… this entry gave someone fodder for a death threat against you?


    Seems like you could probably blog the alphabet and get one, too!

  • http://irefusetogetold.blogspot.com ML

    (#158)”However, the choice between a dedicated American with an uncorrupted Governor vs. a great speaker and his entrenched-in-his-ways VP, I will choose the former.”

    what? did you seriously just call McCain a dedicated American and Palin an uncorrupted Governor? REALLY? Just because he likes when the administration performs genocide in OTHER countries doesn’t mean he’s dedicated to America. he just doesn’t like brown people. and uncorrupted? I think she’s just another politician – and aren’t they all corrupted?

    And can we NOT unearth another red scare, please? I think we’re all a little bit more adult than that.

  • Heather

    Here, fucking, here.

    From Heather in Canada

  • Noelle

    Can I get an amen? Because you speak the gospel truth, my friend.

  • Anonymous

    DSM is mistaken.

    Republicans take the tax credit on their charitable giving more than Democrats do – might want to recheck those 2006 facts and figures.

    Universal Healthcare would NOT cost the average taxpayer any where near $3,600.00 – but don’t let a little thing like reality stop you.

    Please, enlighten us on the vast experience Palin has to offer oh wise one. After you recheck your facts of course.

  • Ethan Lowry

    I agree completely. Thankfully most of my family members already support Obama. We’re working on the rest of them, and I actually think some may come around. We’ll see.

  • San Antonio, Texas

    Reply to daffodil #924: On the contrary, mommys absolutely should take a keen interest in neighborhood, national, and world politics lest they abandon the earth their little ones will inherit. And if Heather loses audience share by taking a principled and critical position against 2008′s McCain-Palin ticket, it will certainly be in the low single digits. And comprised mostly of the few mommys that are unable to think critically or logically for themselves — perhaps due to domineering pastors and husbands!