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Rounding out her resume

A few weeks ago the owners of Coco’s parents asked if we’d like to join them for a two-hour session of herding lessons up in Huntsville, Utah, about an hour north of here. We’d been thinking of looking into something like this for Coco, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out [...]

A Softer World: Truth and Beauty Bombs

I’ve had this collection of the online comic A Softer World for a couple of years, and whenever I go back and look at it I’m always impressed and inspired by the photography and the accompanying witty commentary. It’s photographed by a woman named Emily Horne and then written by Joey Comeau, and sometimes it’s [...]

Portrait of two little shits

A few quiet moments before I gave them both a bone of their own and then Bonegate descended upon the home. They do not want their own bone. They want the bone that is in the other one’s mouth. It is a constant game, and if either of them could speak in sentences it would [...]

Do not let this photo fool you

This was taken after Hogle Zoo Meltdown 2008, and once everyone including myself had sufficiently calmed down and agreed that NO ONE WOULD BE GETTING A TOY AT THE GIFT SHOP, we walked over to ride the train. Leta sat next to me, Jon one row back, and I told everyone to smile. Then we [...]