A furious magician

I was reading through some of my favorite websites yesterday when I stumbled across a YouTube link on Metafilter that pretty much screwed up the rest of my day. Jon heard me playing it on my computer and was so disturbed by the sound of it that he walked over and we watched it together, over and over again, and then we spent the next eight hours quoting it to each other and laughing until we cried. And then late last night we both reached the conclusion that this is a pretty good litmus test for relationships, because you’re either going to love this video or despise it. And I could see someone going, you know what? I can’t believe you think that this piece of crap is funny, and the fact that you do makes everything else you do so much more annoying. Like what? Like how about those gerbil noises you make when you eat Corn Flakes. Or how you clip your toenails IN BED. Also, I hate it when you keep repeating the word pussy when we’re having sex. And everything that has ever gone wrong between this someone and their significant other comes right up to the surface, all because these two kids had to go and give the world this present:

“A discussion with Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve.”

But what makes this video even more genius to me are the comments left on Metafilter about it, like “I think metafilter just jumped the shark” and “weak and pointless” and “I didn’t get it either.” And I’m guessing that if I was in a relationship with any of those people and they saw how hard I laughed when I first saw this video that they’d be cursing the fact that we had ever swapped saliva.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dmcco01 Deanna

    One day when we can record our dreams and play them back for everyone to see, everyone will realize that whole 3:33 as being from the inside of my sleeping REM stage brain.


  • Anonymous

    First semester film school project. As teacher, I’d make them reshoot.

  • Jill

    Funny and weird. You might like this too. Check it out!


  • slodwick

    I cannot even handle cackling that hard at work. Wow.

  • nanny

    How could someone not get this? It’s hilarious!

  • Amber

    Mmm… kay.

    Yeah, the funniest thing I saw in all of that was the quick glimpse of the reflection of the guy filming it.

  • http://www.felinefixation.com Anonymous

    Oooo man. Everytime I watch this it just gets more and more funny. Now I need to show it to my husband and sees what he thinks.

  • http://vintagethirty.blogspot.com/ Tootsie Farklepants

    Ohmygod it’s Stewie from Family Guy all grown up!

    I might be speaking this way for the rest of the day. Spenceahhhh.

  • Robert B

    A clockwork orange with long hair. Somebody needs to give the boy some dick to calm him down.

  • http://www.melindabraun.blogspot.com Mindy

    Gadzooks…I started laughing, but didn’t get it either.

    Until I realized something. The British accent. Immediately makes the most mindless jibber jabber somehow appear legitimate and/or funny. My grandmother was British and could say she was going to cut our heads off, put them on a spike and feed our corpses to the pigs, and we would just laugh and say, “Hee! Hee! Grandma’s so funny!”

    People that like quoting this stuff are the same people who quote Monty Python.

    I am one of them.

  • Denise

    Add me to the team that “doesn’t get it”…

  • Stenar

    That’s one of the best things I’ve seen on YouTube in days or hours.

  • Karen

    I’m with Jane…(#18)
    Definately Emperor’s New Clothes!
    or…to quote that sweet little “BLOOD-AH!” boy:

  • http://www.errantsock.typepad.com Emma

    There must be some cultural reference I’m missing but still, the sight of Ryan Murphy’s teeth and acting was enough to make me laugh!

    Also – these are the geniuses who created the Potter Puppet Pals. If you haven’t watched it, go do so now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx1XIm6q4r4


  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …loveMaegan

    You’re the architect of my dreams, Spenca!

    fuckinghilarious! definitely to be quoted!..

  • Leah

    Oh my Effin Geez thats Hillarious!!!
    I can’t wait to show my husband.

  • http://summerbray.blogspot.com Summer

    I thought that was seriously funny, even thought I have to admit I didn’t get it…But I couldn’t stop looking at the dudes lips! They were so full and yummy looking…man I need to get laid or something.

  • Katie

    Points on my laugh meter for goofiness including big teeth and bad accent: 80 gazillion.

    Points on my skeevy feelings meter for creepy content using the name Spencer, which is my 11-month-old’s name? -9999 gazillion

  • Anonymous

    huh… do you have to be old to get this?

  • http://www.JenniferSuarez.com Jennifer Suarez

    It was funny in a bizarre way but I totally don’t get the refrences. Of course I haven’t come out from under my rock in a while either…

  • cris

    As with most non-subtitled big-worded english stuff, I just sat here, occasionally giggling at the intonation, and the crew shot. Then I checked another vid from them, Zap, from the related youtubes strip. And both combined are really funny. Need to check the other vids out.

    But, anyway, yay for the Potter Puppet Pals guys!

  • http://typepad.bethsblog.com Beth Spencer

    My name is Spencer, and I’m not planning on having any nightmares… hysterical. Hang on to your pants Spencer.
    The musical drama was provided by Prokofiev’s: Romeo and Juliet.

  • meghan

    i don’t get it at all either. but i still chortled. out loud. and immediately wanted to show it to my husband because he too will chortle. out loud.

  • Dirk

    Oh Spencer, you tall drink of water, I’m going to spank you Silly! Spencer!

  • http://domestiquette.net Wendy

    That is three minutes and 33 seconds I’ll never get back, HEATHER.

    I dated a guy once who looked a LOT like Spencer. That part was creepy

  • Tanya

    I have no idea what that was, but when he clicked his teeth together, I had to slam my head in a desk drawer to keep from laughing out loud.

  • http://www.janniefunster.com Jannie

    I want that 3:33 of my life back.

    Slow news day, I guess?

  • http://www.scandaloushousewife.net/ Scandalous Housewife

    Gotta make me a dramatic video, stat!

  • http://rachieann.com Rachie

    I didn’t understand anything but the Harry potter reference. What is it all about? I did think it was hilarious tho!

  • Sybann

    Betting Heather likes Monty Python too eh, Spencer?

  • Pau

    LOl!!! I laughed so hard!!! Spencer!

  • http://www.errantsock.typepad.com Emma

    http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=nfsb5HUFMQ0 That’s the music that ties in with the video.


  • nifty tit witchery

    no that isn’t my name I just felt like putting that…um, yeah you need to do a post on those of us who didn’t get it and just sat there drooling. This video made me itchy.

  • http://log.davedot.com/ Dave vogt

    “I’m Ben Bernanke, and I need your teeth for the federal reserve. I’m slashing interest rates in half and I need your teeth.”

    Well, maybe that is the answer, the way to avoid financial collapse from a lack of market confidence.

  • http://kariberi.blogspot.com/ kariberi

    You naughty naughty minx Spencer! lol I cant get this kids voice out of my head now! Funny!

  • Jay

    Man. That just keeps on goin’ on, huh?

  • http://degaussedrachel.blogspot.com Rachel

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • http://www.meganwhittaker.blogspot.com Megan Whittaker

    I get it! how is that not funny?

  • Anonymous

    I just spent the last 1/2 hour reading all of the comments and can not stop laughing! I am seriously going to get fired. I can’t help myself.

  • http://www.cboom.blogspot.com LindzML

    That was genious. I can’t wait to show…everyone. Thanks for making my otherwise terrible day.

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Kids nowadays … Whatever happened to mailbox baseball?

  • Gretchen

    I got my husband to watch when I explained it was “Old Gregg” funny.

    I’ve been calling him “Boy. Precious boy.”

    I admit you’re a handome boy, Spencer. But what have you done with it???

    You are the architect of my dreams, Spencer. You design them and plan them on blue paper. And then I dream them, Spencer. Prick.

  • Lauren

    Ha ha! I think it’s funny too, Spencer.

  • Susan Bernal

    Hilarious. I had to suppress laughter at my desk and gave myself an asthma attack. First rate, Precious Boy, First rate.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it?

  • Kay


  • http://spouseinthehouse.blogspot.com/ Mrs. X

    Great now I’m going to have a nightmare about a furious magician with giant teeth feeding applesauce to a baby in a highchair! Creepy, Spencer!

  • Alli

    I don’t get it. At all. I want my two minutes back (I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing.)

  • http://www.suburbanmatron.com/ Becky

    At around the 1:20 mark, when he started talking about Spencer’s teeth, I died. But I was happy.

    This is better than those Twilight books. Fo’ sho’.

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    “Spencer bit me. Ow Spencer. That really hurt, Spencer, and it’s still hurting.”