A furious magician

I was reading through some of my favorite websites yesterday when I stumbled across a YouTube link on Metafilter that pretty much screwed up the rest of my day. Jon heard me playing it on my computer and was so disturbed by the sound of it that he walked over and we watched it together, over and over again, and then we spent the next eight hours quoting it to each other and laughing until we cried. And then late last night we both reached the conclusion that this is a pretty good litmus test for relationships, because you’re either going to love this video or despise it. And I could see someone going, you know what? I can’t believe you think that this piece of crap is funny, and the fact that you do makes everything else you do so much more annoying. Like what? Like how about those gerbil noises you make when you eat Corn Flakes. Or how you clip your toenails IN BED. Also, I hate it when you keep repeating the word pussy when we’re having sex. And everything that has ever gone wrong between this someone and their significant other comes right up to the surface, all because these two kids had to go and give the world this present:

“A discussion with Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve.”

But what makes this video even more genius to me are the comments left on Metafilter about it, like “I think metafilter just jumped the shark” and “weak and pointless” and “I didn’t get it either.” And I’m guessing that if I was in a relationship with any of those people and they saw how hard I laughed when I first saw this video that they’d be cursing the fact that we had ever swapped saliva.

  • http://anywayiwasjustthinking.blogspot.com Liz C

    I appreciate the madcap off-the-wall goofiness of it but it didn’t make me laugh.

    Maybe I’m too old? I bet when I was 18 I would have peed myself over this.

    I need to go check out the Potter Puppet Pals. Maybe I’ll get that.

  • BennysGrrl

    Good grief. Now my husband and I have more ridiculous things to quote to one another! Fuuny, disturbing, wonderful!

  • Mari

    Meh. Didn’t really do anything for me.

  • http://monkeycomic.livejournal.com Lynda

    Thank you, you tall drink of water.

    I hadn’t seen this, but now it’s in my arsenal of guaranteed laughs along with the horse-masked Japanese dude that cooks mushrooms mostly naked.

  • http://kamerondkiggins.blogspot.com Kameron Kiggins

    I’m exhausted from laughing so hard. Don’t get it. Is there anything to get? I feel kinda naughty, like I got crabs from watching this. And I need applesauce!

  • http://themilkmansdaughter.blogspot.com Brooke

    I’ve always secretly wished that someone would use the words “tall drink of water” to describe me. I found myself feeling pangs of jealousy for Spencer and his applesauce.

    Very funny :)

  • http://utroukx.blogspot.com/ kerry

    i wish i got it. i think i’ll share it with one of my friends. maybe he can enlighten me.

  • http://www.gorkyrises.com gorky

    So… what are you smokin’?

  • http://thewisdomofadistractedmind.blogspot.com/ Dan

    I listened to it while trimming my gums with a razor blade. It works quite well, and it makes the whole process of gum-trimming much more enjoyable. In fact, this may very well replace the Big Bob’s Polka Mayhem album that I used as a gum-trimming soundtrack.


  • http://powazek.com Derek Powazek

    She seems nice.

  • http://mommalittle.com shonda

    I look to you, Heather, to make me laugh about the shitty economy and corporate welfare.

  • http://www.marriedleos.com Married Leos

    Another post with a video I wanna see and I cannot watch it cuz I am at work. Tonight is going to be a busy night of watching videos I guess.

  • http://brainyjane22.wordpress.com/ brandy

    I can’t decide if it’s a good moment or a horrible moment in my life when the only part of this I got was the Harry Potter reference.

  • Mandy

    I love that you love it. I like how some of the other comments talk about people liking this sort of stuff only because it’s cool or out there but I say you can’t fake a good ol’ belly laugh, that’s for sure. To me, the best thing about this kind of humour is that there is nothing to ‘get’…but then again, there is obviously something on a subconscious level for so many people to see the same humour. Whatever, I’m not making much sense!

    Anyway here’s a couple of mad clips that used to make me laugh. Unfortunately when you have watched them about 100 times, they lose there appeal. I think you might like them if you are watching with fresh eyes.

    Or, of course, you may not.

    The second clip or ‘sequel’ is the one that had me literally fall to my knees in laughter..but, alas, no more! The magic is broken for me!

    Here they are:




    (Warning – they drop very loud ‘F’ bombs from the very beginning)

    I reckon you would love Peter Serafinowizc too. I’ve got a crush on him! Yes, as Brian Butterfield!



  • Anonymous

    Is that Bladezz from THE GUILD?

  • http://jasileets.blogspot.com Jasi

    People swear my husband is dull, serious. But I think he’s hilarious.

    Not even a moment awake, eyes closed, he stretches, “You’re the architect of my -dreams-, SPENCER!”

    We’re M4EO!!!! It’s luvs.

  • SuzieQ

    I’ll probably lie in bed and get a fit of silly giggling bcause this video will pop up in my head.

  • http://www.backburnerprojects.com Fern

    I think it’s funny that they’re filming it in one of their parents’ houses. That’s actually funnier to me than the video. Oh well.

  • http://www.mushbellyblog.blogspot.com Michelle

    I’m just glad my name isn’t Spencer – or Id be having nightmares about my name being said over and over in the creepy voice. Oh, and I totally don’t get it.

  • Annabella

    Ok, this was strangely hilarious. BUT…
    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the bizarre British show “The Mighty Boosh.” Comes on BBC3 or downloadable.
    It WILL be your new favorite show. I described it to a friend as “a British Pee-Wee’s Playhouse for Grown-ups”


  • http://joyiseverywhere.wordpress.com Sus

    Holy fuck; that was hysterical. How he was able to keep a straight face is beyond me.

  • http://paddymaddog.blogspot.com/ PaddyMaddog

    If you loved it. Get the remix!

    For those who don’t get it… go watch about two hours of Monty Python’s Flying Circus… then watch it again.

  • http://ohhowlovely.net Jamie

    Oh my gosh. I’m dying of laughter right now and promptly sent it to my boyfriend who will die of laughter as well.

    This is the best thing I have seen all week!

  • Heather

    I LOVE how ‘Spencer’ just sits there.. looking uncomfortable. really REALLY uncomfortable.

  • rpk

    reminds me of Ernie Kovacs

  • Bek

    I laughed the most at the thought of you and Jon acting this out yourselves. THAT would be footage worthy of an upload!

  • Jennifer

    I don’t get it either, although it reminded me vaguely of Interview with the Vampire for some reason. Is that what it is supposed to be?

    I do find the intensity humorous, but was held back from full enjoyment by my puzzlement over whether there was some broader theme that I was missing.

  • Anonymous

    I found it nauseating and slightly disturbing. What does that say about me?

  • http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/ V.

    You’re the architect of my dreams, Chuckles.

  • http://www.twodogsrunningsouth.blogspot.com/ Emily

    Eh…….it was all right. Slightly funny, but not laugh out loud hysterical.

    Thanks for sharing, though.

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Why do I get the feeling this is really deep and political and just totally over my head?

    Also, mildly creepy. I hope I don’t meet anyone named Spencer soon.

  • Sarah

    This morning I almost drove off the road when an NPR story mentioned Ben Bernanke.
    You’re old oats.

  • M

    you sexy little rattlesnake.

    this is funny in that Old Gregg, ridiculously quotable way.

    (and render spencer was my captcha phrase.)

  • Rachel

    It’s absurdist humor, there’s nothing to “get”. On the other hand, there is. My roommate and I used to read Waiting for Godot to one another for amusement, so in a way, I suppose I’m the target audience.

    I need his teeth for my money market account.

  • thedogatemyhomework

    I did the same kind of crap when I was a film major. It’s called college humor. Not well done and not so funny. But, glad to have seen it anyway. I feel like I’m part of the with-it crowd now..

  • Ellen

    Have you seen this edit?

    I’m glad I saw the one you posted first – it makes this one even better.

    I loved it! I can see why some will cry Emperor’s New Clothes but I’m tired of everything being spelled out for the masses. This is fantastic and I love that the kid goes for it. Long live originality!

  • candybeans

    made the mistake of watching it in the quiet section of my school’s library. my eyes began to water and i had to stop when he started talking about “OLD OATS, SPENCER.”

  • http://gigs.vox.com Shannon

    I’m annoyed by his teeth.

  • http://www.heyyahosers.blogspot.com Eve Grey

    I’m a litle concerned now that I may utter the phrase “furious magician” at inappropriate moments, and often.

  • http://louisianabelleforever.blogspot.com/ Gail

    My dog’s name is Spenser. I can’t wait to get home and mess with his spastic ass.

  • http://www.elygerbin.blogspot.com Ely

    Oh man i’m going to be quoting this for a while…this was hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Clicked on this with my 13 year-old daughter sitting next to me with no idea what to expect. The fact that my daughter’s name is Spencer made it creepy and surreal [as did his teeth]. However, she is convinced that it was made just for her and has already adapted the moniker “furious magician”.

  • Stacy

    It wasn’t funny, or smart, or anything else. People just want to feel that they are part of something cool. Have the strength to admit there was nothing there.

  • http://homegrown-insanity.blogspot.com crzylady

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • http://sundancemoods.com Sundance Moods

    Hilarious, but now I’m going to have nightmares about it or repeat it incessantly in my head for days! Thanks so much…

  • Anonymous

    It certainly made me laugh, although I’m not quite sure what that says about me…

    Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with the “huh?” crowd. It’s probably really funny if you have any idea what he’s on about.

    And I’m also commenting just for the hilarity of a ReCaptcha of Everingham as.

  • Acher

    That is completely pointless, and ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN HYSTERICAL. I laughed so loud it startled my lazy ass hound dogs into action… Spencer.

  • http://fullofknittitches.blogspot.com Alexis

    I will be in the “finding it fabulous” camp. My ability to creep out the people around me has increased ten-fold.

  • Jason

    Huh? Is it because I’m Canadian? I was waiting for the “hilarious” part and it never came.

    I’ve never wanted my time back on a Dooce post, but I think I want my time x5 please. :(