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October 2008


Leta has recently entered another phase of Let’s Kill Mom and Dad Through Sleep Deprivation, a behavior she perfected in the first six months of her life. Now it’s less about crying because she’s hungry or mean (don’t let anyone tell you they’re crying for any other reason, those babies, those mean, mean babies), and [...]

Stylish dog collars

We finally got around to putting on the dogs’ new collars from The Mod Dog last night (Coco is seen here wearing the Skeep design, and Chuck is seen over here in the Hedgehog Festival design). This is the third or fourth collar we’ve had to get Coco since we adopted her in January, and [...]

Problem solver

Wait. Why does his collar look so clean? So new? Here, let me take care of that.

Overlooking Heber Valley

This. This is why we live here.