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Bonegate continues

If Chuck knows that Coco wants his bone he will carry it around with him everywhere, including outside when we’ve let them out after a meal. Seen here, he’s taunting her with it, just letting it sit there idly and acting as if he doesn’t care. Oh, he cares.

Go Bengals!

This is my niece Meredith cheering for Brighton High School. She’s the one with the trademark Hamilton jawline and chin. No way did anyone think that a child born in our family would ever grow up and become a cheerleader, but here she is. And she’s damn good at it.

Dedicated to my Uncle Danny (and the rest of my extended family)

I know in some circles it would be totally inappropriate to post this link so soon after a heavy political post, but dammit, this couldn’t wait, especially for those so closely related to me who were worried that they themselves might be sent to prison for such conduct: Charge dropped against man accused of passing [...]

Oh noes! Here her goes again!

So I’m going to go ahead and risk being beheaded by opening up this wound again, but I want to post this video and encourage you to watch it for a couple of reasons (you’ll have to sit through a 15 second commercial, I have no control over that, but it’s important enough to endure [...]


So our neighborhood is being overrun by an angry army of chipmunks and squirrels who like to taunt everyone’s pets. BY SCREECHING ALL DAY LONG. Meaning they like to taunt me. Recently a good online acquaintance of mine, greenthumb, he who has set me straight on all things botanical, sent me a link to this [...]

Decorative filing folders

I bought these about a year ago at Anthropologie, and although I can’t find them on their website they do have a few other attractive options (here and here). I did a search on See Jane Work and found a bunch of options as well (these and these and these), and then did a broader [...]

Say, “Gouda!”

He looks like he’s smiling doesn’t he? Just a little bit? Maybe not with his eyes, and Tyra would totally ding him for that, but I’d totally buy cologne if he was in the ad.

Thoughts I had before 7 AM

This morning I set my alarm for 5:30 AM because I needed to be up by 6 AM, and I usually demand at least a half hour to hit snooze. I know this behavior would drive some people nuts, and this could be one of the (many, many) reasons Jon has lost so much hair [...]

Silk patterned blouse

I bought this blouse on sale at Marciano when we were in Vancouver in May and have yet to wear it, probably because the weather heated up and I don’t like wearing silk when there is a possibility that I’m going to be sweating. Today Jon and I gave a guest lecture at the University [...]


It’s pretty humiliating being forced to roll over for a treat. Especially when someone is standing behind you waiting to take a photograph of the expression on your face as you try to foist the weight of your body over.