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Taking a spin around the patio

We’re trying to encourage Leta to do more physical activity as she is much more interested in sitting inside reading books, thus the pink Barbie tricycle. She didn’t like it so much at first, but now she’s burning tracks into the concrete on the patio in the backyard. Although, we now have to hear about [...]

Text message conversation with Carol last evening

Carol: “Basie found herself in the mirror. It was pretty cute.” Me: “So you guys decided on Basie?” Carol: “Well, sort of. About ten minutes ago we almost changed it to Destin. I love it but Chris thinks it sounds like Desitin, and he’d rather call her Billie. Any thoughts?” Me: “Thoughts? HOW ABOUT YOU [...]

Hand-carved wooden antelope

These elegant antelope are also from Pardon My Vintage, and they have found a permanent home above the fireplace. Although to make room I had to move two porcelain elephants, a granite hippo, and six glass birds. Yes, I have problems.

Wanna be startin’ something

A reader in Toronto named Shannon found these sunglasses at a dollar store in Sutton, Ontario. And that led me to waste two hours of my life watching Michael Jackson videos on YouTube. Dude, do you remember how amazing he used to be? With the knee slapping and hitching up the sleeves on his jacket [...]

“Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.”

My good friend Melissa noticed that Jon and I were having a bit of a disagreement over the awesomeness of “First Blood” and then found this 1985 Rambo action figure on Etsy. Guess what Jon got for our anniversary?

Two brief anecdotes

Jon, Leta, and I are spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon shopping at a nearby outdoor mall and hop into a furniture store just to browse what’s new. We test out a few couches, inspect a few coffee tables, and Leta admires several large pillows. She sees a gigantic floor pillow covered in a soft zebra [...]

Raymond Loewy Charcoal sugar bowl

Holly Becker over at decor8 puts together a collection of five interesting Etsy shops every week called Etsy Take Five Tuesday, and I have found some of my favorite Etsy shops through these lists. Last week I found Pardon My Vintage through her and purchased this gorgeous sugar bowl plus another couple of items to [...]


Little guy is really starting to show his gray, just noticed this faint strip on the back of his head. I swear to God, when Carol’s dog was over here the other day playing around with Coco, I heard Chuck groan and then mumble, “Toddlers!”

First day of Fall

Appropriate that it is pouring rain outside, and I’m going to go against everything I hold to be true and dear and say that it’s a tiny bit refreshing. Obviously an alien has abducted me and replaced the person you knew with someone who has wandered around all morning humming church hymns.

Change tastes great

Me: “Jon, can you pose for me.” Jon: “Do you want me to flex or flash my abs?” Me: “Try posing as if you’re in a bikini, but please, keep your clothes on. My mom is going to see this.” Jon: “How about this?” Me: “You’re just sitting there with your legs crossed.” Jon: “Yes, [...]