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Rehearsing for his Halloween costume

Chuck’s costume this year is very frightening, and I’m warning you now so that when you see it you won’t be emotionally scarred forever. Stay tuned!


First time I’ve ever taken a trip to New York and couldn’t wait to get back to Salt Lake because it’s warmer here. The leaves are still turning colors along our street over a month after they originally started to change. I don’t remember it ever lasting this long, and I’m suddenly feeling uncharacteristically grateful [...]

Electric buzz

I didn’t have much time to do any exploring in New York, and in fact barely ventured beyond a three-block radius. But that didn’t mean the experience lacked oomph.

Escada, Into the Blue

I’ve always been hesitant to wear a fragrance because the products I use to wash and style my hair have such a strong and distinct smell that I thought wearing something on top of that would only create conflict. Also, I’m really picky about perfume and have been known to throw up my breakfast when [...]

Moth to a flame

Seen here taking advantage of one of the last warm afternoons of the season. Next week instead of hanging around the back door trying to hint that he’d like to be let out to roast in the sun he’ll be loitering about the living room, pacing in front of the fireplace until we give in [...]

A small taste of what’s to come

During July and August Leta’s preschool held a weekly vehicle day where all the kids brought their bikes and tricycles and scooters to ride in chaotic circles through an empty parking lot for a couple of hours. Because I work from home I offered to be one of the volunteer parents who would be on [...]

Somewhere over eastern Utah

Taken on my flight from SLC to JFK, an aerial view of the wild, wild, west.

Kerastase treatment masque

Before you go nuts over the price of this deep hair conditioner, you should know that this is not something that you have to use every time you wash your hair, and when you do use it you only have to use a tiny amount. So it should last forever. I do happen to use [...]

Would you like to supersize that?

Leta loves to play McDonald’s or Wendy’s with the cash register she got for Christmas last year, and Jon is usually singled out as her victim. “Daddy, would you like fries with that?” she’ll say, pretending he’s sitting in his car ordering through the drive-thru window. It seems she always wants to play this game [...]

In honor of her grandfather

Three nights ago I read Leta the Dr. Seuss Book Hop on Pop before bedtime, or perhaps I should more accurately say she read the whole thing to me. Her reading skills have exploded in the last few weeks, and through a combination of memorization and the ability to sound things out, she can whip [...]