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Newsletter: Month Fifty-six

Dear Leta, Last week you turned fifty-six months old. Have I ever told you about some of the email I get from people who are angry at me because I’m counting your age in months? People who point out that no one else counts ages in months, why am I going around screwing with people’s [...]

2009 Wooden Calendar

This is an adorable wooden desk calendar with unique designs for every month printed on eco-friendly sustainably harvested wood. This will be one of several calendars I use in 2009 since having a child made my brain go missing. I used to be able to maintain my daily schedule in my head, never had to [...]

Early rehearsal for the Nativity story

Chuck will play Joseph, Coco will play Mary, and Leta will play the inn owner who kicks them all to the curb.

Sunday afternoon

It rained incessantly this weekend until yesterday afternoon when the clouds lifted just in time for the light from the setting sun to wash over our living room. It was one of those bittersweet moments when you’re facing the beginning of the week and yet you still have an episode of “60 Minutes” to look [...]