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Why most of my shopping is done online

Thanks to my friend Carol’s generous hand-me-downs, Leta was finally able to let her guard down and fall in love with a pair of pants, a set of black cotton/spandex leggings that she once wore seven days in row despite the fact that they were emitting a visible green odor. Can’t blame her too much [...]

Charley Harper’s illustrated edition of Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two

This is a second printing of the first edition of Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two, copyrighted 1958, found at Pardon my Vintage, illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Charley Harper (see here and here). Jon remembers his mother cooking with this book, I guess the memory is swirling around in there with what it [...]

First snow

Me: “GRRRRUUUGH! DO YOU SEE IT OUTSIDE?” Leta: “Yes! It’s snowing!” Me: “GRRRRUUUGH!” Leta: “But we can build a snowman!” Me: “Did you take one of my Prozac?”

A mavericky maverick

Often his ego is writing checks that his body can’t cash.