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Conflagration, part 2

This is a different perspective of the plant growing along the retaining wall next to our house, seen here catching light from the setting sun. It’s one of the only plants or trees in our yard that really changes color, whereas all the others just sort of turn brown and die, meaning it’s the only [...]


Would sir desire that I ignore him this afternoon?

Child’s winter hat

The owners of he Short Hat Company, a small family business in Colorado, sent over this adorable winter hat for Leta. It’s called the Bella, and it’s printed faux suede with an ultra soft sherpa lining. She fell in love with it when I showed it to her, which says a lot because she is [...]

Conversation over a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles

Leta: “Do you know what my middle name is?” Me: “I do.” Leta: “It’s Elise. Leta Elise.” Me: “I think I remember giving you that name.” Leta: “What’s your middle name?” Me: “Brooke.” Leta: “No it’s not.” Me: “It’s not?” Leta: “No. It’s Heather.” Me: “I thought that was my first name.” Leta: “That’s not [...]