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Dancing monkey

Well, that was certainly interesting. It’s like I invited a whole bunch of people over for dinner and they took a huge shit in the middle of my living room floor. Thank God Coco was here to clean all that up. I think maybe I should take this opportunity to clear a few things up, [...]


Recent snowstorms have been unable to silence the color of these plants and trees in our neighbor’s yard that are hanging over our fence. I feel like I’ve been introduced to a fantastic new baseball or football team, in the sense that while I’ve always appreciated autumn as a season, never before have I been [...]

Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves

I’ve been looking for a set of stylish fingerless gloves that I could wear when using my laptop and on walks with the dogs (picking up poop in the winter is easier with fingerless gloves, yes, I have run experiments) and found an adorable pair at the secondseed Etsy shop. These gloves are sewn with [...]


Yesterday Carol brought Basie over to play with Coco because both dogs needed to release some energy. They played for almost three straight hours without stopping, and there were many instances when Coco had had enough, but Basie? Oh, Basie was just GETTING STARTED. And then last night Coco collapsed in the floor and was [...]