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In honor of her grandfather

Three nights ago I read Leta the Dr. Seuss Book Hop on Pop before bedtime, or perhaps I should more accurately say she read the whole thing to me. Her reading skills have exploded in the last few weeks, and through a combination of memorization and the ability to sound things out, she can whip [...]

Mock turtleneck cable sweater coat

This is my new winter staple, something I’ve worn every day for the last two weeks despite the fact that the weather doesn’t even call for it yet. It’s a sweater I found in the juniors section at Target, which means I had to buy the biggest size available (this is not out of the [...]

Ready for the moguls

Whenever we’re up on the lift overlooking the hundreds of skiers and snowboarders racing down the mountain, we invariably wonder out loud what it would be like if we could bring the dogs. And it doesn’t take us long to agree that the answer is WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA.

Cheat grass

Looking south: the foothills, then Mt. Olympus, then South Mountain. Over that last peak is Utah Valley, home of BYU. This picture was taken near the fabled spot where Brigham Young took a look over the entire Salt Lake valley and declared, “This is the place… to smoke our weed.”