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Mission accomplished

Earlier this month I mentioned that we had stopped giving Leta treats, and many readers wrote to inquire how we went about such warfare and whether or not there were any casualties. I’ll admit, I thought it was going to be the worst battle we had ever fought as parents, worse even than when we [...]


Maybe only women will understand this, but do you ever catch yourself with your mouth wide open while you’re trying to apply mascara? And then if you try to close your mouth, if you concentrate on pressing your lips together, it’s almost impossible to apply your mascara correctly? Chuck experiences the exact same thing when [...]

Peacock feather necklace

One of the many lovely Hallmark employees that I met while in Kansas City, Amy Cecil, gave me this gorgeous handmade peacock feather necklace from her collection Apple Scraps. She makes necklaces from Mahjongg tiles, stained glass, sea glass, and scrabble tiles. This one in particular will go well with a layering of other necklaces, [...]

Pajama top

My mother bought Leta this new pair of princess pajamas, except Leta refuses to acknowledge that they are pajamas and insists on wearing them during the day. And she gets ANGRY when I call them pajamas, which makes me unable to resist the urge to call them pajamas, so because of my mother our lives [...]

A rare moment of blue in a sea of red

On Monday night Jon and I had the privilege of seeing David Sedaris do a reading at Abravanel Hall in downtown Salt Lake City. He read several of his essays including one he wrote for The New Yorker last week about undecided voters. Mind you, this is in front of several hundred people who live [...]


This is funny to me only because if Coco had consigned Chuck to the floor he would act like he hadn’t tried to climb onto the couch in the first place, that he actually prefers the floor. Coco, on the other hand, acts like she doesn’t understand, but whatever! You must have a good reason [...]

“Let Me Introduce You to Some of My Friends” Letterpress Print

The good folks at Hallmark gifted me this awesome print by the artist Maura Cluthe (she works there). Her blog is full of inspiration, and her Cafepress shop is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I got to take a tour of the Hallmark campus, and I tell you what, I’ve never seen a [...]


This tree is in the front yard of a house several blocks up the street, and a couple of days ago when I was on a walk with the dogs I made a mental note to go back when I had a camera in hand. So I drove up there this morning, parked in front [...]

The budget hair color

Apologies for the crappy quality of the photo, it was taken with our tiny point-and-shoot right before my presentation in Kansas City (meaning I had taken the time to groom the mess on my head). We forgot to pack batteries for our big camera (MY WORST NIGHTMARE, no seriously, next to finding out I have [...]

Handmade elephant pillow

This pillow from Modern Dose is probably one of my favorite possessions, handmade with 100% wool felt and filled with a firm poly fill. It’s no secret that I love elephants (see previous things I have featured here and here and here, even though, ahem, it is the mascot for the Republican Party. I have [...]