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December 2008

Eco-friendly Nestling Necklace

This adorable sterling necklace is from a shop called Figs and Ginger, a husband and wife team who make every piece by hand in their back yard studio. Most of their work is inspired by the beauty found in forests, and their process adheres to strict eco-friendly standards. Looks like I’m going to need to [...]

A little patience

Wait… wait… wait… wait… and then three minutes later the kitchen was flooded with drool.

Garden City, Utah

Yesterday we all drove up to Bear Lake to spend a few days with Jon’s side of the family. Leta is beyond thrilled that she doesn’t have to go to school, and the novelty of sleeping in a bed that is not her own has almost caused her head to explode. More than once she [...]

Excuse me while I go make love to a bean burrito

The only way I can describe the madness that is going on inside my brain is to compare these first several weeks of pregnancy to an ecstasy trip. Not in the sense that it’s all euphoria and dancing and kissing, no. In fact, it’s just the opposite of that, I’d like to kick any human [...]

Catalog: The Illustrated History of Mail Order Shopping

I’m loving this collection of mail-order catalog snapshots from the likes of Sears, Neiman Marcus, JC Penney, and Marshall Field as both a source of design inspiration and a history of American consumerism. My two favorite clippings are one, a full page spread for bathroom shag carpet that includes a toilet covered entirely in orange [...]


The only reason these aren’t the salt and vinegar variety is because I already ate that bag for breakfast.

Morbid fairy tale

Leta’s running monologue as she played with this miniature Sleeping Beauty toy this morning: “And then she died and died and died. And she was dead. Very dead. And then the Prince kissed her and she no longer died.”

Mighties magnets

These amazingly strong magnets are the best magnets I have ever used and can handle any heavy scrap of paper I throw their way. We’ve got three different magnetic boards in the house (all three in areas off limits to the dogs, I know the dangers magnets pose to animals), and I’m always having to [...]

Handsome young stallion

People often ask about what we use to get his coat so shiny, and the answer is this really fancy thing called not bathing him regularly.