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Veronica, by Roger Duvoisin

A reader named Catherine from Arizona sent me this original 1962 edition of Veronica, a story about a hippopotamus whose dreams of being famous send her to the big city where she causes traffic jams, blocks sidewalks, and devours a pushcart vendor’s vegetables in one big gulp. Eventually she is arrested and jailed. This, of [...]


“Who is it this time?” “Either FedEx or UPS.” “I hope it’s that UPS guy. He always flinches when I lose my mind and bark like someone is ripping off my limbs.” “Why do you do that? Do you have any idea how dumb you look?” “I can’t control it.” “That’s the worst excuse I’ve [...]

The constant soundtrack of winter

I just did a survey of the outside of our house and counted no less than four down spouts, this one here situated right outside our bathroom window. For the next several months the snow will freeze and then thaw, freeze and thaw, over and over again, and at about the same time every morning [...]