• Shannon

    So I haven’t checked your site in a few weeks, and before I visited I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be funny if something major happened like she got pregnant since I visited?”


  • Helen Tarnation

    Have been out of town sans computer and just read the news. Very wonderful news indeed!

    Leta will find lots of things wrong with having a new baby brother or sister, but she’ll have a best friend for life!!

    And….Jon must be so stoked about the boobs!

  • https://boardroomtoplayroom.blogspot.com Kandice

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to read all of the quotes that are sure to be forthcoming. Yay!!!!

  • Terri

    Sure certainly has the priorities in order!

  • Anonymous
  • http://www.aboringphoto.com amy boring


    ever heard of Carrie Sandoval?


  • http://www.alexaandchris.blogspot.com Alexa

    So happy for you! Reading about your new adventure in parenthood is going to prepare me for my next one someday!

  • Vicki A

    First of all, congrats!!! I love your website. I had to tell you, you made the Fail Dogs website with Chuck’s picture with your pregnancy test. http://faildogs.com/ I wish Chuck was ours! He is awesome!!!
    Take care!

  • http://www.emilyjunedesigns.com emilyjunedesigns

    What a doll face she is!

    Kid’s say the darndest things and I cannot wait to hear the one-liners Leta comes up with over the next 7 or 8 months!

    Emily June
    Emily June Designs

  • jess

    SORRY ABOUT THE SORE BOOBS!!! That all comes with your territory! Congratulations on the baby in your womb hot MAMA.

  • Steph

    Its so strange how hearing about someones pregnancy, whom I’ve never met, but have felt a strong connection with, can make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


  • http://www.jeppemorgenthaler.blogspot.com Jeppe

    I wish you a safe a healthy pregnancy.

  • http://beyondthewindow.wordpress.com beyond

    when i was five and my parents announced the pregnancy, i wanted to share my toys with the baby, too… changed my mind when baby sister arrived.

  • http://web.mac.com/sparklingplanet happyhedonist

    ‘one thing at a time, mom – I GET XMAS FIRST, RIGHT?’ bwahahah!

    my nephew evan was the same way about school. he was happy to go, happy to move on to the first grade after kindergarten, but he wasn’t really on board until he got summer vacation, camping, fourth of july picnic, etc., the usual routine. oh my god, kid, of course you get to have summer first! were we rushing you?? i forget until he says stuff like that how little warning he gets of so many things.

    also, his brother’s name is what it is because it sounded so cute coming from his little lips. just so you have one more thing to look forward to. :D

  • rebecca

    So very happy for you. I am due on the 4th of June after 3 miscarriges back to back, 2 years of trying and 3 IVF cycles. I know how you feel, I’ve been holding my breath till I got to 12 weeks and still can’t believe I am this far.

    It will be fun to see how Leta reacts as your body changes and the baby arrives. Jon is gonna be great, and he’s much like my husband who stops everything when I change in the evening!

    Hope its a smooth 9 months and looking forward to hearing all about it!

  • http://mdwestmom.blogspot.com Kelsey

    I wonder if Leta’s opinion about the baby’s sex will change. My daughter (who was three at the time) initially wanted a sister, but then decided she’d rather have a brother because she didn’t want the baby to be exactly the same as her.

  • http://nightbaking.blogspot.com jami

    Congratulations, Heather! I wish you all the best.

  • Laurie in Idaho

    CONGRATS!! So happy for you guys!

  • Joe in Australia

    Mazel tov! You should only have good things and plenty of nachas.

  • Jinx

    OMG! Congratulations Heather and Jon!
    Your hand squeezing moment got me all emotional.
    All the best!

  • Catherine McP

    Congrats to you! This will be great watching this unfold!

  • Jen

    Your new baby is due in June – and in the June picture of your new bird calendar from Etsy is a stork-like bird holding a little baby bird in a cage in its beak.

    Coincidence? Yes. Freaky coincidence? Surely!

    Lots of Love- The Pedant :)

    ps. So thrilled for you three!

    pps. Leta is probably right.. kids always are. My son said he was having a little sister, and he did. However two days ago he said he was having another little sister, and my husband went running for the hills…. ;)

  • julie

    How could you NOT be excited for Christmas?

    Congratulations on your baby. I hope for the best!

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty lame that you almost always have comments closed until you are looking for all of the ass kissing over your pregnancy.

  • http://www.basicallyunemployable.blogspot.com Barb McMahon

    When my sister-in-law told her son that the long-awaited second child was on its way, he looked her in the eye and asked, “Does Dad know about this?”

    I’m so thrilled for all of you.

  • Ellen

    Okay, I’ve been pondering this.

    What if Leta is to Cocoa as the new baby will be to Chuck?

    But if it’s BOY, then won’t that mean that Leta is to Chuck as Stretch is to Cocoa? That’s how it is with my niece and nephew.

    Just a thought.

    I’m so happy for you and your family and wish you a quiet and wonderful pregnancy.


  • Joanna

    I’m so happy for you and your family! How sweet that Leta’s first impulse was to share. It wasn’t in the cards for me to have more than one, but I was the oldest of three. I love them dearly.

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com Carrie

    My daughter, who was 2 at the time, said the same thing when I got pregnant with our second: “It’s a girl.” We tried and tried to explain that some babies are boy babies, and we don’t get to choose. Fortunately, she was right, so we never had to find out what she would have done if she didn’t get what she wanted.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Bunky! Oh congratulations you guys :)

  • http://ajbarnett-story.com Anthony James Barnett – author

    I wonder if Jon realises he has a ‘magic elf’? Nice post. The things kids say….

    Just shows how down to earth they actually are though. Much more resilient than we give credit – and get their priorities right as well. Christmas is much more important!

  • Anonymous

    it’s a girl. children know these things.

  • http://silverstreamer.blogspot.com Bethany

    I hope in all my life nothing ever has to come out my bunky.

    I am glad for you though…. that your bunky will deliver. I live vicariously through your bunky.

  • http://www.LobotoMEblog.blogspot.com LobotoME

    Congratulations!!! We just had a VERY similar situation as we adopted a baby boy and our 5 year old, was like {hello – where did he come from and is he going back anytime soon?!?!?!} but she has adjusted and is learning that he isn’t as {flexible} as her dolls.

    Best wishes to you ~~~

    jenny :)

  • ProudMary

    YAY! I’m so glad this has happened for you. Coco is in for a rude awakening.

  • http://www.lulusaysit.com Lulu

    too awesome for words. HER BUNKY? haha.

  • Dawn

    When my daughter asked how the baby got out, I told her “very carefully.” I am slightly ashamed to admit that I gave her the same answer when she asked me how the baby got in there.

  • Kathy C.

    I commented yesterday but have to say again today how excited and thrilled I am for you all. Please post a LOT about how you’re feeling every day. YES !! We really DO want to hear all about it. I saw that somebody asked in their comment if the barfing was getting better. Haven’t read anything you’ve posted about that. Are you indeed feeling yucky? I’ll pray it gets better quickly. Take good care of yourself.

  • Beth

    My older daughter was a little younger than Leta when I was pregnant with my second daughter. The older one also wanted to know how we were going to get the baby out of my belly. My husband told her the doctor would help us get it out at the hospital and she accepted that at the time. She went around insisting the baby would be a girl, which she was. I didn’t have a sonogram, so we had no way of knowing the sex of the new baby ahead of time. I was totally unprepared for how guilty I’d feel for having to take care of the baby when my older daughter needed attention. If I could do things over, I’d have my husband gradually do more for the older child toward the end of the pregnancy.

  • bev

    When my daughter was born, my oldest boy – who was then 2-ish – came to the hospital and said: “Mom stay at the hospital?” When we said no, I was coming home he said; “Baby stay at the hospital?” No again. Every time we passed that hospital on our way to ANYTHING he’d point it out and ask if we could stop by and drop little sister off.

    He’s 13 now and has a little brother as well. When we pass by the hospital, he takes his iPod off his head and shouts from his kingdom in the back of the minivan: “Hey mom! Can we drop ‘em off TODAY?!”

  • http://babygiddings.blogspot.com Jaymee

    Congratulations Leta!! if it is a brother you can always give it to Coco.

    Congratulations to you all.

  • christine

    Anonymous seems to need a hug.

  • http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I was just shy of 5 years old when my mother gave birth to my brother. This was 1977 and that special about pregnancy was on PBS constantly. So my parents sat down with me and we all watched. I had a rudimentary idea of how this all worked, but according to my mother I needed to know exactly how the baby was going to get out. She gave me a 5 year old version of it, and when my father came home from work I ran up to him and said “Daddy Daddy! Guess what? When Mommy has the baby it’s going to come out of her vagina and then they are going to put a big band aid on it!” He said he just stood there staring at me like I’d grown a tail.

  • http://mommalittle.com Shonda

    I totally get Leta’s reasoning:
    New baby = sharing toys I already have
    Christmas = being showered with a ton of new, awesome toys I don’t already have.

    She’s a brilliant child indeed.

  • http://www.more.ca/blog/ JennG

    That’s great. But you know, it’s really a given that it’s the ELVES that will suddenly give her nightmares. :)

  • http://www.electricboogaloo.net/wordpress electricboogaloo

    Just plain awesome. Huge congratulations.

    And well, look what my two year old asked me about the baby in my tummy:

  • Elizabeth M.

    Congratulations! This is how I know you it’s been years since you’ve had a baby in the house – the post about magnets included the dangers of magnets for dogs… :-) Since I currently have a baby who puts every single darn thing in her mouth, my first thought when I saw those cute magnets was “Uh, yeah, not for a few years!”… It takes a while to get back into baby mode – luckily, you have lots of time!

  • http://theresmoretolifethanlaundry.blogspot.com/ kristi

    Very happy for you! I am extraordinarily partial to girls. I have three. Only on occasion do I want to ship them one way to Africa.

  • Anonymous

    And a four-year old knew it was a BABY! Thanks for reminding everyone!

  • http://three-gees.blogspot.com/ Pranjal

    Congratulations and Luck!

  • Tigress 49wa

    Just beware of the fairey tales (elves)
    Reminds me of finding my 6 year old son in the closet with the 6 year old girl I babysitted for.
    She ran out yelling ” I’m pregnant! He kissed me!” Kids are so cute.
    Had a “talk” with the other’s Mom.. Lol
    The things you get to look forward to…