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Behold, the Memphis accent

One of the many projects I’ve been working on recently is a set of discussions called Momversations with a group of other lovely mothers including Maggie and Alice and Rebecca. Once or twice a week we all sit down by ourselves in our own homes across the country and talk into a camera about a [...]

I tell you what

I know I am totally going to jinx this by bringing this up, but if this winter continues with the theme of the last couple of months, I may just have to take back everything horrible I’ve ever said about Utah. AND THAT COULD TAKE A WHILE. There haven’t been any major snowstorms, at least [...]

Vintage Paul Rand Brandy ad

Over the holiday weekend we dedicated a couple of days to cleaning out the office, and Jon accidentally found a bundle of old Paul Rand ads that I had bought off of ebay back in 2000. This Coronet V.S.Q. Brandy ad is one of my favorites, and if you do a search for Paul Rand [...]

Watching his flock by night

This is an Armstrong tradition, to have Chuck try out any new scarf I bring into the home. I picked this one up at American Apparel several months ago, thought I had forgotten to take it out of the bag before I threw the bag away, and then moped for several weeks about having tossed [...]