• http://lovelaughslice.blogspot.com Domestic Goddess (in training)

    Mascara becomes you though! You look great, despite the farts…. and I just have to say to comment number 145… how flattering that you think the videos will be so widely known by the time her kids are in school that she would be shunned. That would be impressive!

  • http://erynchandler.wordpress.com/ Eryn

    i just stumbled across your blog and love love love it!!!!

    thanks for letting us all into your life!

  • http://limesaregreatfruits.blogspot.com marysia in tx

    As a coming-to-be parent who is about 3 weeks ahead of your pregnancy (BTW, VERY excited about yours!), I find these momversations poignant, funny, and just kind of generally relieving. In general, my husband and I are kind of coping with pregnancy as this thing we have to get through before we try to get our lives back to normal, plus one. And the fact that deep down, I know it won’t be like that, scares the bajeezuz out of me. So thanks for providing me with some kind of indirect support. It is helping me, and I’m sure many others.

  • Sweet Herald

    Maybe it’s just me, but I keep waiting to hear the other moms cuss on there.

  • Gladys

    I agree with Amy. Momversation is very boring. Plus, it’s not really a “conversation” if you are all just yelping your opinion into a camera all over the country.

  • donna

    Heather, I’m from KY and your accent and inflection sound SO MUCH like mine it freaks my kids out. I live in Boulder now and most people presume I’m from Texas. I’ve heard good old boys from throughout the country who sound a hell of a lot more hickish than our lovely KY/TN twang. I’m proud of it and you should be too.

  • Portia

    Could not agree more with Amy #134 and Gladys #150… REALLY!!!! Ya’ll need to get over your precious little selves…

  • Kristy

    Why do you all look so gorgeous? Sure, you can blame it on the make up but it ain’t a magic wand.

  • http://inkbytink.com Anonymous

    Gladys your comments, to me at least, indicate you have conservative views about sex, bodily functions, and other common themes of this site. Maybe, oh, I dunno, this site is just not for you? Commenting is for opinions, but do you traffic this site just to disagree with the content? You seem bored.

  • Jill

    I love the momversations. In reference to the 1st one…

    I was living in Salt Lake when I had my second child and my 2 1/2 year old became obsessed with the question of babies. I found a book at the county library called “How Babies are Made” that he loved. No elves, but lots of simple pictures.

    Just wait until she’s older – then the questions get a lot more interesting. The latest was “Mom – What is mastution” (masturbation). That one was from DS9. I wish I had known about the elves. “Son – that is what happens when the elves attack your penis.”

  • http://savoringsimplicity.blogspot.com/ BMA

    It’s so great to see women talking about things that matter to them, in a forum in which others can connect. I recall feeling isolated when my son was younger. It rained 42 days in a row the first winter he was born. Funny how that’s engraved on my brain cage for eternity.

  • RJ

    Heather – every since I saw the first link on your webpage I have become addicted to Momversation – now my whole Mom and Tots group is too :)

  • http://www.shamelesslysassy.com Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

    My daughter recently asked me how babies were born. She wasn’t as concerned about how they came about, but more about how they came out. I really didn’t want to tell her that it would come out of her vagina, because she’s just three, and I felt like that might just traumatize her. To be honest, the idea that a baby came out of my vagina still traumatizes me. So I did the “how do you think it came out” game. She claims babies just pop out. So we’re sticking with that theory for a while.

  • http://bellonadarling.blogspot.com/ S

    I’m definitely adding the Momversations to my list of blogs to read. I absolutely loved all those episodes and can’t wait to check out a few more. (And I like that my husband got a little freaked when he came home from work and I was totally watching the one about “Sex after Baby.”) Also, I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m totally going to use “Magical elves” as my answer someday.

  • Simplifying the Smocks

    I like the Momversations. I agree it is not really a conversation, but at least it makes me feel less crazy as a parent.

    I also love the Daily Chuck. It has turned out to be currency for my eight year-old, as in, “Sofia, please put the dog out and then I’ll let you see the Daily Chuck.” How crazy is that… will work for Chuck pictures!

  • Rissa

    I *LOVE* that you guys are talking about this sort of stuff. My girlfriends and I don’t talk about it.. ever.. and its nice to know that other mothers have felt the same or atleast similar feelings as me.

  • http://www.sacredwillow.com/ Christine

    hey all…

    Maybe I’m too Californian, but I was thinking while watching the momversation about telling kids about how the baby got made, and I think using a book has worked for us. I’m expecting my second child and I used “It’s not the Stork.” http://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-Stork-Families-Friends/dp/0763600474

    It’s pretty general, does go over very clinically the body parts, but doesn’t go into the sex part, so magical elves might still work. :) My daughter skips the parts she doesn’t want to read and we re visit it every few weeks. Basically she’s very not interested in the sex part, and very interested in the egg and sperm part, and very interested in the BABY part.

    I don’t know, if you haven’t checked it out…you might like it.


  • http://phhhst.blogspot.com phhhst

    Well, I am fairly new to blogging and the internet, but here’s my two cents…

    1) The videos load slowly, and I have a brand spanking new computer that does most everything else fast.

    2) If I wanted to watch commercials, I’d be watching TV.

    3) When teen isues come up, because I have a lot of those and they make all of you with your cute young ones look so naive, then I might get interested.

    I’m a fan of your writing, but probably won’t watch the videos……………………….

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    Great videos. I really think video blogging is going to take off, especially with beautiful women like you setting the trend.

  • danioz

    I love what I have seen of Momversations – but for some reason when I download them the video keeps refreshing and it is almost impossible to watch… Have tried everything!

  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …love Maegan

    I’ve watched and I have to say ..I like em :)

  • http://flubberwinkle.blogspot.com Flubberwinkle

    Great concept the momversations. Whoever does the editing and directing is a master mind.

    Just wondering if you girls make a script out first or just wing it on camera?

  • Tiana

    I love Momversations. I love the whole idea. Even though I’m only fifteen and not yet a mom.

    My brother was five when he asked me where babies come from. Because both my parents work all the time, I was the one he saw as the ‘mummy’. I told him that two adults make love, which is a special thing only for parents, and in the end the woman ends up with a baby in her tummy. Very vague, but he bought it then proceeded to tell me about cars and trucks.

    If only I’d said something about magical elves. Maybe he’d still be innocent. :P

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    Momversation Rocks! I love them! these videos are super awesome! this is my first visit to your site and guess what, I have become a big fan of dooce.com, thank you very much for such a nice post!

  • http://www.misschat.net chat

    Be careful when your gps tells you to turn left.
    It won’t be telling you if there’s someone about to cross the road in front of you!

  • ElegantGoose

    Yeesh. How babies are made… I have a baby in my belly right now and it’s weird to think that she’ll be talking and asking tough questions in a couple of years. My mom was a nurse and explained all the mechanics really clearly – but that wasn’t until I was in the fifth grade. I like to think that I’ll be really honest like this German book for kids is: Where Babies Come From.

    On the other hand, I’m a teacher – I teach 6th grade science in a nice school in a mostly very rough city and I get requests every week from the kids asking specifically for sex ed. Then this week, one eleven year old girl asked me what Plan B is. I told her it was a sort of birth control thing, but that she sure as hell better not need it. Yikes.

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess

    Great site and idea. How does one get on there?

  • http://www.onehypo.com/ One Hypomaniac

    Hi Lisa Bee!!! I sooo love your blog…

  • http://www.sazzybamm.com Sarah

    It’d be awesome if one of these videos could be captioned some how on an occasional basis for those who can’t hear. Like me. It’s always such a pleasure reading your website, and I bet these videos are a hoot to listen to, but I can’t. Any chances maybe in the future some could be captioned through iMovie?

  • http://notwithoutmytowel.blogspot.com Arundhati

    I like the momversations. I show them to my boyfriend as further evidence that we should never have kids.

  • TexChic

    These are hilarious! Truer words were never spoken!

  • http://the222blog.blogspot.com Becka Knight

    I’m not even a mom yet and these are awesome to watch!

  • Alyia

    You know, I never realized this before, but you’re pretty down with the stripes, aren’t you, Heather?

  • Kate

    Several thoughts:

    Bless my mother’s heart – when I was 8, she trapped me right before bed to unflinchingly deliver facts about the female reproductive system and all that jazz. Of course, she can thank the WalMart pet guy for saying, “Yeah, this hamster is a girl and will get along fine with your other female hamster.” OH BOY did they get along… talk about a good sex talk segue.

    My friend’s mom told her at an early age, “If you ever have questions about ANYTHING, you can ask me without getting in trouble.” I thought it sounded like a good approach until my friend told me she felt comfortable enough to ask “Mom, what’s a blow job?” when she was 11.

    My husband and I are thinking about trying for our first kid. Momversations has not changed my mind, but it has made me think carefully about pre-baby discussions we should have (“You’re not going to think I’m gross after I birth your child, are you? If the answer is yes, you need to make it no.”)

    Thanks for all your awesomeness. Ditch the makeup and fart edits. No need to get all gussied up for us :)

  • http://pbrippeyblogma.com PB Rippey/sleepless mama

    This is a really good “momversation” because the subject seems to force all of the mommies away from pretty much any “cuteness” to nitty gritty real life confession. Or maybe I just mean total sincerity. Not that the mommies aren’t sincere in the other vids. But the camera can tend to lend a certain artificiality. But so can writing. Anyway. This video just seems more “real” than the others, undeniably honest. But the great thing about Heather is that she always comes across as honest, as speaking from the heart (especially when grilled by Kathy Lee–WTF was that???) which is why I so enjoy this site and keep coming back.

  • Anonymous

    I’m enjoying momversations…..but…..I’m wondering….is there anything good about motherhood?
    I’m trying to decide if I want kids, and all I hear is how hellish is all is. All my confidants have to say is “kids aren’t as annoying when they’re your own.” and “yeah, but when they’re in their twenties you get your life back.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey Heather,

    I have what I hope is a constructive criticism about the momversations, but I am not even sure if there is anything you can do about it. First I have to say I really really like that all of you are doing these and I really like what you say. My huge issue though is the fact that it is set to this bouncy music/beat with swirling spring flowers in the background. It downgrades and brings an air of stereotypical frivolity the very valid topics and issues you are all bringing up. We really need to have more accessible conversations about motherhood and other topics about women’s daily lives, questions, issues, and struggles. I wish the momversation site presented each of you with the greater sense of seriousness and validity that you each deserve.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    (By the way, love your site.)

  • Larissa

    Heather – This is unrelated to this post – I just wanted to tell you I just read the 12/1 post you wrote about nausea, etc. and I wanted to tell you how much it spoke to me. Disenfranchised. Wow, you hit the nail on the head! I’ve been trying to articulate that feeling for almost 8 years, since I was pg w/my first kid. And its not like I’m not a total feminist, completely familiar with the term!

    I felt disenfranchised during my first pregnancy. It was crazy-making in a fundamental way. The 2nd time around it was so much easier, knowing what to expect, already being a mom.

    Anyway, I have been reading your blog off and on for the last year or so and I just wanted to let you know that you’ve given voice to something really important for me.

    Also, good advice about the hand jobs. Keep up the sex ed!

  • http://www.myspace.com/kiminchrg kiminchrg


    There is nothing wrong with the glorious Memphis accent… lol… unless you start saying “Hey, Main!” instead of “Hey man” like all those Hustle & Flow actors.

    That reminded me… there’s a vonage commercial with a very short snippet of a woman talking that i keep seeing. First time I heard that voice, i didn’t have tivo to back it up… but it totally took me back to high school because it sounded just like YOU! I mean it. I did a double take.

    Anyway – sorry for any punctuation problems and grammar errors right now… it’s 2:30 am and my brain is gone.

    Miss ya here in Memphis.

    Kim Chaney

  • lizziej

    Heather – please come to Australia – surely there’s a conference we need to you to speak at, or a forum to appear on – or just come for the holiday!

  • http://princessgreen17.blogspot.com Lydia

    Awesome! I haven’t had kids yet, but I am curious about a lot of the dirty details that you address here…some great insights and hilarious commentary! I think I found some new blogs to follow.

  • Nikki

    O.k… have SIX kids, and I told them all the same story I told my son, who was 4 years old when I became pregnant with my 2nd child.

    “Mommy took baby seeds that I got from the dr.”

    From there, when ever I drank water, I would mention how I was watering the baby so it would grow.

    That story worked well for us lol.

  • no one

    The videos are great!

    One thing though — any chance you could broaden it a little and include some mothers whose children are not biological children and/or mothers who aren’t in heterosexual relationships? There are a number of amazing bloggers who are queer parents and/or adoptive parents. It would be nice to see your site truly reflect the wide category of “mothers,” rather than the “straight biological mothers” currently featured.

  • http://contemplativechaplain.blogspot.com Christen

    I recommend any books by Debra Haffner as you consider talking about sex with your kids. She has a blog as well. We heard her speak in a workshop and were in awe of how eloquently and honestly she spoke.

    Good luck…

  • http://www.whoppervsbigmac.com/ Whopper vs. Big Mac

    Bring the kids because we both have happy meals.

  • http://stopscreamingimdriving.com Carrie

    Aw, it’s not that bad.

    If I did one of these, I’d probably whip out some sort of Texas accent, even though I’ve never been there – and everyone would be all “y’all, what’s up with that accent?”

    I love these momversation things.

  • Stenar

    I can’t comment about the other celebrity children, but the reason people were interested in Suri Cruise was because they wanted to see if that child was actually genetically related to Tom Cruise, ’cause no one believes he actually impregnated Katie, at least not without a turkey baster.

  • http://paperromance.etsy.com Crystal

    Because I know how much you love hippos, here is a video of a baby pygmy hippo born recently at a zoo here in the UK :


    Too bad she can’t be named Dooce… but Lola the Pygmy Hippo might be nice. I can see it as a kid’s book. :D

  • Sandra

    I love how your country accent comes out especially when you say “shut-up”.
    My Texas accent comes out really bad when I talk about home or anything country. LOL

    I love the Momversations…great commentary!!

    I’m glad you having a happy and healthy pregnancy this time around. This baby will probably be different that Leta. Probably more mellow and much easier! :-)

  • Becky

    Heather – Where did you get that striped t-shirt in the “Where do babies come from?” video. LOVE.IT.