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A Christmas Medley

Salt Lake City like many other parts of the country is getting pummeled by a severe snow storm, and since Leta is home from school for the next couple of weeks our inclination is to remain clothed in our wrinkled pajamas while snuggled between cushions of the couch. This would be much easier if all [...]

Free Range Chickens by Simon Rich

This collection of short vignettes is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year by an author (who also writes for Saturday Night Live) so young he’s still dripping amniotic fluid. It’s a book you could finish in an hour, one I forced Jon to read immediately so we could laugh together over some [...]

Making the yuletide gay

Baby Jesus won’t mind if Chuck shoots us in our sleep, right?

View from the kitchen sink

It’s been snowing for a few hours, and they’re saying we could get as much as ten inches with this storm. But since this is going on all over the country I don’t feel so alone, and look forward to breaking out the snow stats like a giant penis to compare it with yours.