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And Chuck will teach her about mascara

Last night Leta read me The Nose Book, lingering as long as she could on each individual word in an effort to delay bedtime. I was trying to get her tucked in early because she had stayed up hours past her normal bedtime for the previous two nights, and the sleep deprivation was causing all [...]

Where You Came From

Many readers have sent me books to help with explaining to Leta how the baby got inside my tummy, and this book, Where You Came From by Sara O’Leary, is one of my favorites. Inside there are no cows humping other cows or pictures of sperm swimming toward a woman’s ovaries, and instead there are [...]

Pantone 160

We buy all our rugs to match our dog.


Adam, my brother’s youngest, crawling and wreaking havoc at ten months old. He’s come a long way since February.

Happy Hippo Pull Toy

This wooden pull toy was a gift from our friend Jen, and you can find it at the Olliebollen website (although the hippo there is much more purple than the actual toy). This will be the first element of the nursery, a project I’m putting off as long as possible because it requires that we [...]


Someone taught Coco to shred her stuffed toys, and I’m not pointing any fingers here BUT I’M LOOKING STRAIGHT AT YOU, CHARLES.

Winter afternoon light

This is my favorite part of the day in winter, between three and five o’clock when the angle of the sun is at its lowest point. If I weren’t pregnant we’d make hot chocolate and spike it with a shot of Hot Damn! and settle in to watch the evening news, but since there’s a [...]

Newsletter: Month Fifty-eight

Dear Leta, Last week you turned fifty-eight months old, and this may just be the latest I have ever been in getting around to writing your newsletter. But! I have excuses! Each one of them wrapped neatly in stomach acid and topped with a bow of mucus! What, you don’t like those? Then how about [...]

Bony fingers

Sometimes it’s weird to see in nature the silhouettes of really popular design elements. I own at least three different sets of Photoshop brushes that include variations of these leafless branches. Evidence that I need to spend some time away from the computer because instead of seeing a tree I see a future masthead.


I don’t know if you guys remember this, but when the snow finally melted in May this year Coco didn’t know how to poop on grass. Snow had been on the ground her entire life, and so when it was gone she lost all sense of direction. Now that the season is in full swing [...]