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Flower print hippo pillow

This cuddly hippo pillow is from the Hippillow Etsy shop, and while I would love for it to have a permanent home on the bed I’m afraid to leave it on any surface less than four feet off the ground. Coco took one look at that thing, jumped up two feet into the air, grabbed [...]

Natural treadmill

One thing I will give the snow, there is no better workout for That Awful Dog. After these hikes she doesn’t chew discarded tissue for at least an hour.

Winter hike

Snowstorms mean we get to invade a nearby golf course and let the dogs run wild for an hour every day, and it’s during these walks that I’m reminded of the stunning beauty just beyond the neighbors’ rooftops.

Silly goose

Last night we had to make a quick trip to the grocery store, and because it had been snowing all day Leta wore her rain boots. As we walked through the parking lot toward the front door of the building she stopped just shy of a giant puddle, paused long enough for us to notice, [...]

Canine Christmas card

I should make a line of holiday cards with this image on the front, and inside it would say, “All I want for Christmas is my dignity.”

Antique rosewood dish

This is another find from The Green Ant, a beautiful solid rosewood dish I’m using to display Christmas candy. When I was a kid we used to drive to Nashville two or three times a year to see my mother’s best friend, Carolyn, and we loved staying at her house because she always had huge [...]

Skeletons in the sky

The morning after a major snowstorm is always the most beautiful part of it. I actually look forward to waking up and seeing the city covered in a blanket of ice. Obviously, pregnancy hormones have fried my brain.

Baby, it’s cold outside

This weekend we finally carved out several hours to set up Christmas decorations, and I am not at all exaggerating when I refer to that time in hours. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to buy 25 boxes of round ornaments, or why I thought the tree would have [...]

Creamer cup by Heath Ceramics

This weekend we stopped by The Green Ant to do a little Christmas shopping and I found this vintage creamer by the company founded by Edith Heath in the mid-forties. The Heath Ceramics website is a treasure trove of inspiration, from the product selection to the galleries of tile installations. This is definitely a resource [...]


The instructions were: get under the tree and pretend to be happy about it. Because, dammit, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SO HELP ME GOD.