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Also prefers Safari to Firefox

Coco always falls asleep on top of an object, here her back paw is resting on my laptop. I don’t know how she can find this comfortable, but it’s like she’s looking for a tower of crap, a stack of books or DVDs maybe, and she’s all, how can I wedge my body around all [...]

Strange dust

This is the hardest part of winter, the time when the snow isn’t as beautiful as it was when it first fell, and everything is covered in a layer of dirt and soot. I daydream of the smell of barbecue wafting through an open window.

Yeah, oops on that one, too

Instructions for looking after baby A collection of educational graphics detailing the right way and the wrong way to care for a newborn baby. As I scrolled through this I felt myself going, wait, you mean the vodka was a bad idea? It’s just, the things you do when you haven’t slept in six weeks. [...]

Magnetic dress-up dolls

Ok, so… I know that this is going to infuriate someone’s delicate sense of what is and is not proper, but when the whole family was in San Francisco last September we stopped at the coolest little shop called Stumasa on Frederick Street and I found this adorable dress-up doll set and bought it for [...]

Because he’s afraid of the hair dryer

Warming himself after a terrible, torturous bath where I lathered him in shampoo that smells like watermelon and poured hot water on his head. That was a few days ago and he’s still mad about it.

Silent and gray

Maybe in August when I’m cursing the fact that it’s been over 100 degrees for two months I’ll look back and think, wow, how cute was last winter. But right now it’s not so cute.


Just now I leaned around my monitor and said, “Jon, you’re going to want to see these pictures of the dog.” He looked at all five of them, shook his head silently and asked, “Why do I want to kill her?” We’re slowly getting used to the idea that a dog lives in our house [...]

Elephant Necklace

Picked this up for $3.80 at Forever 21, although there are times when I walk into that store and my vision goes blurry because the amount of accessories is too overwhelming. Also, I once tried on a shirt there, an XL, and I couldn’t even get it over my shoulders it was so small. Or [...]

What does a brother have to do to get some privacy?

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you? You didn’t believe me when I said, no really, she is permanently attached to his neck. He can’t even mark his territory without that hair ball dangling from his face.


Snowed again this morning, so we took a walk with the dogs through a nearby field to take some photos. Because I’m trying to find the beauty in all of this so that I can make it through another month of this winter.