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June 2008

Book signing in SLC, plus cute dogs

We have finally nailed down all the details surrounding my book signing in Salt Lake City next week: The King’s English Bookshop 1511 South 1500 East Salt Lake City, UT Thursday June 5th Starts at 7pm Word on the street is that the Avon World Sales Leader is going to be there, and I can [...]


Taken on Granville Island, Vancouver one morning while Jon and I were walking around waiting for a toy store to open. I saw Jon heading for this particular spot to take a photo, and I was all DIBS! I saw that angle first! Looking very much like we’re soon going to be a two camera [...]

Harvey got some new shoes

After a long day of unloading pallets at the dock Harvey likes to unwind in style.

Lotta Jansdotter sticky notes

Sunday afternoon we had lunch with Darren Barefoot and his lovely wife in Yaletown, and afterward we perused some boutiques nearby. I picked up these sticky notes, and I can’t emphasize enough how weird it is to be able to walk into a store and pick up something I’ve been loving online for years. Shopping [...]

That bizarre woman and her rude blog

So I thought I should start this post with an email I got this morning from a Canadian reader named Tessa. Hi, Tessa! Subject: Your Misrepresentation of Canadians Should Be Embarrassing You are such a wonderful, wise, witty woman. And there you go making comment after comment about how backward and maladjusted Canadians are. How [...]

Sigg water bottle

UPDATE: A reader named Dawn found it available here. AWESOME. Thanks, Dawn. I bought this at a market called Capers in Vancouver, and since I threw away (meaning: RECYCLED) the packaging so that I could fit it in my luggage I don’t know exactly which type of Sigg bottle this is. I know it’s a [...]


Enjoying a good half hour of the National Geographic Channel. Chuck can remain calm despite all the animal noises, but in just a second Coco is going to start howling at the television because she heard a bird fly past the camera. My friend would say that she does this because she routinely eats retard [...]


Jon and I were walking through Stanley Park in Vancouver on Monday afternoon when we stumbled upon this giant swan who was begging for scraps from tourists. I didn’t have any food in my purse, and yes, I know you’re not supposed to feed wildlife, just go ahead and stop composing that email you want [...]

Aboot that recent trip

Jon and I returned from Vancouver last night, and I had planned to sit down and give a summary of our trip today but a slew of phone calls, interruptions and a mild panic attack took over my day. To recover I’m going to go play paper dolls with Leta. Regular posting will resume tomorrow [...]