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Hank Hank Bo Bank

I got to spend my weekend with one of the most adorable kids that ever lived. Tip: if you’re ever invited to babysit Hank Mason, dude loves it when you hum the tune to Sanford and Son.

Julia Rothman collector’s mug

This was a gift from a reader named Ally who didn’t even know that I am a huge, huge fan of artist Julia Rothman, and I believe it is available at most Urban Outfitters stores. Her website is filled with inspiration from the patterns she creates to how those patterns have been applied in real [...]

Be very afraid

Whenever I post a photo of Chuck baring his teeth like this I inevitably get a slew of emails wondering if Chuck is ever as vicious as he looks. And the answer is no. Never. This is his playful face. Two seconds after this he will pounce on Coco and nibble the back of her [...]

The view from our hotel in Vancouver

Oh, Canada. You finally got television you can pause. Next mission: GET YOURSELVES A TARGET. Because then I’m going to start looking at real estate across the border.

What’s your comfort level?

Maggie thought long and hard about whether or not to use the term BLOW JOB on her website. This was the crux of our presentation in Vancouver.

Stainless steel flatware

Jon’s sister, Julie, gave us a full set of Reed & Barton flatware as a housewarming gift (we eloped, and I never had a wedding shower). This particular style is called a fishscale, and I do not think we will ever need another set of flatware for as long as we live, the quality is [...]

Look up here!

Again capturing Coco’s signature head tilt. Many of you have asked how much bigger we think Coco will get, and judging by the size of her parents we think this is about it. She’s maybe 25 pounds, 10 pounds lighter than Chuck. Considering how she shoots like a rocket from the foot of our bed [...]

Metal bracelets

The Express at a local mall was having a buy one get one free sale for jewelry on Wednesday, so I picked up these two bracelets, both for the price of one! Which is what I guess two-for-one means. LOOK AT MY MATH.


We had to change out the batteries in the flash one morning, so we had Chuck hold the old ones while we put in the new ones. On the mornings that we don’t have jobs like this one for him to do he wanders around listlessly. He doesn’t want to admit this, but HE NEEDS [...]

Because sometimes an orgasm is too much work

Jon: “So he kept asking me if we were going to expand our line of merchandising.” Me: “Yuck. Merchandising? That word has such a bitter aftertaste.” Jon: “I told him our next product would be a dooce dildo.” Me: “No.” Jon: “Think about it.” Me: “No.” Jon: “We’d call it The Dooce.” Me: “The only [...]