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September 2008

Little shop of horrors

The last time we took Leta to the dentist she was so not having it that he had to inspect her teeth while standing three feet away. That was a long time ago, and we have not attempted the dentist since then because we are wimps. Also, when presented with the choice between a) spending [...]

Handstitched children’s crown

The owner of the the Etsy shop Mette, Kristin Rasmussen, sent Leta this gorgeous crown, and I was so impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship that I had to post it here. You’d never find anything this cute and so well made in a big chain store. I love that it’s not affiliated with [...]

A tiny glimpse of loyalty

Leta has a stomach bug for the second time this week, and the doctor is all, has she thrown up her liver yet? No? Then you’re overreacting. So we’ve got her hopped up on over-the-counter medication and plugged into various episodes of Strawberry Shortcake, and then all of a sudden Chuck shows up from his [...]

Torquil Campbell of Stars

One of the highlights of the Outside Lands music festival was not only getting to see these guys live, but also to be able to shoot them from the photo pit. And then they go and make my life complete by playing the song “Elevator Love Letter” to start their set. That was the song [...]

Here’s your mommyblogging

Yesterday I met a woman who told me that earlier this year she had taken her two young sons on a trip from Utah to New Zealand. On a plane. I specify that part because the only way I think I could travel that far with young kids in such a confined space would be [...]

Recycled tunic dress

I was actually browsing Etsy shops in bed one morning looking again for clothing for Leta when she looked over at my screen, pointed specifically at this dress and said I LOVE THAT ONE. It’s from a shop called CourtneyCourtney, and the artist uses new and recycled fabrics. That day Leta’s favorite color was red, [...]

My delicate little flower

Jon captured this shot of Coco this morning after she and Chuck spent a good half hour wrestling in the backyard, and the juxtaposition is a little funny because she had just flipped Chuck over on his back and dragged him by the neck across the concrete on the porch.

Regina Spektor

Holy crap, is this woman amazing live. She sang her first song a cappella, occasionally tapping her forefinger into the microphone to establish a beat, and this sent the crowd nuts. Several women in the front row were so frenzied that they reminded me of the videos of teenagers seeing The Beatles for the first [...]

Humanities major vs. English major

While watching one of the many Olympics recap montages and snacking on heavily buttered popcorn, both Jon and I can’t believe that some of the swimmers’ bodies are actually real. I’ve already mentioned to Jon more than once that if Michael Phelps can eat 12,000 calories a day and still look like that, then maybe [...]