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January 2010

2009 in photos

As we approach the final days and hours of 2009, I’m struck by the many ups and downs my family and most likely yours have experienced over the last twelve months. And although I know it was a tough span of time for many people, I really need to articulate just how awesome this year [...]

To Grandmommy’s house we go

I got all gussied up for one of the family parties and had Katey document the rare occasion. You can see here that Marlo also approves of Mommy taking a shower.

Christmas card for 2009

First, let me tell you this exchange we had as a family a few days before Christmas: Jon and Leta return from REI where they have gone to purchase Leta some better shoes for PE class, ones that provide better arch support, don’t ask me why I had to share that particular detail, other than [...]


Punkin wasn’t tilting her head like this when she first came over… sneaky, sneaky Coco. Teaching that little one a maneuver to make your heart explode.


Yes, I do have to resist squeezing her every single moment she is awake.

If I had hair to let down, this would be an instance of doing so

On Friday night Jon and I attended a Christmas party, meaning we actually prepared to leave the house and be away from our bed past 8PM. The magnitude of this event cannot be overstated, and to make sure that we went through with such crazy behavior I hired a babysitter. So that we couldn’t at [...]

Oddly, an Oompa Loompa didn’t make the list

Leta only wants four things for Christmas, and we sat down with her recently to write out a list that we could send to Santa. Here we are going over that list and then the discussion turns to heavier things. Let’s just put it this way: I think we handled it well given that we [...]

Six months

Marlo turned six months old this week. HEE-YAAAAA-OHHH. That’s the sound I made when I realized that. And then I looked back and thought about all the life-altering chaos and craziness and absolute joy that has gone on in those six months, and the fact that I was given a second chance to enjoy having [...]

Featured community question with accompanying supermodel

Today’s featured question from the community comes from user Josie Maran, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, I am not even joking (you can see for yourself, and then I am going to sit back and watch a flood of teenage boys sign up for the dooce® community): This isn’t necessarily a direct answer to this [...]