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Because they were out of GWAR cake toppers

Five years ago at this exact moment a wall-eyed anesthesiologist was sticking an enormous needle in my back in order to administer an epidural. To celebrate the anniversary of this event I made cupcakes. I’ve spent the last two days preparing for Leta’s birthday, and instead of just buying cupcakes for her party I indulged [...]

domino, The Book of Decorating

Last week the bad news hit that domino magazine folded, news that crushed me since it was by far my favorite shelter mag. In the past year, two of my other favorites had to close operations, House & Garden and Cottage Living, and I’m just hoping that some of the others like Met Home and [...]

Food coma

We’ve been giving the dogs these Kongs filled with either peanut butter or spreadable Cheese Whiz, and I guess the mental exhaustion of trying to figure out how to maneuver their tongues so that they can get out every last drop makes them sleep for hours afterward. Or maybe it’s the salmonella poisoning.

Saturday afternoon treat

Recently we’ve started letting Leta play computer games on Jon’s computer after she’s shown good behavior at school, and she’s become so good at maneuvering the mouse that she doesn’t have to ask for help as often. This means an hour can go by without hearing a peep from her, and suddenly Jon is all, [...]