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Needlepoint Stripe Flor Tiles

We’ve been doing some rearranging and redecorating throughout the living room and office recently, and in an effort to tie the decor of both rooms together I bought these Needlepoint Stripe Camellia Flor Tiles from their Martha Stewart Collection for the office. We’re going to take the Shirt Stripe French Cuff tiles that were there [...]

Already on edge

Coco, if I were you, I would LEAVE IT. He’s figured out that I’m pregnant and is already an emotional mess with the anxiety of what that means, if you try to steal his bone I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to tear your face off.

The youngest for a few more months

My brother’s kid Adam turns a year old today, and he celebrated his birthday at the same time we celebrated Leta’s. He’s the youngest cousin on my side of the family, at least until our nuclear bomb drops in June, and then she will be the youngest on both sides of the family. Jon’s got [...]