• Erica

    Please, for the love of God, do not name your DAUGHTER … TRUMAN.

    “MAN” is in Truman, FOR A REASON! :P

    I’ve always been partial to Samantha, which yes, I realize has “man” in it as well, but it’s such a pretty name and much better than Truman.

  • Court

    No Ava!

    I teach and have 3 Avas my class!

  • Courtney

    Well, all of our pets have “human” names. We named one of our dogs Thomas long before we started talking babies. Turns out Thomas is a family name for both of us, so if we have a son his middle name will be the same as the dog. And I SO want a boy instead of a girl.

  • http://www.kjenes.com Suzanne

    I love the Irish name Niamh. (It is the Anglicized form of the name Neve.)


  • http://whirlwindblogger.blogspot.com/ Lynda

    Truwoman?! ;)


  • shellybelly

    That’s hilarious. We have the same problem, but for a boy. We had both settled on a girl name that we liked, but for some reason, we’re finding a boy much harder to name.

    It doesn’t help that my hubby likes to veto all my names, but then only comes up with sports-themed names in return. Like Rickey Henderson. He wants that to be our son’s first and middle name. And our last name ends with a Y, so its so very Rickey Bobby from ‘Talladega Nights’.

    But who cares what we think of your darling girl’s name? Fight it out amongst the two of you and stick to your guns. Once we finally settle on a boy’s name we’re going to keep it secret.

  • http://marilynnedayle.blogspot.com/ Mary

    My favorite, favorite, favorite girls name is one I made up years ago: Sarabella.

    I bet he hasn’t met a Sarabella. I worked it out so I could use the nickname Bella.

    But recently I’ve also liked the name Gracie. Or Grace and Gracie is the nickname. Not sure if I’d like it when she’s a teenager but as of right now I do not need to worry since there are no children happening right now.

    Hope your search goes well – tell Jon to stuff it when he gets orny about it.

  • Anonymous

    Matilda Jane

    …who cares if Truman is traditionally a boys name. If you love it, use it. Addison has become very popular for a girl, but is historically a man’s name.

  • Britt

    Also Ava, Simone, or Suri (like Surrey, England and Tom Cruise’s baby. Not a fan of him, but I love the name of his little girl!).

    Suri Armstrong is spunky. I think you’ll both know the right name when you see your little princess.

  • http://www.sugarmagnolia.wordpress.com Barbara Smith

    aww, a what a sweet little fetus!! I am looking forward to what you name her, it will be awesome charming and unique, I’m sure. Good luck, and happy gassing??

  • Anonymous

    I vote for:


    or Chuck.

  • http://misseireann.blogspot.com erin

    HAH! We had the same problem. We have had a boy’s name picked out since we got engaged 6 years ago, Benjamin Bernhard (for HIS grandfather). But, we are also having a girl. The shortlist of girls’ names was VERY short because we could only agree on a few. Apparently it was my fault because I didn’t like anything he suggested (I would argue the same about him). We finally have settled on Hannah Jeanne – Jeanne is both of our mothers’ middle names, and Hannah we both really like more than anything else. The more we thought about it, the more we thought, YES. And even though it’s a bit trendy (#9 on the 2008 top 10 list), we both decided it’s a good sturdy name that’s been around for thousands of years, and we’re not going to hate it in 30 years when it isn’t trendy anymore.

    For the record, I wanted Eleanor, Tabitha, or Caitlin; he wanted Amber, Isla, or Annasophia. We narrowed it down to Olivia, Sophia, Zoey, Cayleigh, or Hailey before settling on Hannah. I also really like Ellory, but I don’t see you guys as Ellory kind of people.

  • http://www.rupertgrint.net Claire

    Well, I’ve recently gotten to know a girl called Arielle – gorgeous name!

    We’re planning to call our second Sophia Rose, if that’s any help.

    Good luck guys!

  • http://www.mrssplapthing.blogspot.com Marcheline

    1. Trudy

    2. Trudi

    3. TruLeigh

    4. TruAnt

    5. TriedNTru

    6. TruLuv

    7. TruLize

    8. Truworfahls

    9. TruBleu

    10. D. Rumerz R. Tru

    11. TruMatic

    12. Trulette

    13. Trufartia

  • Flicka

    Svea…it is a Swedish name…so pretty

  • http://www.inkysquid.com/creative Sarah

    I’m sure whatever you decide on will be just beautiful and will have its own story to go with it.

    Looking forward to seeing your newest masthead idea.

    Keep writing! and thanks for sharing :)

  • kristen

    I LOVE the suggestion of Linnea. Goes great with Leta.

    If you want a T name, how about Talullah?

    Leta is a family name, right? What about Brooke? :)

    We named our second child three days after he was born. It was totally fine to not have something right away. The name we ultimately chose was perfect. :)

  • Anonymous

    Unsolicited baby names that go with Leta (this is based off the fact that every Leta I have ever known is Scandinavian):


    Happy Naming!

  • Kate

    Here are a few…
    Isabelle(Izzy, Isa, or Bella), Camelia(Cammi), Gretta, Solange(Sola), Adeline (Addy)

  • Saerah

    Truly… as in “Truly Scrumptious” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    but it sounds like Heather may be the only name that could pass Jon’s negative-association test

  • http://thischarminglife.blogspot.com Meredith

    I thought it was much harder to decide on a name for our second…he wasn’t named until we were literally being discharged from the hospital. It’ll come to you and when you hear it you’ll know it’s right.

  • http://www.zamon.net @wz@m


    My wife and I had a tense few weeks with the placenta previa thing as well. Our baby was a big mover during ultrasounds and had a few long appointments waiting for the right “shot” from the technician. We had chosen a name for both a boy and a girl way before we got pregnant but we wanted to be surprised and when our little girl was finally born, we had to be reminded to check to see if we had a Bernard or a Rita because we were all excited just to have our baby in our arms.


    We had a RITA!

  • Melissa

    You guys did a great job naming Leta, so I know you’ll come up with something good. I like Tru for a middle name. I think Ala (pronounced Ayla) Armstrong sounds good. Other choices would be Marlo or Tenley

  • Amy

    Lola. Ruthie. Or Trudy – LOVE Trudy. Good job whoever first said that. See you in Denver in April!

  • LJ

    The internet is not wise. Don’t name the girl Truman.

  • Heather

    I like Truman and have always liked boys names for girls until recently when I began to work at a magazine. When sending out party invites I changed my mind when I would have to call many Dylan, James, Taylors, ect to find out if I address the envelope Mr or Ms. It would suck to have all your mail addressed to Mr. Truman Armstrong.

    My personal favorite is June. Such a simple pretty classic name.

  • Amanda

    As a high school teacher who once had a class with three boys named Chris, a girl named Kris, a Kristine, and a Kristina, I tried to select names that were uncommon, but not weird. We have three daughters, who are named Avery, Camille, and Maya.

  • http://apleasingfiveness.com Julia Kelly

    Some beautiful girl-babies of my acquaintance are named…

  • http://www.smoochdog1212.com Michelle

    I love Zoe and Grace for girls names and love love love #8 for the wallpaper.

  • http://log.davedot.com/ Dave Vogt

    Not that you should be letting the internet name your baby, but I’m all for Madison or Mackenzie

  • Anonymous

    I always thought Oletha was really pretty.

  • http://onemansportsnetwork.com Rob

    I had to laugh when reading about all of the girl names your husband has rejected.

    I suggest buying a book like I have at home with over 3000 baby names. Give it to your husband and let him cross out all the ones that he objects to.

    After that see what’s left. Surely he can’t cross out every single girls name. After that I hope you can find one you both agree on.

  • sybann

    Sybil! I have an irrational love for it now that I am used to it – the book/movie is far off enough so as not to make childhood miserable.

  • Anonymous

    If not Truman, then how about Harper

  • Anonymous

    Oprah Armstrong.

    Blurbodoocery Armstrong.

  • Heather G.

    Maxine? Max for short.

  • http://1bigchaotichappyfamily.blogspot.com/ CraezieLady

    Well, since everybody has already suggested pretty much every baby name in the book (and then some), I won’t bother, and anyway I wouldn’t possibly know what type of name you might actually like enough to consider!
    All I can say is, have fun with the automatic name-veto machine! I DO know what that’s like, that’s all my husband and I did when I was pregnant with my youngest! And we ended up with a name that’s kinda “eh” in my opinion, but hey, I’m just happy the kid has a name at all! She could have ended up being called Baby or The Baby for the rest of her life (which is what my stepson’s name was until he was damn near 3 years old – how hard is it to call a kid by his name? Granted, it’s easier if said kid actually has a name…) Ok, now I’m just rambling! Good luck with the name game (magic 8 ball, anyone?)! I can’t wait to find out the final selection!

    (hey look, my captcha words are “medicine” and “helen”, how hilarious!)

  • Stephen

    Sam. Strong name. I suspect it would suit perfectly the type of little girl you will raise – and it sounds great when screamed at the top of your lungs!

  • robyn

    Funny, my pregnancies were the same. My first child kicked and karate chopped and backflipped the whole time, and her personality is much like Leta’s (she’s 16 now…). My second was gentle and sleepy, and that is exactly how he is now (he’s 3).

    Do you have any other family names you’d like to carry on? Leta is a beautiful name, and I love the reason you chose it.

  • http://www.paydayfinancial.co.uk John

    Yes, I like Alena too. It sounds very nice.

  • onbeelay

    Francesca called Frankie
    Artemisia called Mia

  • http://www.dinkycast.com Jen

    I’m on Team Leta on the name thing. Aurora is a lovely name and it goes really well with your last name. Can’t you picture Dr. Aurora Armstrong going into someone’s hospital room to explain to them about the triple bypass she’s about to perform on them. Because I TOTALLY CAN.

  • Nicole

    Please dont name the kid Truman…its a girl…she will get teased. Leta is a beautiful name Truman will always live in her shadow.

  • Jacs

    Millie. That’s my little girls name – thought it was cute, sweet and gentle. Three things she is not. Fiery, mental and independent is she.

    Love comment #24. Thought about Harlot – similar to Ho -no?

    Dude, who would name their kids Omen and Irony – holy shit, no doubt that was decided upon under a heavy cloud of weed.

    Good luck.

  • Michelle

    Ever since my childhood obsession with Beverly Cleary, I’ve wanted to name a daughter Ramona. My daughter’s father, however, vetoed, and we went with Elise. Which I’m (and she’s) very happy about now. But I’m a one-and-done kinda gal, and really hoping someone will name their daughter Ramona since I won’t ever be able to!

    Good luck with this!

  • http://www.krismom.com krismom

    The yawning is way cute! :) that is really neat that the baby is already noticeably different than Leta was, I love getting those little hints of what they will be like once they are born.

    My daughter’s name is Harmony and I have found it to be a really great name. Unique yet easy to spell.

    good luck making a choice! I hope you eventually stumble upon something Jon can live with!

  • Marcy

    My last name is Armstrong and I’m having my baby Thursday, surely my opinion means something? No? Well, anyway…
    We are having a boy, but our girl name was going to be Claudia. My daughters name is Delaney. I’m not sure either of those work with Leta though. Other Armstrong female names in out family include Mabel, Charity, Lynda, and yes, Heather.
    I really like Truman for a girl.

  • Anonymous

    We told everyone we were naming the baby Daffodil Souffle. You can totally borrow it-it shuts everyone up while they secretly wonder if you really ARE that crazy.

  • http://www.fallforniagara.com/public_html/blog1.php American Wife

    Can we win a prize for choosing the winning name???

    The baby is due in June, right? Why not call her June?

    My 4 year old daughter is named Violet Jane, you live far enough away to borrow that.

    Our son is 9 months, he’s Lincoln, but if he had been a girl he would have been Eva Louise or Autumn Lane.

    I really, really wanted to have 2 girls, you are SO lucky!

  • Anonymous

    Creepy, creepy…. A lot of the things you write remind me of me… also, we are both pregnant, I am due in May… we are having a girl… we have a 14 month old son named Truman who is named after my husband’s grandfather… we can not agree on a girls name… anyway, when I read Truman my skin crawled ever so little…