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Today I put off a set of errands I needed to run until after Leta got out of school so that she could come with me, and as a reward for being so pleasant while sitting though an endless string of traffic lights I let her pick out a book on our trip to Costco. [...]

Lover, business partner, best friend

About a month or two ago I signed up for Facebook to reconnect with a group of friends I had in college at BYU and since then have noticed several memes making the rounds among my contacts. I’m not usually a fan of memes and couldn’t tell you exactly why, I think it goes back [...]

400 thread count

I imagine that when my mother and father see pictures of the dogs lounging casually on our sateen bed linens that they want to call each other up and go, where did we go wrong? Because according to my father, dogs poop. And creatures that do such things should live outside. My mother’s opinion of [...]