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What happens when Mommy and Daddy share a special hug

“Mom, why is your belly so big?” “Hmm… I don’t know, Leta. Why do you think so?” “Because of all that food you’ve been eating.” “THAT’S NOT WHERE I WAS GOING WITH THIS.”

Bride hair

Three days ago I stopped by my salon to pick up some conditioner for my hair, and I asked the receptionist if my stylist was in so that I could ask her a few questions about curling irons, did she recommend a certain brand or size? Turns out my stylist wasn’t working on any clients [...]

Good source of potassium

Leta would lose all respect for Chuck if she saw him touching this banana. There is nothing grosser in this world to that kid than a banana, and every morning when I cut one up and put it in my oatmeal she picks up her bowl of cereal and dramatically moves to the other side [...]