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Good thing he matches the towels in the bathroom

Jon’s mother used to tell Jon that he had potatoes growing in his ears and that’s why she had to clean them out with q-tips. We both thought this was adorable, and so this is the explanation we’ve given Leta, not thinking we’d get to school one day and her teacher would confront us and [...]

24 weeks

Yesterday marked the 24th week of my pregnancy, and since we’re on vacation near a scenic, coastal backdrop we thought, why not? I wasn’t anywhere near this big when I was this far along with Leta which makes me look at these photos and think, oh dear, and the voice in my head sounds exactly [...]

Hidden cove

Yesterday was one of those beautiful Southern California days that I often dream about, so we headed down to the beach to take some photos. Totally forgot about the temperature of the Pacific Ocean, HOLY CRAP, stuck one toe in and I almost froze the baby. Jon reminded me, “This isn’t Florida.”