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Sunrise on the Chrysler Building

This was one of the shots I managed to get in the cab on my way to the airport in New York last week, one of many shots of the Chrysler Building that Jon and I have taken when visiting the city. I love how it looks like the hand of an enormous clock here [...]

Black Out Mascara

For a countless number of years I used Avon brand mascara because my mother could get it for a huge discount. But when she retired last year and I ran out, I had to find a new brand. I never knew that mascara shopping could be so tricky and have spent the last eight months [...]

A belated 28 weeks

I’m a bit late with this, but last week marked my 28th week of pregnancy (today actually marks the 29th week). I took this photo in the bathroom of my hotel room in New York: I don’t know why I’m even telling you this, but that was the first hotel room I’ve ever stayed in [...]

Stinky face

Just another leisurely afternoon spent chewing on someone else’s neck. (many thanks to my adorable geek for helping me out with the Chuck photos this week)

Out like a lion

I took this on the flight home from Chicago last week, and I believe we’re flying over Ogden, Utah right here not far north of Salt Lake City. That was the first window seat I had last week, and every thirty minutes I’d take a look out over the wing at the ground below. I’m [...]

Pacific Daylight Time

I just wanted to post a reminder to anyone who’d like to join me on the West Coast this week for my book readings and signings. This is my schedule this week: PORTLAND, OR Monday, March 30 7:30 PM PST POWELL’S 1005 W. Burnside Avenue Portland, OR SEATTLE, WA Tuesday, March 31 7:00 PM PST [...]

Plush baby blanket

This soft microfiber baby blanket is from The Modern Baby Co., and I love that the fabric isn’t covered in cartoon characters. This is one of many baby blankets that I’m sure to collect in the weeks leading up to the birth. That’s one thing I learned the first time, you can never have enough [...]

Stand off

They both remained frozen in these positions for about ten minutes straight, Coco sort of pretending that she wasn’t interested in the bone, Chuck sort of pretending that he didn’t notice that she’s full of shit. Their lives are so refreshingly simple.

Keeping up with the Jetsons

Yesterday I tried to take it easy after flying into Chicago, so I stayed close to the hotel, grabbed a small dinner by myself at an Irish pub across the street, and then settled in for a night of mind-numbing television. I haven’t been to Chicago since 2001, and I know I should be trying [...]

Headed toward Queens

I took this in the car on my way to LaGuardia this morning because that was literally the only free time I had to take photos of New York. It’s a bit blurry, but I love that it resembles all the memories I have in my head of the frenetic, head-fucking pace of this city. [...]