• sbk

    oh my good god what an ephing psycho who probably needs a good rogering herself and is hopefully not raising children with the same disregard for english grammar that she so freely wields with no thought as to the reader who has to navigate his or her way through her rant and isn’t that the real issue here

  • Jan

    Could we have a photo of tire treadmarks on a printout of this one?

  • http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/ The Scarlett

    I can’t wait to see the husband-fucking slut header on top of the blog. I didn’t think you could out-do the “two words: lame” banner but I am prepared to be wrong.

    And apparently punctuation = lame. Spare kidneys = smart.

  • http://www.spaces.msn.com/gilliangaladriel Gillian

    Two words:


    Well, three words.


  • Ashley

    Lol! The lengths that people will go to in order to call women sluts never ceases to amaze me. Sex out of wedlock? Slut! Short skirt? Slut! And now having sex with the man you’re MARRIED to? Someone should write some sort of a handbook. I’m getting overwhelmed.

  • Heidi

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious!!!!! Apparently that person had someone piss in his/her life cereal this morning!!!

    I laughed so hard at how you explained this my gut hurts!!! Keep it up you so called “Mormon Populating Husband Fucker!!!”

  • Megan

    That man has a job that sucks and hasn’t been laid in a VERY VERY long time. Perhaps if he hadn’t skipped that class on punctuation, his life would have turned out differently =)

  • http://tmamone.blogspot.com Travis

    Is there a law saying that trolls and online haters have to fail at grammar?

  • http://www.samtamlyn.wordpress.com Sam Tamlyn

    Things I learned today:

    1. I’m a slut.
    2. People are stupid.

    Keep spreading the knowledge, Heather.

  • http://www.svoortmeyer.blogspot.com sara

    1.Did you know that some people call un-punctuated thoughts poetry….:)
    2.I can’t wait to tell my husband I am a slut!!
    3. I never thought about the kidney angle….I sam so prepared.
    4. You are fantastic.

  • Julie

    First time commenter here.

    I am a recovering husband-fucker and currently a boyfriend-fucker (and enjoying every fucking minute).

    I have ten kidneys (4 kids, 1 grandson)on standby should the need arise… but believe it or not, I have THREE of my own. I would even consider sharing.

    Keep on posting the haters…. seeing everyone’s response puts it in perspective.

    Bless you and your family!

  • http://hardtobehuman.blogspot.com/ Amy

    Excellent. Spouse-fucking is the new morality crisis, producing all those welfare children. Because no non-working, husband-fucking slutbag would ever, like, generate income. Especially not from the righteous hate mail of a half-literate reader.

  • Karen

    Drink up the haterade! At least the fuckwads in the world make everything a little more interesting.

  • Noelle

    I just had the best belly laugh over your responses to the dimwits out there. Thank you.

  • http://www.xanga.com/Bratfink Brat

    Can you feel the love?

    Holy shit. Amazing how the trolls find you.

  • Hesper

    Love it! Ohhh, but I do miss those Emergencey potato pearls!

  • Wendy

    Hysterical ! Made my day !