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Zen master vs. toddler on meth

Jon was recently playing around with our camera and captured this riveting interview with Chuck. There’s not much action here, but I don’t think there exists a video that so succinctly captures the differences between Chuck and Coco:

The Sanfords

This morning I helped Jon (as much as I could) move everything out of the basement and onto the patio in the backyard so that the carpet installers could get at the floors. Jesus, we have a lot of crap. In fact, most of that stuff is Leta’s, and that’s after combing through her belongings [...]

Wood veneer tray table

I recently bought this White Formosa Tray Table from CB2 to serve as a bedside table in the nursery, and it was exactly what I was looking for except for the fact that I did not inspect the dimensions thoroughly enough and it’s a lot shorter than I had hoped. And eh, no big deal, [...]