• http://www.thehaltermans.com TrishH

    Im sorry but the herioin and cocaine comments got me laughing so hard.. You say it with such a delivery that its almost believeable.

    Thank you for you humor.
    I love it.

  • Louise

    I ate Big Macs and drank any kind of soda or tea I could get my hands on. I craved smells. Gain detergent could give me an orgasm practically, and I carried a bar of Irish spring soap around in my purse so I could pull it out and smell it any time I wanted to. My kids are healthy, happy and so smart it amazes me.

  • http://teacherwoman.typepad.com Margaret

    Unlike you, my first pregnancy (at 29) was way easier physically than my second one (at nearly 33). I ran/jogged on the road until the day before I delivered with my first daughter; there were many people who just about drove off the road when they saw me. I did aerobics in my second pregnancy–when I could, since I was nauseated much of the time.

  • jenny

    pregnancy is boot camp for life with an infant. no sleep, sore boobs, sacrifice, sacrifice, joy.

    both mine were very similar and wonderful. i was very relaxed & cautious.
    if “you’re” not willing to give it all up for 9 months, the following 18 years could be torture.

  • http://www.misheru.com Missy

    I was more relaxed my second pregnancy, but also a lot sicker…then I found out about week 20 that my little girl was going to be born with a cleft lip, possible cleft palate, and when the doctor said it could be due to chromosonal disorder (meaning the baby wouldn’t live to be a year) I became severely depressed. The doctor prescribed Zoloft for me, and there was never a question whether or not I would take it — if I hadn’t, I would be dead and so would my baby.

    My little girl was born perfect except for a minor cleft lip (only cosmetic) and the amazing thing is that since I stayed on the anti-depressants, I too got to experience having a newborn without the freakout (my postpartum after my first was pretty ugly). I felt bad for my son that I was so crazy when he was a baby, because the second time around we just sat around and worshipped Maya and enjoyed every second of her babyhood. She was a very calm baby and ended up sleeping through the night after a month (my son didn’t sleep through the night for 2 1/2 years) and overall our family was soooo much happier.

    I stayed on the Zoloft for a year before slowly weaning off (although I am taking it again — depression runs in my family and it wasn’t entirely due to the pregnancy/post-partum). I certainly felt much calmer when people tried to tell me what to do with my baby that first year, and all the weird things people do just kind of rolled off (including the subtle questions about whether the cleft was my fault somehow — no, I put the crack pipe down for nine months). My daughter had surgery to close her lip (I have some pics on my site) and we made it through that experience without a hitch.

    Enjoy your pregnancy, Heather. Enjoying my daughter’s birth and first year in a relaxed state of mind was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself, and I will never regret it.

  • Ashley

    Wow, totally reverse for me. I’m more anxious, less healthy, and way more emotionally up-and-down. Maybe it’s having a two-year-old the second time around, but even without his challenging behavior, this pregnancy has been physically harder for me. Nausea and heartburn until about 20 weeks, and I feel like I’m just hitting my stride to start to chill at 31 weeks. I hope to have that feeling of being where I want to be sometime soon. Right now I’m scared shitless about having two kids under three and what the heck this one is going to present. Hopefully a moment of zen will strike when the waddle does.

  • http://www.assortednutz.com/blog Kelly

    Just like you I felt so much more calm and at peace with everything. I had complications with #1 and things didn’t go very well (but ended up fine, eventually) and I *should* have been all freaked out about #2 but everything felt so great and so right. Even when I was going in for delivery (induced) I was super calm and emotionally prepared. The whole experience helped me to get over the horrible experience I had bringing #1 into the world and reaffirm my belief that being pregnant, for me, is awesome.

    I’m so pleased that you’re having such an enjoyable time!

  • KB

    Staying calm is good. Have you decided on whether or not to use an epidural? I did with my first three, but had the last one without meds. We have horrible insurance and I am that cheap. Wishing you the best. I can’t wait to see the little doll. I am hoping that she has your cute chin.

  • http://baby.mediafactured.com Margaret

    My second has been caffeinated since conception. She’s one and still nursing because she refuses to wean and, with a 3 year old too, I am too tired to care much. I drink occasionally and exist almost entirely on diet coke and coffee and she is wonderfully healthy.

    My husband jokes that one day, when she’s like 13, she’ll try a diet soda and go, “Mama?!”

    Yeah, my breastmilk is most likely carbonated.

  • Kristine

    Heather, no!
    You have to cut the blow to every OTHER weekend or your baby will be born with 2 heads.
    Christ, I thought everyone knew that.

  • Kelly

    I’m a few weeks behind you. It’s been nice to “share” this with you as we progress. This is my third and I think since it will most likely be the last, I’ve tried to savor it more. I’m laid back about most things regarding pregnancy. I have had the occasional hot dog, lunch meat, coffee, etc. I know what you mean, this pg has been different for me too because I’m medicated now. It’s been a relief not to want to divorce my husband on a daily basis this time.

    PS, Did you know that if you raise your arms above your head, you’ll strangle the baby? Tsk, tsk, be careful!

  • Chucky25

    Wait until you’re pregnant with #4! Hee hee! And at 3 years old, he is such a cool, relaxed little guy. I have found that with each pregnancy, I was more calm and my kids seem to each have soaked it in because they are more calm as well.

    Well, except for after my 3rd birth….when post partum reared its ugly head. Nothing a little Zoloft couldn’t fix. And, I breastfed while on Zoloft and he is a smart, funny, creative 5 year old.

    Just ENJOY the moment….

  • http://www.aussiechic.com www.aussiechic.com

    Oh I so agree with you in regard to people being fanatical…..it is just getting out of control. I am an avid rider of horses, compete in dressage, and rode until I was 5 months pregnant – and I received all sorts of comments about it. (I have a gorgeous little boy – I was fine). I also had a woman at my work tell me that I should not wear high heels to work because, and I quote, “that baby could fall out of you at any moment”.!!!!! I am not kidding you!!!!! How is that??? I could not believe her comment. I told her to her face that I thought she was bloody ridiculous and she could take her comments and shove them. This is when I was 7 months pregnant……So good on you – get out there and enjoy life. You will be fine and so will your little newbie love bug.

  • http://poppyfox.etsy.com Poppy

    I think as long as you aren’t drinking, smoking, punching yourself in the stomach then people shouldn’t get crazy over it. I was always under the assumption that exercise was good for the mother and the baby!

  • http://laurenfrench.com/wp Lauren

    I don’t have any children, and to be honest before I started reading your blog however long ago I didn’t ever want to have any either but since reading your trials and tribulations i’ve realised having children isn’t like having a second head, and I’m looking forward (with time though!) to eventually starting a family. IN MANY YEARS. But yes, I just wanted to thank you and I hope one day i’ll be a great mother like you are.

    Oh, sorry, here’s an imaginary bag to catch the vom ;) Haha.

  • Angelina

    I was so nervous the first time that I did not fully appreciate the pregnancy. I was 19 and had only been married a year and half. My second pregnancy was so much fun. I had a 6 month old when I found out I was expecting and I enjoyed everything. It fact my children are just like my pregnancies. My oldest is always worried and stressed and my second one is carefree and playful. Weird huh?

  • Hollis

    LOVE your comments about heroin and cocaine. Very funny.

  • Michele

    Loved your post today. I too suffered a mismarriage between my first and second pregancies. I was so nervous before the first ultrasound the second time around, even though I just felt this one was right this time. Once I saw a healthy baby, and once I made it through the first trimester, I definitely have been more relaxed than I expected to be. Plus- I’ve maintained my morning Starbuck’s Half-Caf and allowed myself the occasional glass of wine— even in public (gasp) while working out at the gym twice a week and walking daily. I honestly feel like the picture of health right now at 33 weeks. Its a great feeling. But its amazing, out of everything, the most people question the gym workouts. You talk to any doctor and they say exercise is one of the best things for the baby. Skydiving and other extreme sports— yeah, probably want to avoid those. But treadmill, ellipical, and other light to moderate weights and exercises that don’t exceed what you’ve done before- perfectly acceptable and actually GOOD FOR THE BABY! I guess this wasn’t common knowledge for the previous generation, so I try to be patient as I explain this to worrisome folks. now, I’m with you, definitely at peace. or probably the more appropriate phrase, “the calm before the storm” (will soon have my second boy, 27 months apart….gulp)

  • http://moosh-potpourri.blogspot.com moosh

    I have never been pregnant so I can’t give any advice or relate my experience. I too feel calm and in the right place mentally. I think this is because I have found my place in the universe. I am staying true to myself and I think that maybe the case with you. When we are doing what we love and not what others think we should we are just plain happier.

  • http://optimistickatherine.blogspot.com Katherine

    I was much more worried and stressed during my second pregnancy. I think there are two main reasons. First, I was in medical school during my second pregnancy. Let me tell you, ignorance is bliss. Daily, I was learning something new that either my baby or myself could die from. Second, I had some abnormal test results and measurements during my second pregnancy. Everything turned out fine, but it hung over me like a cloud the entire time.

  • http://mlbornstein.blogspot.com Meredith

    Oh my god I LOVE the way you said “knowwhatImean?” in the prenatal vitamin segment! You’ve mentioned your accent before of course and I always love hearing you speak but that was the ultimate for me. Thank you.

    Oh yeah, the topic – I was much more relaxed the second time around. Experience and being too busy with the first child I guess. And I also drank my coffee every morning.

  • KellyS

    My daughter was 2 during my 2nd pregnancy, and she kept me so busy & distracted I just didn’t have the time & focus to obsess like I did with #1.

    In fact, I remember crying and begging my husband to buy some silly stuffed animal in a dept. store because this new baby had “nothing! We’re not even thinking about him!” etc.

    Now he’s 4 1/2 and making up for that “lost” attention in spades.

  • Rebecca

    My first pregnancy I was so careful. I took medications, but only after consulting 6 different doctors (at 6 different practices). I didn’t wear nail polish or even makeup really. I gave up alcohol 6 months before we even started trying. I made my husband give up alcohol until I was pregnant too, and he wasn’t allowed to smoke cigars the entirety of the pregnancy. I gave up caffeine completely. I only ate organic food. No lunchmeat, no sushi, no hotdogs, all meat well done. I ate tons a fruit and vegetables. We even found naturopathic flea and tick repellent for the dog. Despite having severe morning sickness (almost HG) I did everything obsessively correct.

    At 18 weeks, my son was stillborn. It turns out that I had symptomless Type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar in the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy caused multiple congenital abnormalities in my son. They weren’t visible on ultrasound until it was too late.

    Three months later, and we are trying again. In fact, there’s a good chance I’m pregnant right now. And things have been so different this time around.

    I gave up alcohol just 1 week before we started TTC. I didn’t even make my husband stop drinking (cigars are still out though). I’ve accepted my doctor’s wisdom and I’m eating lunchmeat and drinking caffeine (less than 150 mg per day). I wear makeup, eat non-organic, get manicures, and much to the dog’s relief, we use real tick repellant (husband applies it). Most importantly though, I have my diabetes under tight control and didn’t TTC until the doctor said it was safe.

    I have no idea why losing my son would make me so laid back this pregnancy. My mom says that everybody gets laid back the second time around. Friends in my stillbirth support group say that it is a common, if counterintuitive reaction to stillbirth. My husband thinks it may be because I am hyper-controlling my diabetes – that makes me less inclined to hypercontrol everything else. It’s probably a little of each.

  • http://www.alexawesome.com Alex Awesome

    I love this video (and the entry, as always) because it also highlights the bizarro comments pregnant women get. My mum is firmly of the opinion that when you’re pregnant, you stop being entirely your own person, both literally in a physical sense and also culturally.

    I really never liked that perspective, no matter how true it might be. I’m much more likely to go a step further and tell my husband, “she [the barista] does know that I’m about to give her an espresso enema the hard way, right?”

    Never having been pregnant, I think this is interesting because it also kind of underscores the underlying issue that comes out more frequently (but not exclusively) during pregnancy. We blur the lines a lot when it comes to women in our culture, and how much they are their own people and how much they belong to the world at large.

    It irks me no end the number of comments and judgments I get about my body. I’m no celebrity, and I’m certainly not that well known as a blogger. When I walk down the street, I will scare the shit out of you if you make a comment that’s out of line. I don’t know you, I don’t dress up for you, and I sure as hell did not develop big breasts for your benefit. That you appreciate them is one thing – I love my boobs, as does my large and angry boyfriend – but that doesn’t give you the right to talk to me about them or give me suggestions on what I should eat/wear/do with my hair or whether or not I should smile.

    So yeah, this line of conversation opens up some interesting food for thought regarding women’s roles in our culture and how people (men and women alike) respond to us, and how we respond to other women!

  • melissa Klein

    This is my 3rd pregnancy, I’m 27 weeks, and am SO much better off with my coffee and diet coke. Living in Utah as a non-LDS I’ve always enjoyed the slight rebelliousness of carrying around a cup of coffee- and a pregnant woman with coffee seems quite taboo. I love it! I almost wish I smoked just for the shock value…

    But I do hate that now with 3 small ones in tow everyone assumes I’m LDS – what I really want is a t-shirt that reads “Catholics – the ORIGINAL breeders.” Sorry, I’m warped, living here will do that to you ;)

  • Erin

    I was more paranoid with my second because I had several complications. I didn’t find out until about 20 weeks that I had placenta previa, so I was more mellow until that point, but after that I was a mess. Then I had preterm labor and finally a placental abruption at 32 weeks. (I wouldn’t have told you this if you weren’t already full term!)

    I ate sushi both times. More the second time. I got some stares in the sushi restaurants, let me tell you! I also drank coffee and tea both times. And I ate whatever the hell I wanted both times. The first time I was just happy I could eat anything, since I had 24/7/40 week sickness. The second time, I was all about the powdered Hostess donuts. I took my prenatals more the second time, because I wasn’t so nauseated that I couldn’t breathe like the first time. (I once had a “friend” tell me that by not choking down the prenatals that made me want to vomit, I was killing my baby. I told her that my doctor said that if taking the vitamins prevented me from being able to eat, I should skip the vitamins and eat food. It was one or the other, baby!) I didn’t eat lunch meats either time, because they were disgusting. Same with cheese. The thought made me gag. No bananas for me either time either, though they’re my third favorite fruit. I also didn’t worry about making sure my meat was thoroughly cooked.

    I don’t know why people would be on you about going to the gym. You’re supposed to continue exercising if you were exercising pre-pregnancy.

    My favorite thing to do was go to the store and buy a six-pack of beer. I don’t even drink, pregnant or not, but it was fun to mess with people.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want any hate mail either, but I’ll tell you how things have changed.

    I drank [not every day, mind you], I smoked, and I slept through my 2nd pregnancy. I got up and cooked dinner every night, but that was about it.

    When I think of my 2nd pregnancy, all I can remember is being so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

    ~~ RE

  • Sara Mama

    Dear Heather,
    First, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I love it. I also saw you on the Today show, and I like your style in person as well as online!
    I was much less obsessively worried with my second pregnancy. My first child was born 6 weeks premature and that was totally traumatic for me. Even though she is totally fine (although totally bizarre, too, being very close in age to your lovely Leta), it took me a long time to get over it. When I finally was ready to get pregnant again, I decided to just trust my OB, stay off the internet (searching for disaster), and similar to you, accept that it was largely out of my hands what would happen (since no one could give me a reason for my first child coming prematurely). So, I was much more relaxed.
    My son’s birth was painful and exhausting–in the way it is supposed to be!–and really wonderful.
    Best to you!

  • http://mamasoncall.com Rachel

    Now that child #4 is 15, I look back with the objectivity of time … NOT!

    Wow, it seems like each pregnancy and each newborn period was filled with the emotions and atmosphere of the moment. By the fourth (easiest in oh-so-many ways, and the only girl) I really thought I had it down, until I leaked amniotic fluid at 29 weeks and spent the next 6 flat on my back. Mother nature’s way of saying ENOUGH!

    Love this post and the rush of memories it brings …

  • hanna

    my first 4 to term pregnancies went off without a hitch. i was great, had a wonderful time, enjoyed being pregnant. with my 5th pregnancy, due to a lot of external stresses – mainly my mother – i didn’t quite enjoy the pregnancy as much as i would have liked. she harped on me about EVERYTHING! this didn’t let up the day i gave birth either. which probably didn’t help matters at all when i suffered severely from ppd. i’m currently pregnant with number 6. this is after a m/c that i’d had between pregnancies 3 & 4 and then after a possible partial molar pregnancy this past dec. i’m a little on edge in some ways however, i am trying to remain rather zen about it all. i’ve been attempting to exercise – which i never did in my previous pregnancies (unless you want to count walking about 2 hrs a day to/from work with my 2nd pregnancy).

    as for what do i eat, what do i refrain from? nothing. nothing that i wouldn’t normally eat to begin with. sushi is an acquired taste, the thought of soft cheeses makes me want to hurl. however, you can pass me a toasted ham sandwich (i don’t microwave the ham), some lo mein noodles from the local chinese restaurant, a diet coke and it’s currently chili dog season at the local creemee. mmm YUM!

    i have 5 kids ranging from 16 to 4 with a baby on the way. You learn what’s important and what’s not. what’s needed and what’s not. the only thing i’m most uncomfortable with is when people come up to me and start talking about things no pregnant woman ever wants to hear about – like the crazy people out there that do horrible things. seriously!?! have some tact! (i had someone come up to me last weekend talking about the woman from a few yrs back)

    btw, i love your belly pic from last week. i haven’t stopped giggling at it. congrats on your newest little one to be!

  • helena!

    heather –

    i love your website & i check it everyday. it isn’t out of the ordinary that i burst out in fits of laughter whenever reading, you’re very inspiring. i’m a military wife, we’re stationed in camp lejeune NC, i’m 22 years old. we’re getting ready for our third deployment, and you make me feel a little less crazy, like i can conquer anything. (even the terrible two’s! haha.) thanks for keepin it real. :) i’m a big fan.

  • http://elephantsoap.com Cindy

    Heather, you are awesome. I’ve never had kids or been pregnant, so I have no idea. But I have friends with babies and some times I wonder if all the restrictions aren’t about the same as our idea to have a germ free environment. Are we being overly cautious? Any way, I think you are great and that baby is going to be super wonderful, just like the first.

  • http://howdoyousay.blogspot.com/ Faithstwin

    I was wary in the beginning of my third pregnancy as my second one ended in miscarriage and I was pregnant again (my family calls me Fertile Myrtle for a reason) only a month and a half after suffering that loss. At 8 weeks I started bleeding again and ended up miscarrying a twin. One successfully stuck around and after the 6 month mark I felt great- I hadn’t gained the same weight as the first one, I was more active, as a diabetic my bloodsugars were under better control… it was cool. Then I became toxemic and had to undergo emergency c-section at 37 1/2 weeks. Everything worked out beautifully and Maddy, my youngest, is the most laid back, easy going kiddo ever. She’s going to be 10 next week.

    Congrats on making it through this one. I almost guarantee life will be twice as amazing.

  • Leesha

    I love that you threw heroin and crack in there. Hilarious and extremely brave on your part!

    I am currently pregnant with my second son who is scheduled to be here June 8th (a week before his due date because of a *gasp* SCHEDULED C-SECTION) and have been so much more laid back this time around.

    My first son will be a few days of turning 1 when number 2 is born (totally not on purpose, by the way) and I find that as horrible as it may sound, I don’t really have time to worry about this pregnancy like I did with my first. I’m busy with snacks and naps and laundry and chasing around my increasingly mobile son all day. When people ask how far along I am in my pregnancy, I have to stop and think for a minute, usually counting on my fingers.

    Like you said, so much of the outcome of a pregnancy is out of our hands and so worrying really just makes things worse in the long run.

    I am just as eager to meet my second son as I was to meet my first, I’m just not letting every little thing bother me like I did before.

  • http://www.blogspot.dullard.com Jody

    Thank you so much for saying. “A lot of this is left up to the mercy of nature. And I have experienced an almost overwhelming sense of freedom and calm in letting myself go to that notion.”

    As someone trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years, including 2 IUIs and 2 IVFs, that is a very reassuring and calming reminder.

    Thank you.

  • http://www.verymerryseamstress.com Heather Piper

    First pregnancy, from the moment I saw the pink + on the pee stick: OH. EM. GEE. DO NOT EVEN BREATHE ON ME! I AM PREGNANT!

    Second pregnancy, at nine months: WTF is falling out of my – oh yeah, right. I’m having a baby.

  • http://defectiveyeti.com Denise

    I have that peace about my son who autism. I’m so damn happy to have him in my life that I don’t care about the ridicule I receive daily. As you know, everyone is an expert on how to deal with autism. It’s like being pregnant for your entire life.

  • Ashley

    First and foremost… working out and staying in shape is BAD for you? *sigh* It’s like… um, ok people…

    So it’s only my first, but I’ve been really really mellow. I think because I’m surrounded by other preggos that are SO uptight about everything that it’s like, whoa, that looks like it sucks. I mean, I’m not having unpasteurized brie or lunch meat, or a flipping bathtub of gin every day for lunch, but I’m also not completely freaking out about everything. Even that, *gasp* occasional glass of wine.

    Just me, and the way that I do things… people who want to tell me what to do just generally get a “look” from me, and not much else. Idiots.

  • Laura

    You know, when I was pregnant with my first, I was a wreck, all the time. And it was an easy pregnancy, threw up a couple of times, got a few stretch marks, had an emergency C-section and when she got here- I was still a wreck. Like you, I had a miscarriage between my two daughters, it was the end of my world. However, when I became pregnant with my second daughter, everything was so much better, I had a difficult time with her- in the hospital twice with infections, threw up EVERY DAY for SEVEN months, and then she got here- it was the best. All that anxiety and fear was gone. She made everything right, all of it. When she fell down or got choked on something- there was no panic like there was with the first- just calm and quick to act momma.
    My second daughter makes me want to be pregnant all the time- that calm I felt while she was in there baking, I miss that. I long for it at times. And when women complain about how hard it is to be pregnant- I look back at my pregnancies and see how lucky I was to be a woman.

  • http://www.speedosarmy.blogspot.com Julie

    My first pregnancy and birth went almost flawlesly. So I didn’t expect anything to go wrong with the second pregnancy. But it did. I got Preclampsia and luckily my brother-in-law of all people caught it in a freak blood pressure taking Sunday evening at grandmas. We had her the next morning 5 & 1/2 weeks early. So, I WAS calm up until that point. With my first baby, I went nuts, similiar to you. But with my second, I was able to relax and enjoy so many more things. I cherish the moments I got to sit and hold and relax with my second baby.

    I really can’t believe that people would think that exercise is bad for a pregnant person. Really? Don’t they read pregnancy magazines and hang out with OBGYN’s all the time?

  • Emily

    I really admire you for your honesty (and bravery) regarding pregnancy.

    I’m a little ways behind you, and am due at the very beginning of August. This is my first child.

    Two years ago, I was in a horrific accident where a semi driver tried to purposefully run me over in my little Honda Civic. I escaped (relatively) unscathed, but with a scorching case of PTSD. I’m still dealing with PTSD today.

    I have been very heavily criticized by everyone (but my OB, thankfully) because I have continued to take my antidepressant through my pregnancy. People don’t seem to realize that the risk rendered by taking Wellbutrin presents less of a risk to my baby girl than a the risk of having a suicidal pregnant woman off her meds.

    People don’t seem to realize that, regardless of the limited information they have about my life, I have the best interests of my baby at heart.

    Thank you for being relatable. Thank you for being human.

  • http://twitter.com/VictoryTrue Chriss

    With all of my pregnancies (three) I never really bothered to restrict myself from anything except alcohol. I ate, drank, and excercied as I wanted. The kids all came out healthy and BIG. Two of them weighed in over 9lbs a piece.

    I guess I was a little more calm with number 2 and 3 since with my first I was a teenagerr (yeah I was that girl). Every day was traumatic when ever I allowed myself to think about the fact I was going to be a MOM and not a KID anymore. Yes, my second two were much easier.

  • Jamie

    We lost our first child to miscarriage, so I’d have to say that I was a lot more cautious with my second pregnancy. Still, I agree with you that it is pure mercy that babies turn out as well as they do most of the time. I just wanted to be as careful as was within my abilities – without being fearful – so that I at least knew I’d done what I could.

  • http://walkingtomaine.blogspot.com Betsy

    Heather, I don’t have any babies, but I know what it’s like for my neurotic tendencies to be SERIOUSLY assuaged by good housekeeping.

    You’re probably calm because of the yummy, luscious, per-purrr-purrrrrfect carpet in the *yawn* nursery (sigh, zzzzzzzz). And the wallpaper is so dreamy it prolly makes Jon sing lullabies in high soprano. Combine that with a few white onesies and you’re golden.

  • Laura S

    A coworker of mine shared a cube wall. Another coworker sat diagonal to me; this means I could hear all conversations.

    One lady was pregnant with her third. I asked if she wanted a little cup of coffee. Other lady got mad at me and pregnant lady for the coffee incident. Other lady had one kid 10 years ago when she was 17; but she is the expert. Pregnant lady and I just rolled our eyes.

  • http://www.naturallycarolicious.com Carole

    I completely echo your sentiments. I felt so much calmer and confident the second time around and also allowed myself to indulge in some pregnancy no-no’s. I had one cup of coffee every day, continued to exercise, ate tuna, slept on my back, even had a glass of champagne on my anniversary. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl, every bit as beautiful and healthy as my son (who came from a pregnancy where I did everything by the book). My OB said it best when he told me that pregnancy is the most natural process in the world; just do what you normally do and your body will take of the rest.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy… soon you’ll have TWO princesses!

  • Amanda B.

    Pregnancies are so different. With my oldest (girl) I craved strawberries, oranges, and tuna. The sight and smell of raw chicken made me hurl. The labor was difficult and she was just the right size 7lb 6oz. My second (boy) was so difficult, I had ligament pain for the last six months, and cried myself to sleep every night from the pain. The labor and delivery was a piece of cake, though he was big 9lb 15 oz. During my time with him I craved beef (hmm cheeseburgers) and Sesame Chicken from the local carryout, and noodles with garlic and butter.

  • Jenn

    2nd pregnancy I allowed myself one glass of wine per month – and ate sushi on a regular basis. I mean – what do pregnant Japanese women eat? Exactly.

    Perfectly healthy 8 1/2 pounder.

  • Amy

    Heather, I didn’t realize that newborns COULD be enjoyed until I had my second, and I was thrilled to be able to sit for a while (well, hours) and cuddle and smell her. This was a drastic change from having my first daughter, where I was plagued by feelings of unreality, wondering what on earth I had done, feeling like I didn’t have a clue how to mother, and eventually experiencing full-blown post-partum depression. I hope that your feelings of being in exactly the right place continue after the birth of your second and that you get to experience the wonder of having a newborn that I got to experience only the second time around.

  • Erin

    The woman at my gym with a lovely, round pregnant belly who worked out every day until she gave birth was totally my hero. Not only did I think it must be very good for her body and her baby to keep herself fit, but she was very inspiring to me. I figured if the pregnant lady could do it, what excuse did I have not to?

    So who knows? Not only are you keeping your body healthy for delivery and caring for a newborn, but you could be inspiring some fat girl to stay on the elliptical another half hour!