• Kristy

    So pretty! It looks so peaceful.

  • Donna

    It is so beautiful. I love the magnetic flower art and dresser. Seeing this makes me want to have my tubes untied just so I can decorate a nursery!

  • http://ukmckays.wordpress.com Jen

    You two have outdone yourselves. What a gorgeous, serene haven to welcome Leta’s baby sister. It appears to be the perfect mix of design, style, and function.

    You have superb taste. Well done – you should be proud.

  • Carla

    Hi Heather

    The nursery is lovely! great taste! Love the birds wallpaper…. very whimsical. I am also planning my nursery….. but for a boy! Anyway I was wondering where the silver mobile on the top of the crib is from?
    Best Wishes for Not Maria!

  • Not an asshole

    Really beautiful! I love it. You have great taste, and you’ve made a room that your baby girl can grow into. Well done!

  • Jessica

    GORGEOUS! I love it!
    I am not going to read any other comments just in case those weirdos from the bathroom post are lolling about.


  • nettie

    Love the room…and the June masthead just MADE MY DAY COMPLETE.

  • Anonymous

    Looks lovely – any little girl would love to have it!

  • http://lifeandtimesofstella.wordpress.com Amber

    Oh man I am drooling over this nursery. How is it possible for a 32-year-old woman to be JEALOUS of an unborn baby’s room? But I am. *Sigh.*

  • Carley

    First: I love, love, love this month’s header. So. Awesome.
    Second: The nursery is just gorgeous.
    Third: I’m feeling extreme jealousy that you have not one, but two Loobylu bunnies!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  • Marisa

    I love it! So interesting. Youthful and fun, but not glaring or annoying. A room you can enjoy and the baby can grow into. It looks like a garden plot for the imagination. Okay, that metaphor is a bit wonky, but you get my idea. I’d love to dream in that room.

  • http://littlemissmoi.wordpress.com Little Miss Moi

    Dear dooce. Oh I am with you on the allergies reaction too. My tolerance level for my husband’s sneezing and snuffling and all-round man-cold reaction has really decreased since baby was born. Now I just wanna smack him in the face sometimes. Luckily I haven’t acted on that urge. Yet.

  • Pascha

    OK, I’ve read through all of these comments and am a bit surprised that no one has asked this question yet: if this room will double as a guest room for the next year or so, where will the baby sleep when you have guests? Will you move the crib into your room?

    While I think it’s an awesome idea to have a bed in there for your own use, I would certainly not want to share a room with someone else’s baby while it’s still at a young enough age to be waking up every few hours! :)

  • Sherry


  • Annie

    You always have things set up so beautifully! I wish I was able to do that. I love the baby’s room! Have you agreed on a name for her yet?

  • http://www.dottycookie.blogspot.com dottycookie

    Utterly perfect, and exquisitely gorgeous. I would like my bedroom to look like that, let alone the room for my children! Hoping everything goes smoothly for you all, and the little one is settled in very soon.

  • http://www.millatimes.com Milla

    Cute! Cute! Cute!

    maybe i suggest “Milla” for a girl’s name? How about Juice? ;-)

  • Annie

    You always have things set up so beautifully! I wish I was able to do that. I love the baby’s room! Have you agreed on a name for her yet?

  • Clair

    My son is 14 months. STILL have the bumper in his crib. AND has lived to tell the tale.

  • http://nay-ners.blogspot.com Jenae

    You are one heck of a designer and it looks absolutely amazing. You made one of the most peaceful looking rooms ever & after looking at it, I now feel at peace. Good job!

  • http://www.decor8blog.com decor8 Holly

    Congratulations Heather, this is so sweet and I particularly love the flowers over the changing table and how you’ve arranged them, the Hygge & West wallpaper, and of course the handmade softies. I’m so happy for you — what a sweet space!

  • Heather

    I don’t think anyone here talking about the bumpers has been hateful and I don’t think they should be called a naysayer or a hater just because they’ve voiced genuine concern about them.

    It doesn’t mean they aren’t giving Heather & Jon credit for being smart parents or caring parents (obviously they very much are smart & caring), it’s just one of those situations where maybe people think “oh god, this is going to sound so arrogant of me & it’s unsolicited, but SIDS research etc is enough to make me overstep the boundaries and say something in case they don’t know about it”. Yes, a lot of babies have bumpers and are just fine, but some aren’t and those babies provide a heartbreaking statistic that is worth taking heed from.

    It’s not just about whether the baby can roll or freely move yet, it’s thought to maybe be a SIDS risk as well & it’s just not worth the chance. I’d say those who’ve voiced concern are thinking thoughts along the lines of “what if something bad happened and I hadn’t said anything?” rather than hateful thoughts at all.

  • http://www.realityfish.com Robin G.

    Very, very nice color scheme. I also give those adorable rabbits about a week of lifespan before they come out of Coco’s butt.

  • http://tarawhitney.com/justbeblogged tara whitney

    im happy for you too.

  • http://www.kidchamp.net lauren

    gotta love how you centered one of the birds right between the rungs of that (gorgeous) bed. beautiful room, heather!

  • http://jentifred.blogspot.com jentifred

    I think a bed in the nursery is a FABULOUS idea!

  • Ilyssa

    WOW, Heather! I love it all. The wallflowers are very pretty, I’m 19 and I want to pick them up for MY apartment. I have a younger sister who’s 6, and when my parents decorated her nursery it was painstaking, so I can completely understand what a relief you must feel. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Can’t wait to find out all about Not Maria :)

    Captcha is “bauer denied”. I’m such a huge 24 fan too! HAHA

  • http://www.hurstburst.blogspot.com/ Jill

    cozy and unique – nice work!

  • lyne

    Wow, Not Maria sure has a pretty nursery. it looks a thousand times better than my childhood bedroom of fierce-looking race car wallpaper and a huge clown hanging in front of the window.

    Bravo, Armstrongs

  • http://kimmothy9432.blogspot.com/ Kim

    I wasn’t going to comment, then I saw the captcha – “demented museum.” I mean, come on; it writes itself. It’s too bad I’m too old to start my rock band, because that would totally be the name of it, plus the debut album.

  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/index.html Labradoris

    Congratulations on finishing. Looks so cute and comfortable, all snugglylicious!

  • Keely

    Your nursery is beautiful, Heather. I want another baby…because I want to decorate a nursery again. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Totally gorgeous room Heather. I love the bird wallpaper and framed pictures.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  • Marie

    Lovely! Love the dresser!!! Great idea with the bed! I know that our guest room is really my husband is snoring to loud to sleep next to him room. :)

  • Angela

    Oh my god, Heather, you need a glider rocker. I know they are hideous beyond belief, but I couldn’t get through the day without mine. My son would scream the kind of screams that would make a mom pack up and leave until he turned 27 if we didn’t have our rocker.

  • http://alifeunplanned.com Liesel

    Wow, gorgeous. The haters will be hard pressed to judge you harshly on this one. Very chic and adorable at the same time. I wasn’t sure that was even possible until now. Though you are already insanely successful, might you consider a new career and begin immediately on my house?

  • http://alannasvanillabean.blogspot.com Alanna

    Most adorable nursery ever!!! I love your style. :)

  • Melanie

    Anyone who asks why there is a bed in the nursery has never tried it. BEST THING EVER.

    We just moved into a new house and my daughter is now 2 so we thought we could ditch the bed in her room. I think about crying every day because I miss that bed in her room so much.

  • Shannon Lee Smith

    The nursery is absolutely adorable! I am sure that you and your baby will have lots of wonderful moments in there! Congrats!

  • Maria Hobden

    This room looks lovely. I AM Maria, and I would love it!

  • Sarah

    Beautiful nursery! You’re an awesome designer!
    Love your site!

  • the niffer

    What a peaceful place for a new baby and sleep deprived parents!

    We didn’t have the bed the first time around. There’s not much room in the new nursery, but I’m finding a way to put a bed in there, even if it’s a freakin trundle bed under the crib.


  • http://www.wrathofdawn.blogspot.com Dawn

    You gotta warn us when you’re going to put up a masthead that funny. I was eating and darned near choked it made me laugh so hard. Srsly.

  • http://boberfamily.blogspot.com/ Karen

    Very pretty. I like that you have a bed in the nursery … I’m pretty sure I will be doing the same. I’m 19 weeks with baby number 2 and we find out next week if it will be a boy or girl, so then I can start planning. Good luck to you these next few weeks!

  • maria

    so lovely!
    (and maria’s not so bad a name… :) )

  • http://saltyspoon.com Bria

    @523 – So the bedding is from Target. So what? How does that make the nursery an ad for Target? Unless my eyes deceive me, there’s a list of 7 things and their sources in this post, and one of them is from Target.

    You also seem to misunderstand how product placement works. If Target sends Heather a pile of baby things at their expense and asks her to write a post about them, that’s product placement. If she buys something with her own money or receives it as a gift from a source unaffiliated with, in our example, Target (say, from a reader), and then writes about it…that’s not product placement. The “placement” refers to the vendor having taken actions to effect the product’s appearance in a given outlet. When a writer purchases something on her own and writes about it, the vendor has no control over the situation, and doesn’t respond remunerate the writer. In fact, we generally call that “free advertising” and you’re going to have a hard time making a case that Heather is “desperate” for giving something away for free.

    Don’t confuse ad space and paid product placement. They are two very different things. And have the stones to sign your name the next time you call someone a hypocrite.

  • http://brilliantsulk.blogspot.com/ A

    You have excellent taste. I should know because I have that same crib, the little sheep mobile above the crib, and the lamp next to the crib…..

  • http://www.avasohiomama.blogspot.com/ Brittni

    This is truly beautiful and oh, so sweet. You have such a unique and fun style. I could never put something like this together. Great job! I’m sure Not Maria will be very comfortable in this nursery.

  • http://www.manicmommy.blogspot.com Manic Mommy

    Looks like it’s officially BABY TIME!
    Love those adorable magnetic flowers over the dresser.