• http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jill Put Up A Blog

    I have to google mucous plug now. I am grateful you didn’t post a picture – I feel like I know you too well even though I don’t really KNOW you at all and that would be too much.

    As always, thank you for the…insight into the pregnancy world. Wow.

  • Audra

    If only that could have been the photo of the day… :)

  • http://visitjules.blogspot.com/ Jules

    June 11th would be an excellent birthday! According to the Farmer’s Almanac….. who reads that? Here are the traits of a person born on that day:

    If Your Birthday Is June 11…You are an omnivorous reader, intellectual, and a sparkling conversationalist. Your judgment is good, and you never act in haste. You have a great personal pride, like to dress well, and have a sincere devotion to your family. You form and keep friendships easily and will be very happy.

    Good Luck!

  • renae

    that’s how i explain a mucous plug to those who haven’t ever had the pleasure:

    “it looks like your vagina just sneezed. oh, and you have a nasty, nasty cold.”

    faaaaaaabulous. we are all excited for Armstrong Labor Watch 2009. genius.

  • Alyxherself

    Hey! I have a life and I’m on baby-watch too, I can’t help but root for team Armstrong. Jon and Kate who?

    It’s Jon and Heather, all the way. Oh….Jon, you are so not a sperm donor, she means it with love. My bebe’s daddy’s are sperm donors, long gone and good riddance. You, my friend, are a Daddy, and a damn fine one.

  • superkittn

    You are so frickin’ hilarious and disgusting. We should be friends.

  • http://youshouldonlyknow.com Erica

    I was really, really hoping that you would post a picture of said plug, so that I wouldn’t have to go searching for it.

    Now I realize that either option is really, disgustingly creepy and I am glad I have years before I get pregnant and forget about this post.

  • http://babymaking501.blogspot.com dywags

    at least you had yours come out all at once – my vajayjay was snoting for like a week and then a week later i had the baby

  • sarah

    I never lost my mucus plug! Consider yourself lucky, I looked for that thing for weeks every damn time I visited the bathroom (so like a bizillion times a day).

  • http://www.motherhoodmomentss.blogspot.com Lyndsey

    Hilarious!! Omg! I remember being scared to death of the ‘plug’ that came out for me…totally disgusting! I went into labor about two weeks after mine fell out :-)

  • Anonymous

    I lost mine one week exactly before my water broke. I love that you blogged about it, that’s why I like reading.

  • CJ

    Having never been pregnant, I was fascinated with this concept of a “mucus plug”. I didn’t really even think it sounded that gross. I’ve had my period, that must be kind of similar right?

    So I googled it.

    OH GOD. OHHH GODDD MY EYESSSS. I don’t think I’ve ever had my gag reaction freak out so bad.

    My sympathies for you and your lost plug. And your daughter. I’m now going to avoid getting pregnant for my entire life.

  • lori

    I went 12 days from losing mine until labor started.

  • C

    EEEEEEEEEWW, I had never heard of such a thing so of course googled it and now I feel sick. Thanks a lot! I had no idea!!!!

  • http://gitzengirl.blogspot.com gitz

    I’m the friend in my group of friends that everyone calls when they need to know something. I will never forget the day my best friend called and thought she’d lost her mucus plug… wanting my opinion if that’s what really happened.

    Me. Her single, childless, never heard of mucus plug in my life friend. I googled, too.

    And then decided having a dog was enough for me.

  • http://www.catsaremyfave.blogspot.com Amy

    I think my nightmares are going to be full of mucousy things tonight. Just that word is awful.

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com leesavee

    All this talk of mucous plugs and labor makes me SO JEALOUS that I can’t give birth. HA!

    Wow, this whole adoption thing sounds better by the minute. I highly suggest it should you and Jon decide to enlarge the Armstrong brood sometime after not-Maria is born.

    Hope not-Maria comes soon, is healthy, and causes you as little pain as possible!

  • http://www.ecobabe.com.au ecobabe

    My daughter popped something out of her nose this morning that could have passed for a mucous plug.

    Good wishes Heather as your body and mind prepare for the labour ahead. I’m on Dooce baby watch already. I can’t wait for your baby news.

  • http://thecaderchronicles.blogspot.com Hayley

    Yay for mucous! Because I’m THISCLOSE to having my twins, I made the mistake of googling the mucous plug… and spent the next five days trying to scrub the image from my memory.

    Not Maria will be here soon! Good luck!

    LOL- my captcha is garments 14.

  • http://thecruisefamily.blogspot.com/ Angie

    Ahh! I remember the mucus plug, haha. It took me another 2-ish weeks to go into labor :( You can’t be preggo forever. We’ll be listening for screams over here in Washington!

  • Chantel

    Holy. Shitballs. I’m a girl, familiar with the concept of a mucous plug, but could’ve gone my whole life without doing a search for it on Google Images. Wowee-wow-wow. It’s a snot clot. That’s what it is. A poon slug. Something that one doesn’t really think about in all of the baby fantasizing women do.

  • http://www.svoortmeyer.blogspot.com Sara

    I didn’t go into labor for NINE weeks after I lost my mucus plug! Just kidding…I just had to join the mucus plug contest…..four kids and I missed the whole mucus plug thing? I feel left out that I too do not have a picture of my mucus plug.
    Now, this is where It gets weird…I read this post earlier today…and seriously thought about the word mucus plug all day. when I went to the grocery store I wanted to stop in the middle of the isle and yell out “Oh no I lost my mucus plug!” And see if anyone wanted to help me find it…I didn’t-I figured my children are embarrassed of me enough as it is.
    Oh and one last thing..I was so disturbed by the availability of mucus plug pictures that I had to google a few other of my favoite topics: broken toenails and earwax….nasty.

  • kat

    chortle…… still giggling……

    ah, childbirth. Good luck to you and Jon. It’s not so bad the second time around. You’ll do great. Keep us posted.

  • Kelley

    You are the funniest woman on the planet. I hope the whole labor, birth and breastfeeding stuff doesn’t interfere with your posting. I would miss it too much. I had a c-section so no plug experiences for me but I was soooo huge with my son that I kept falling down when getting in the car. I felt like a life-size VW Beetle.

  • jaradee

    #16….you’re the SPERM ADMIN! You two are so damn funny!
    Hope all goes well with the arrival! After a “bonus” baby YEARS after the others, I’m just scared the vasectomy just might reverse itself. Then, I’ll be all….”well, Lorena Bobbit did it, and he lived!”

  • http://brilliantsulk.blogspot.com/ A

    Bleh! I’ve had two kids and NO signs of a mucous plug, placenta or pain during childbirth.

    I had LOTS of drugs. Yee Haw.

    Best of luck…

  • http://nikkiandnat.blogspot.com nikki

    I just learned what a mucus plug is and now EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM. They’re everywhere. I’m 37 weeks today and, you know, waiting…. oh, MP.

  • Heather

    Oh how I know how you feel: ready to be done with the pregnancy, ready to meet Not-Maria, ready for the baby blues and the postpartum shit(not).

    I lost my mucous plug a full three weeks before I delivered my third baby (who was TEN EXCRUCIATING DAYS overdue). I figured he was sluggish; being my third, I had no instructions/expectations other than “early epidural.”

    I laboured with him for about one hour (I watched an episode of House with a delicious dose of morphine) and delivered him in 13 non-medicated minutes. Hubby missed it. He was in the lobby getting me a chocolate bar.

    Be prepared, Heather: she may come quick.

  • luvcatt

    YAY! I’m way excited for you Heather. I remember when I lost mine (at work, which was horrifying) and how much I freaked out. I made my boss send me home and then ended up not ever going into labor til they induced me a week past my due date. Which, coincidentally was the same day as yours is! You’re almost there darlin, hang on and keep the donuts close at hand. I’m thinking about you! ♥

  • http://www.babytanous.blogspot.com rachael

    I just have to say thanks to the person who posted a comment about google images and a lemon party. The image of a mucous plug has not left my brain but then I HAD to go and find out what that was…

    I was 39 weeks when I had a c-section but somehow I managed to not be graced by the appearance of an icky icky snot like thing. Thank God.

    Good luck!!!!

  • Eva

    OK, I also wrapped up my mucous plug in a tissue and went to The Google to find out exactly what this thing was. Actually, mine fell out in two separate occasions on the same day. This happened on a Sunday, went into the hospital on Tues afternoon and gave birth on Wed morning. Wishing you a quick and as unevenful as possible a delivery!! Good luck. And I loved your book!

  • http://fortheluvovblog.blogspot.com Siera

    I feel dreprived. I’ve had a baby and have no clue when i lost mine. Guess I’ll be hitting google next.

  • http://rondamarie.wordpress.com RondaMarie

    I want to say something clever about this but all I can come up with at the moment is: eeeeewwwwww!

  • http://brandistrand.wordpress.com brandi

    Good luck, Heather! My doc said it means NOTHING that your plug fell out. I think mine was gone weeks before I gave birth.

    Are you going to tweet the birth? Or will it be the sperm provider?

  • the niffer

    You just get funnier with every passing day. Thanks for the update – we’re all waiting and wondering!

  • Naomi Tanaka-Jesson

    First time reader and now a first time commentor! Wow, so many comments but I didn’t read more than the odd one…


    Loved your writing, felt like I was there, glad I wasn’t as I have had enough of my own MP’s!

  • http://marybethbutler.typepad.com Mary Beth

    Go Heather! Go!

  • Amanda Brumfield

    Hurry. Up.

  • http://www.mommica.com Mommica

    So I’m guessing the number one search on Google today will be “mucous plug.” Awesome job.

  • http://hopelds.blogspot.com Hope


  • EOMama

    When I yelled from the bathroom, “Honey, I lost my mucus plug!” He yelled back, “Ok, sweetie, I hope you find it!” Dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    DomGoddess 262 – FYI, dooce has had a baby before (her name is Leta). While your post would not have enlightened dooce, it drove people to your blog, which has about 500 pictures of you, you and your kids, you and your husband, you in France, you, you, you.

    I suggest that DomGoddess gets a job, and leaves humor and mommy blogging to queen dooce.

  • http://www.whymomdrinksrum.net Why Mom Drinks Rum

    Once again, you make me thankful I had my growths surgically removed via that wonderous invention called the C-SECTION.

    To hell with ‘the pill’….slug coming out of my special lady parts = no more babies. Well, having a toddler and a newborn also had that effect. Talk about mucus plugs in disguise….

  • http://www.christyhulsey.wordpress.com c

    great post. lovin’ your blog.

  • mountain mama

    Hey, honey, I will be thinking of you until not Maria arrives. I hope that you have a wonderful experience bringing her into the world. I think when you have your second child, you are so much more aware of how fleeting the time is. You tend to soak up every moment. Gonna be checking in on ya. HUGS!

  • Larkspur

    Mucous plugs! Placentas! I just love how we get born. Nature is so pragmatic. Now, growing a baby human and pushing it out through your vagina isn’t necessarily the way I’d have planned it. I’d probably have considered some kind of spring-release format, so that when it was time, you could press your belly button and pop the baby out like toast.

    But that’s not the deal, and so nature works with what the deal is. Got to keep the wee one in till it’s time. Cervix needs to begin to soften, so the Sta-Fresh MucoPlug has reached its sell-by date. Plop! But until then, why wouldn’t there be a plug, and what better material to make it out of than mucous? Humans are remarkably adept at making mucous. Nature doesn’t care one good goddamn about icky. I love this.

    Ooh, NotMaria, you are gonna have so much fun. I’m sure Chuck and Coco will love you too, and that either Chuck or Coco (or both, or each) will block you from going down the stairs precipitously, just like Chuck did for Leta.

    PS: Heather, your June header photo reminds me so much of Agent Scully. Undercover, of course, what with the cigarette and dishevelment.

  • http://flickr.com/coyote Coyote

    You could politely remind Jon that what came out of HIS bottom nose is what caused the mucus plug to come out of YOURS :-)

  • http://impureminds.ca Leslie

    I never knew about the mucus plug falling out. Unfortunately this tickled my morbid curiosity and I just had to look it up. I don’t know what else to say but: interesting.

    Wish you well =)

  • http://www.millatimes.com Milla

    again, thanks with the effective birth control you are providing me. i will stick with dogs for now.

  • http://www.crazyadventuresinparenting.com/ Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

    One step closer to baby! How are you feeling, other than disturbed by the huge boogersnot that just evicted itself out of your girly parts? ;)